Free Items ? Standard

Please Read The Whole Thread

Hello Do U Have Any Items On Standard But U Dont Play There ?

(Gems, Cards, Maps, Essence, Currency, Items)

Why I Ask For Free Items ? There Is Many People Who Play Only Leagues And They Have Many Items From Other Leagues They No Need Or Use, And Those Items Can Help Me.


I Understand Some People Might Be Upset And Ask:

Q: "Why U Beggaring For Items Why Wont U Just Farm Ur Self?"
A: "I Do Everyday But Any Donation Would Help Me On Standard"

Q: "Why Do You Play On Standard Why Won't U Go Play On New League?"
A: "I Did Play Leagues "Essence, Breach, Abby's, But Some People Don't Like Start From 0 Every Time, I Know On Leagues Is Many New Items, Bosses Etc, But Is Just Not My League"

Q: "What Would U Do With My Currency / Items If I Give You?"
A: "Depends Sometime I Sell Items (If They Have No Use For My Build) And I Improve My Current Build, Other Time I Create New Build On Other Character Other Class"
A: "And Sometimes I Create A Build Guide Like In The Case Of An Auramancer" (Link On The Bottom Thread)

Q: "What Items Do You Need?"
A: "Anything I Can Use Or Sell, Anything U No Need I Be Happy To Take"

Q: "When I Can Message You?"
A: "Im Online Almost Every Day Just Priv Me, Or Leave A Message And I Will Contact You"

Contact Me in Game: PikusQQ Or Leave A Message Here

This Is Not Trade Cross League ! I Am Just A Simple Man Who Ask For Free Items !


Thanks To The Generosity Of The Community, I Created My First Guide

Auromancer "Shavronne's Style" 12+2 (Aura / Curse) Guide

Free Items? Incursion League

Check Also My Twitch
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PikusQ wrote:
Improve My Gameplay On Standard"

What the hell is this thread.

Also has full Ngamahu setup in Standard, still feels the need to beg. Gtfo
1K Pretzel Eating Team.

Fake Temp League Elitists LUL
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is this Demi alt account..... after begging for patreon $$$ (meanwhile Kitava supporter pack) now begging for in game item.. O_o
A day w/o dealing with stupid ppl is like....Never mind. Ill tell u if it ever happens
PikusQ wrote:

A:Anythink U No Need I Be Happy To Take"

"Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?"
Poe's law - Either an exceptionally talented troll, taking care to capitalize every word while making sure those very words are increasingly incoherent--or a very special kind of adolescent pursuit of unrealistic entitlement.

I guess it was neither; post history shows English is not his first language, but still, the effort put forth into asking everyone for free stuff is astounding and horrifying at the same time.

Any other Polish speakers able to verify if this was typical for their early attempts at English? Now I'm truly sociologically curious because it appears the way he interacts with reality is completely alien. As a habitual writer this is fascinating--I present no insult to this exhibit.
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I Have A Free Dictionary If You Want.
cokoboko1 wrote:
I Have A Free Dictionary If You Want.

Because of my english u get so mad? omg LMAO, rly u get bait by thread name "Free Items" and now u try upset me by pointing my 2nd language ? are u really that sad?

Please keep Bump this thread i don't mind, my english is bad "OK" i get it, but let me tell u something guys I really don't care about your opinion.
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PikusQ wrote:
but let me tell u something guys I really don't care about your opinion.

Kinda like how no one cares about giving you free shit?

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