[3.6][Uber Elder down] ELECTRIC SUN. Orb of Storms + Spark. Hybrid. Auto-Selfheal. 2M shaper DPS.

uploaded a deathless shaper video
Yeah I respecced to firestorm but in the end I got this weapon:

It's pretty huge and to acquire spell/chaos-gain mod is very easy because people sell those weapons for nothing. Few annulments and you got it to 1-mod rare.

Have fun
You mention

-> This means each time you eat 528 damage you get a ~1400 ES heal. That’s huge. You will notice, that small hits can’t kill you anymore. In times of huge clutter (Incursion, Betrayal, etc) you will LOVE this.

I'm doing the math and I just cannot see how you could possibly get this much healing from Spirit Offering. Am I missing some key factor?

I'm seeing 7-9 corpses consumed, granting Minions 2% of their max life, which means you get 1% of your max life. Your build has 4617 life, yielding 415.5 life as maximum ES. Assuming that gets your %increased ES bonuses from the tree (since it is maximum), you have 156% resulting in 2.56x multiplier, so 1063 life recovered.

That's still quite a bit lower than ~1400. Am I missing some other mechanics in here?

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