[3.7] YADOB (Yet Another Death's Oath Build) CI | ED/Bane | All Content | UElder/UAtziri | LabFarmer

Welcome Exiles!

With the changes to chaos skills in 3.6 I really wanted to try to work in at least one of the new chaos skills (Bane or Soulrend) along with Essence Drain for single target and Death's Oath for junk clear since it also got a buff. This build is what I ended up with and so far it's performed well on everything I've tried including:

- Shaper Deathless
- Uber Elder Deathless
- Uber Atziri Deathless
- All Delve Bosses
- Delve 600+ (Haven't taken it deeper yet)
- T16's under level 90
- Farming Uber Lab

This build can have more ES or Damage but what I'm putting in this guide is a good mix IMO between both survivability and damage.

This build may be similar to other DO builds out there. This is 100% my take on the build without starting with other similar builds. That being said, most ES, DoT, Chaos builds usually have very similar trees. This is where my build ended up in 3.6. It performed well (IMO) and I've had many people ask for the PoB so I thought I'd just make a build guide for it.

3.7 Changes
The changes to Occultist in 3.7 hurt the high amount of Energy Shield we were able to obtain. Those changes bring the build down from over 9k ES to ~7.5k ES. Damage remains about the same or slightly lower with my first pass at the posted PoB which may be tweaked later as the league officially starts. Other than that, the build is about the same. Our main source of suvivability - faster start of ES recharge - remains intact so the build should be fine even with the huge drop in max ES.

- Updated PoB for both Occultist and Trickster

- Updated PoB and skill tree to path differently to take advantage of the Eldritch Knowledge jewel.
- Updated the PoB for the Trickster variation to also use the Eldritch Knowledge jewel.

- Updated skill tree links for 3.7

- Updated build guide and PoB for 3.7
- Added PoB for Trickster variant

Damage and Defense
- Over 200k Death Aura DoT DPS
- Over 1.5m Essence Drain DoT DPS
- Over 900k Bane DoT DPS

- Over 7,500 Energy Shield (Down from 9,000 in 3.6)
- Over 4,000 Energy Shield regen per second (Down from 5,500 in 3.6)
- Over +150% faster start of Energy Shield recharge
- Over-capped Resistances
- Enough room for a CWDT setup

- Uber Elder (Deathless)
- Uber Atziri (Deathless)
- Uber Lab
- Delve Boss Aul (Depth 309)
- Delve Boss Ahuatotli (Depth 349)
- Delve Boss Kurgal (Depth 285)
- Delve Depth 600
- Delve Depth 500 (with Blight-CwC-Soulrend)
- T16 Phoenix at Level 89

More videos in the Playlist. I will add more later as I record them.

Pros and Cons
+ Fast and Safe Uber Lab farming
+ Good clear speed
+ Relaxed play style
+ No Totems
+ No Channeling
+ Huge single target with Essence Drain
+ Can clear T16 mobs by just running through them
+ Chaos immune
+ Reflect immune

- ES isn't for everyone
- Expensive if you really want to min-max to the fullest

Gem Links

Death Aura Supports
These will be equipped in Death's Oath. No links are required as they are all pseudo-linked to the Death Aura skill.

Essence Drain and Supports
These will be equipped in a 6-link bow or staff.

Bane and Supports
These will be equipped in a 6-link bow or staff and used weapon-swapping from the Essence Drain setup above. You can use either a Curse such as Temp Chains or Void Manipulation as the 6th link. The curse gem will give slightly more damage but it will also override your Despair curse. Another option would be to get a second curse on either the tree or an amulet and be able to use both curses.

Then choose either of these (or a different curse if you'd rather)

Blight CwC Soulrend (Bane Alternative)
You can also use a Blight - CwC - Soulrend - GMP setup as an alternative to Bane. This setup feels a bit better in deeper Delves than bane does where Death Aura may not have enough punch to quickly dispatch the monsters. Use 2 more supports similar to the above support gems.

Auras, Curses, Etc.

With that setup you can use either Faster Attacks to help with starting the Blink Arrow quicker or use an Enhance to help with Despair so that you deal more damage.

CWDT Setup

You can then use another gem as well. Frost Wall helps with defenses against pocupines but use whatever you like.

There's quite a few options for each of the gear spots except for the chest obviously.

Required Gear

Weapon Options
Bow and Quiver is the best for both damage and defense but I was using a staff in the high 80's and able to run T16's just fine with it.


Look for high Energy Shield and possibly resists/attributes.


Again, high ES and resists/attributes.


And again, high ES and resists/attributes. If you can get a pair with Non-Ailment Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier and get your resists and ES, that would be ideal.


I prefer this cause it's cheap but I'm sure a good Stygian Vise would work well also especially if you're in need of resists/attributes.


Impresence Onyx is required due to the Despair 100% reduced mana reservation. You can pick up corrupted verions though to make it better.


Fill out resists and then get as much ES, damage and faster start of ES recharge.


Energy from Within is required. If you can get it with the corrupted blood corruption that's even better. A Watcher's Eye with Malevolence and Discipline mods are a great option as well.

For the other jewels you want to focus on:
- Energy Shield
- Damage (DoT, Chaos, gereral)
- Faster start of Energy Shield
- Resists
- Strength and Dexterity attributes


Skill Tree and PoB

Path of Building
3.7: https://pastebin.com/GiuXEKc3 (Updated: 2019.06.17)
3.7 Previous Tree: https://pastebin.com/4cg0cyGe (Updated: 2019.06.05)

3.7 Skill Tree
3.7 Previous Skill Tree

3.6 Tree and PoB
3.6: https://pastebin.com/R1QfEqQw

3.6 Level 95 Skill Tree

Here's an example of a tree to use prior to going CI. This is just an example and not something that you need to follow exactly.

