[3.6] Ninja's Ire - A Critical Divine Ire Trickster Build - Cheap Buttery Clear [Budget-Mirror]



This was a league starter, and at this stage the build has done what I wanted it to do. Huge crit and AOE were my focuses for the build, as well as sharing one of the Tricksters finest nodes with the whole party. I heard tell of an Ire build phaseing shaper with an Eternity Shroud on a 90ex budget. This ain't that. This is cheap, and built for speed.

I started the League on the 23rd, so bear with me.
If you are looking for a Hyper Carry for map groups, look no further. This build excels at linear layouts. Cavas memory fragments have never been faster/easier. Toxic Sewer and other similar maps are best for us, but this build can shine anywhere. Delves also feel very good with our skill combo. I have had several dozen different people ask for this build after running a few maps with me. So here it is, Enjoy!



Playstyle Demonstration:

Fast movement, and one-tapping entire screens.This is the spell version of Blade Flurry. Lightning-fast Whirling Blades, lightning-fast channeling, insane crit, and insane Herald explosions.
I prefer crunchy builds, this one has some SERIOUS crunch.

Its easy: Hold RMB, Tap Whirling Blades- Profit.

Drop Orb Of Storms regularly for added clear in tight spaces, and for Onslaught/Surge buffs, this is surprisingly effective in our setup even on a 3L with 2 buffs. Its near instant-cast, and with our AOE increases, its... huge.

More coming soon!
Red Maps and Delve Showcases to come

Stats In Current Gear


Divine Ire

Orb of Storms



-Whirling Blades on a spell caster
-Gorgeous to watch
-Not an annoying Winter Orb build
-MASSIVE Orb Of Storms
-Conduit and a full compliment of charges for the whole family
-Minimal investment, under 30c for the key pieces
-Easy to color
-Respectable single target
-Group/Solo friendly
-COMPLETELY BROKEN with an aura support (better vids soon)

and this!

and this!


-The stationary nature of Divine Ire can leave us vulnerable
-A lot of travel in the tree
-Doesn't really bloom until around level 80
-No Reflect
-Winter Orb can still outclear us in certain situations, but with much higher investment

ES Leech Version

Jewels and Charges Version

Current Gear *UPDATED*


This is what im running right now

4/5/6L Chest
Divine Ire
Physical to Lightning
Increased crit strikes
Increased crit damage
Infused Channeling
Concentrated Effect

4L Helm
Herald of Thunder
Decoy Totem
Summon Lightning Golem
Herald Of Purity

3L Dagger
Orb of Storms
Arcane Surge

3L Dagger
Whirling Blades
Faster Attacks

4L Gloves
Warlords Mark
Curse On Hit
Herald of Ice
Increased Area of Effect

4L Boots
Immortal Call
Cast When Damage Taken
Increased Duration
Vaal Haste/Grace

Trickster Ascendancy

Weave the Arcane
Ghost Dance
Escape Artist

Gear Choices
This is mainly an outline to get you started feel free to suit your needs

The helm I opted for early on, as i made the transition to crit, was Starkonjas

Then I chose to replace it with a rare es helm with high life and resists
when crit felt good enough, you could skip it completely, or use it forever,
its a great helm for a lot of builds

I went for Carcass Jack

Not much to say here, lots of life, resists, massive damage, massive AoE increase
High evasion and decent ES. We care most about the damage roll, the AoE roll
is not as important. You can find decent enough rolls on these for a few chaos, then jewelers touch yourself a cheap 5L

High Budget Option could Include an Inpulsas Broken Heart or even a Shavronnes Wrappings to go lowlife


Maligaros Virtuosity are vital here. As soon as you can get them, do it.

Rare Gloves, preferably Fingerless gloves with nice resists and life, or
really any es gloves here are nice to patch resists before Maligaros

I went for Sin Trek early on, might be a few chaos, but guaranteed 30% movespeed, decent evasion, and most importantly ES and a bit of dex, try to get as much of the latter two as you can

After grabbing Maligaros and Marylenes you will need resists, i picked these up for about 10c

(even after 400Chromes trying to get RRRG /cry

We dual wield Divinarius daggers, because they are very cheap,
and offer us an extra whopping 20% AoE!
Try to get close to 100% crit chance and 65% spell damage on each

Until I figure out what our end game weapons are going to be, these offer everything we want

We want stats, crit, es, life, and resists, this can be an expensive slot
Uniques to consider:

Choir of the Storm is probably BIS



Marlenes Falacy

for this slot later on...

