The Viper Bow and the Viper Armour Set

TreeOfDead wrote:

When new MTX for spectres; zombies; skeles?

Insert Void/Shaped Spectre/Skeleton/Zombie/every minion here
Introducing the Rise of Twilight mystery box

Solaris & Lunaris Armor Set, Solaris & Lunaris Weapon, Solaris & Lunaris Shield, Lunaris Vortex

Combine your MTXs to create Tangmazu's armor set, the man who played off the sisters against each other
Can you also make some more realistic looking armours again and not always that kindergarten style? I's fine, there are lots of people who like that stuff and I want them to be happy, but it's been a while since we had a more realistic cool looking armour set...
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This one looks great actually.
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Who is this predator looking wannabe? The bow's alright.
Will only buy MTX when you release Toucan MTX..
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a bit to late,dont you think ? shiuld'v made this MTX b4 killing toxic rain
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yes ggg this is the best way to monetize. gj. also hint you could definitely ad synthesis as zana new mission in case synthesis is mandatory for future of the game.
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TreeOfDead wrote:

When new MTX for spectres; zombies; skeles?

More and more ppl wanna more MTX for spectres and other minions! PLS!
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