I prefer to take the defensive nodes prior to taking the offensive nodes so I recommend this order. Change it up as you like.


Kill all

Lab Enchants
The main enchant to try to get is a helm enchant. The other gear is just QoL.

- 30% increased Despair Curse Effect
- 40% increased Essence Drain Damage
- 30% increased Essence Drain Duration
- 15% increased Effect of Curses applied by Bane
- Bane deals 40% increased Damage
- Bane has 15% increased Area of Effect

This is highly dependent on the content you're running. For example, if you're fighting Uber Elder you might want to take Soul of the Brine King and Yugul. For general mapping you might want to take Soul of Lunaris and Gruthkul. It really depends on what you're doing and what kind of gear you have.

Like all LL/CI builds, you'll want to level this build as life/hybrid until you're ready to transition into CI. To do this, you'll need to grab life nodes along the way that you'll eventually repoec out of when you're ready to go CI.

For example, you may want to grab the life nodes on and around Heart and Soul and also path through Cruel Preparation. You can also path through Blood Siphon as well as grab the extra life near Written in Blood. Another place to grab some life would be Blood Drinker and surrounding nodes.

Here's an example of a tree to use prior to going CI. This is just an example and not something that you need to follow exactly.

Besides, the changes to the tree that you'll repec out of, you'll also want life instead of ES on your gear when leveling.

As for leveling skills, Bane worked really well in Synthesis league. You can also use the standard Firestorm leveling as well.

Build Variations
Trickster Variant

Because of the changes to the Occultist ascendancy in 3.7, I'm considering a Trickster version of the build. This version will have less ES than the Occultist version but should deal higher damage. This is still a work in progress. All the gear in thei PoB is from 3.7 Legion.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/MhLYQ8Z1
Videos: Playlist

Dual Curse Low Life CI Occultist

If you get tired of Death's Oath and want more Energy Shield and more chaos damage, you can always switch to a Low Life version of the build and use Essence Drain and Bane/Soulrend as your main damage skills.

Here's a PoB for a Dual Curse Low Life CI Occultist variant wearing a Shavronne's that only has minor changes to the skill tree, gear and gems.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/7z7nEvmN



How do you off color your Death's Oath?
Use the socket method:

1. Start with a combination of either blue or green sockets on a 2 socket Death's Oath.
2. Craft 3 sockets. If the third socket isn't blue/green then craft 2 socket and repeat until you have 3 blue/green sockets.
3. Craft 4 sockets. If the 4th socket isn't a blue/green that you need then craft 3 sockets and repeat until you get 4 usable blue/green sockets.
4. Craft 5 sockets. If the 5th socket isn't a blue/green that you need then craft 4 sockets and repeat until you get 5 usable blue/green sockets.
6. Craft 6 sockets. Hopefully the 6th socket is red. If not, craft 5 sockets and repeat until you get the 6th socket as red.

Here's a video example.

What about flasks?
This build doesn't require any special flasks so use whatever you have that has the right anti/removes mod (curse, freeze, poison, burning, etc.) that you want at the time. If you're playing HC, then use more defensive flasks that give you more evasion, armour, etc. that also have the right anti/removal mods.

Why are Arcane Surge, Swift Affliction and Less Duration in Death's Oath?
Because Arcane Surge has the Duration tag, it can be used in the Death's Oath so other duration support gems (such as Swift Affliction and Less Duration) can also be used.

Here's the quote from the WiKi on that subject:


Arcane Surge Support can be used in a socket to support the Death Aura. While this gem does not provide any direct damage increase (since the Aura is not a casted spell), the hidden "duration" tag that it adds will enable use of the following support gems:

- Swift Affliction Support
- Less Duration Support

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Added a new video of Kurgal at depth 285.
Heyy boii can you post Ulab video wanna see how safe you handle traps :)12345
Hi i dont understand the gem links in the deaths oath. u just have 1 green and 1 blue linked what gems are in there ? and u just use the essence drain links in the bow ? were u have the bane links etc. rly wanna try the build but wanna have all links cleared before i starting :)
EasyKun097 wrote:
Heyy boii can you post Ulab video wanna see how safe you handle traps :)12345

Sure thing. That will be the next vid I do.
Zaipain wrote:
Hi i dont understand the gem links in the deaths oath. u just have 1 green and 1 blue linked what gems are in there ? and u just use the essence drain links in the bow ? were u have the bane links etc. rly wanna try the build but wanna have all links cleared before i starting :)

You don't need any links in Death's Oath. Everything is pseudo linked to the Death Aura skill which allows it to use all the support gems without actually being linked.

The Essence Drain and supports gems are in one bow/staff. The Bane and supports are in a second bow/staff. You use your weaponswap key to quickly change between the 2 skills. If you're using bows, then you'll want a second Soul Strike quiver to pair with each bow.

I'll add that info into the guide somewhere. Let me know if there's anything else to be cleared up and thanks for checking the guide out.
EasyKun097 wrote:
Heyy boii can you post Ulab video wanna see how safe you handle traps :)12345

Here's a quick one I just recorded. It's added to the first post as well.

Not the fastest run as I didn't have my flasks right but you can see that this build can basically run through anything without regard and be fine.
2x Sulphur flasks wtf? lol
Can u evade ignite, freeze, poison, cureses?
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