Call of the brotherhood is a fantastic ring for this build, even 2 of them!

I chose Stormfire opal ring mainly due to the resists it offers was in range to balance my resists for Wise Oak at the time, however it isn't a bad ring for us at all.

Strong mana regen, strong ele damage, 2 fat resists, and a small ignite we don't need any fire conversion for!
Second slot could be whatever you need, chaos res, crit, ele damage, life, es
use it to patch holes

Alternatives for a high budget would be a Mark of the Shaper Ring, and a Warlords Mark on Hit Elder Ring

High life, resists, chaos res, es if you can get it, can use chain, leather, and rustic
all are good choices

I run 2 life flasks no matter what on every life build bubbling of staunching, and bubbling of dousing. the utility flasks i chose are Wise Oak, ( only if you can balance resists perfectly, otherwise i would run a Vinktar's Vessle a defensive flask of some type)
Diamond flask of warding
and Atziri's Promise as we double dip on this flask as well,
get as high of rolls on each as you can, 20% phys and over 12% ele are usually
a couple chaos

I wasn't going to do this section at all because there are so many resources for character leveling out there, but I figure for the sake of thoroughness I will add I short section.


We grab Freeze Pulse and Frost Bomb in Act 1

Craft a +1 Lightning and a +1 Cold wand ASAP

1 Magic wand, preferable to have 3 linked sockets
1 Orb of Alteration
1 Resist ring of the corresponding Element to the skill you are going to use i.e. Lightning skills would use a topaz ring for the recipe for a resulting +1 to Lightning Gems
1 Vendor
Put the above 3 items into the sell window with a vendor and they will give you a +1 wand in return

Grab Strom Brand at Level 12
Link it with Added Lightning and Controlled Destruction in a BBB +1 Lightning wand in act 2

Orb of Storms in the other BBG +1 Lightning wand linked with Onslaught and Arcane Surge (keep surge @ lvl 1 until orb of storms costs 22 mana, then level arcane surge to level 5)

Decoy Totem is your friend on bosses, use it!

grab Brand Recall in act 2

I also run 2-3 Quicksilver flask when I level (Experiment's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline)

I would highly suggest continuing to level with this setup all the way to maps or bloodaquaduct, then make the transition to Divine Ire
grab a starkonja, 2 divinarius, maligaros, and carcass jack when you can

jewelers touch prophecy is almost always cost effective on unique chests instead of buying an already 5L chest

Focus on capping resists, and having as much life on gear as possible during leveling, damage should be just fine with stormbrand, and makes boss fights much easier than trying to do it with Ire.

Final Thoughts
Im thrilled with how this build has come along- currently 90 in Synthesis league, as money and levels progress I will continue to make changes. Divine Ire lived up to all my wildest dreams from the moment I saw it in the reveal video. New Trickster is opieOP. I will keep an eye on this thread to answer some questions.
Videos to come.
At this stage I am mostly finished with both the guide and the build, it was a great time, and I enjoyed writing this guide. Divine Ire was a treat to play with. I've gotten what I wanted out of the character so I'm moving on to my next project

This is just an attempt to share what I've learned
Let me know what you guys think
Thanks Bros

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absolutely amazing build
JasonDiablo wrote:
absolutely amazing build

Thanks buddy glad you're enjoying it!
Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
Thanks, let me know if you have any question- i'm still tinkering with the guide, check back regularly
Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
do you have a POB link
Smidging wrote:
do you have a POB link

I dont use pob, everything you need is in the guide
Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife
Good and solid build for cheap.
Kittymonster wrote:
Good and solid build for cheap.

Thank you! Im having a ton of fun with it!
Path of Exile is life, just ask my Ex-Wife

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