[3.7] Auramancer "Shavronne's Style" 12+2 (Aura / Curse)

Hello, I'd Like to Share My Build With You
I Am Asking For Your Understanding, Because This Is My First Guide
Carefully Read The Entire Guide Before You Decide To Make This Build!

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ My Build Allows You To Use 12 Aura's + 2 Curse
+ Due To "Shavronne's Revelation" There Is No Need To Use "Coruscating Elixir"
+ The Total Cost Of The Build Is More Or Less 25-35 Exalted Orb's
+ Easy To Find Party / Team Exp
- You Are Not Able To Exp Alone

Information About My Character In My EQ / Gear

98 LvL - 502 Int - 170 Stre - 157 Dex
1. Energy Shield 9049
2. Energy Shield Recharge Per Second 5519,9
3. Energy Shield Regeneration Per Second 497,7
4. Fire Resistance 81 (139%) "With Aura"
5. Cold Resistance 81 (170%) "With Aura"
6. Light Resistance 82 (153%) "With Aura"

Gems - Links

1. "Helmet" - Purity of Lightning + Purity of Ice + Purity of Fire + Enlighten LvL 3
2. "Sword" - Shield Charge + Reduced Mana Support + Faster Attacks Support
3. "Gloves" -- Blasphemy Support + Projectile Weakness + Elemental Weakness + Enlighten LvL 3
4. "Boots" - Vaal Clarity + Purity Of Elements + Enlighten LvL 4
5. "Body Armour" - Grace + Vaal Discipline + Increased Duration + Vitality + Vaal Haste + Enlighten LvL 4


1. "Helmet" Alpha's Howl

2. "Sword" Ephemeral Edge, Dusk Blade

"2nd Choice Hand Weapon" Brightbeak War Hammer
Super Fast Shield Charge
3. "Amulet" Presence of Chayula

4. "Shield" Prism Guardian

5. "Ring's" Shavronne's Revelation On Right Slot + 2nd "Elreon Ring" With "-6 To Total Mana Cost of Skill"

6. "Body Armour" Shavronne's Wrappings 6L

7. "Boots" Skyforth

8. "Gloves" Any Gloves With Int + Energy Shield

9. "Belt" Bated Breath


1. Quicksilver Flask - With Increased Movement Speed
2. Jade Flask - With Immunity To Bleed
3. Stibinite Flask - With Immunity To Ignite
4. Rumi's Concoction
5. Kiara's Determination


1. Energy From Within, Cobalt Jewel
2. Conqueror's Efficiency, Crimson Jewel
3. All Others Jewels Pick Maximum ES + HP + Resistance

If You Can Afford To Buy

If U Have Those 2 Mods In Watcher's Eye You Can Swap (Elreon Ring With -Mana Cost And Use Dex + Es Legacy)
"Dex + Es + Es%" (And You Can Remove +30 Dex From The Tree And Add More Es)

Ascendancy Class Necromancer

1. Minion Damage, Cast Speed
2. Commander of Darkness
This Is Everything You Need, But You Can Add
3. Minion Damage, Skill Duration
4. Puppet Master
5. Minion Damage, Skill Duration
6. Mistress of Sacrifice
7. Minion Damage And life
8. Invoker


As In Any Auramancer KILL ALL !

The Pantheon

Soul Of Lunaris And Soul Of Ryslatha

Skill Tree Level 100 3.6

Link To Character

For More Info Contact Me in Game: PikusQQ Or Leave A Message Here

If You Want to Support Me Check This Thread

Check Also My Twitch

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An aurabot that does not use Victario's is not an aurabot. Moreover, Scion is objectively better (even Champion beats her with the right Timeless jewel.)

An Aurabot that uses CURSES for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER is not an aurabot, but a jerk to cursebots.
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