[3.6] LL Guardian Soulrend: Most chill build of the league

Update for on my own version of the build(ED contagion)

Tried to see how far I can push it and started taking on rare shaper and elder guardians (at level 76). Did all deathless. Face-tanked the Minotaur and Eradicator was doing no damage with 85% lightning resist.
I have crappy weapon so killing guardians took a while

Found out Shavronne's wrapping does not prevent poison damage...

ED/Con unfreezes and clears T16 legion quite nicely but multiple legion rares can be dangerous. T16 betrayals/incursions/250 delve - no problems

Tried to keep pushing and went for uber at level 81 and failed due to bad play style. Fight was going very well until the mobs started spawning and degened the entire field (Didn't take them out as I should have)
End of league update: This build smashed through everything in the game EXCEPT timeless conflict bosses. I spent most of limited time watching their health bars slowly trickle down at 533k DoT DPS, even while using Arcane Surge, Witchfire Brew, and full wither stacks. You won't be one-shotting shaper or guardians, but you'll also never die, and the damage on trash mobs is insane.

I'll definitely be playing this build again next league!
I played a bunch of builds last league and this was easily one of my favorites, maybe my most favorite.


I don't think it's possible to league start it as Templar doesn't get any of the chaos stuff and it requires some uniques that are pretty expensive the first few days (Astramentis, Coil, Shavs, Shapers Touch)

I will play it again. It looks like Guardian and the tree itself is giving this build some major buffs.

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