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Psykrom wrote:
As I wrote, the Curse tag has been replaced with Hex.

was talking to injectedstd here who claimed it got added not replaced
Every mirror service item is #1
Can't wait for this build to get updated with alternate quality gems and replica uniques.
IGN : Reamus
Oquen2nd wrote:
Psykrom wrote:
As I wrote, the Curse tag has been replaced with Hex.

was talking to injectedstd here who claimed it got added not replaced

I know, I am pretty sure if it's not covered in the description it's an oversight. Else it would make little sense.
In your skill tree the tree is outdated. Looking in game Corruption node is in a different spot.
Hex Master has moved as well, having some trouble with your level by level planner, for each act due to change, will check the POB and see if it makes more sense. Thanks for build Seems the POB is outdated for the tree as well. Thanks
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Does this tree makes sense for bane? Temporal chains as 6th link. I'm sure there's somenthing missing (besides the items).

This build should not be marked 3.12. Nothing works. Bane isn't a curse anymore so the boots and gloves are completely useless. You can't trigger any curses by casting bane and the improved aoe doesn't affect it either from the boots.

Complete waste of my time rolling this and now I have to start over.

This build got hurt quite badly with the 3.12 update. But it is still salvageable depending on what criteria you have.

I followed this build guide a few leagues ago, and it ended up as the most viable build I have going on in Standard league (currently having it at lvl 96 there). The 3.12 update messed it up a bit though.

What I have done to make it at least viable again is to move one of the curses so I can self-cast it, that makes the Vixen's Entrapment work again, but it requires one additional keypress unfortunately.

My build can do T16 maps again, but not quite as well as previously; I just got owned by a Vaal Temple map which I thought I could handle (it didn't have super-bad mods...). I have run some other T16 maps and they went well though.
My items are far from optimized also, so parts of my problems can perhaps be blamed on that also :/

Anyhow, what I did was to move one of the curses I had in the Vixen's to an Unset ring for self casting, and also some rearranging in the skill tree.

Here is my PoB (Community Fork edition) for what I have right now (note: Standard league, not sure how viable it is in the current Heist league of 3.12)


Good luck, have fun!

Not gonna lie, this build got punched in the nuts this League. I'm still gonna give it a shot, gonna link 3 curses to Bane, maybe employ a Mark of Submission if I get lucky in SSF or go with a trade League. We'll see how well it goes, as soon as PS4 servers are back up. 🙃
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Why is this build marked 3.12?

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