[3.6] Aurabot Victarios Influence Chaos Inoculation, from Zero to Hero (first draft complete)

This is the first readable draft of my guide, some areas are still a work in progress and i will updating it further but should still be a usable guide.

This is my first guide on anything ever, shout-out to "Z3phir3" and his guide over at https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2231840 that got me started on the Victario CI aurabot hypetrain back in Betrayal.

I am trying to make this guide both for both veterans and newer players, it has steps showing where to start if you have no money, you can start it with just a few chaos and scales in cost to multiple exalts, my build is currently worth around 20-30 exalts.

If you are a new player or somehow missed it you really should get Path of Building (POB), it and instructions can be found over at https://github.com/Openarl/PathOfBuilding/releases or https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1716360
I league started with the intention of becoming an aurabot as soon as possible to play with my carry.

I like having the 3 puritys, discipline, grace, haste and determination as a baseline of auras, they provide good defence and some lovely speed. Then I add more offensive auras into the victario's as soon as I'm able to. Always try to run the offensive auras that will most benefit your carry.

-1.The pre-Zero
Skip this part if you have a Scion at lvl 68 or higher or you know a better way of leveling.
This is how I leveled my character from day one and is useful if you are leveling your character alone and don't have the money for fancier leveling methods.

It is however not a full guide on how to level or reach endgame.
This is an arc trapper and will get you to mapping fairly quick.
The only gear you really need is the Deerstalker boots and maybe a tabula.
You can buy explosive trap from Nessa as soon as you reach the first town and swap to Arc traps as soon as you hit level 22 and can equip Deerstalker.
Explosive trap 4-link Explosive Trap-T
Grab the "Clever Construction" as quickly as possible, then go for "Master Sapper". After that pick up any of the nodes that give life or damage as you see fit.

When you have finished this basic tree continue filling out your tree as if you are an aurabot, follow the tree from the next step.

0.The Zero (no CI)
This is pretty much how my character looked when I turned into an aurabot.
At this point in the league you can fill all your gear slots for an alc to a chaos each, jewels with reduced %mana reserved are the only exception.

With only a Conquerors efficiency for reduced mana reserved jewels you get 3 purity's, discipline, grace, haste, determination and 2 damage auras of your choice. The number of damage auras you can run increases with the number of %reduced mana reserved jewels and other sources of %reduced mana reserved.

Not being chaos immune sucks and you are fairly like to die a bit, with a bit more investment I was able to do Guardians and Shaper together with my carry who was running a Winter Orb Elementalist on a 5-link, day 2-3 of the league.


Gear and mod priorities


Ephemeral Edge takes some of our life to boost our energy shield.

Prism guardian lets us use 3 more auras for cheap, it does however reserve our life and we are not chaos immune

Alphas Howl is the only helmet you need to worry about for a long time, 8% reduced mana reserved aw yiss.
Body Armour

Victario's Influence is the meat of true aurabots, no other chest can ever compare to a 5-6 linked Victario's with a lvl 3-4 empower in it

Bated breath gives a huge amount of energy shield.
The rest of the gear is going to be rare for now, Chaos resist in every slot. examples are in the POB.
Boots with the following stats listed in order of priority
Movement speed, as high as possible
Minimum 10% Chaos resist or crafted
Energy Shield

Minimum 10% Chaos resist
Energy Shield
Other resist if you need them

40+ Flat Energy Shield
Craft chaos resist
Bonus for life and any attributes
Other resist if you need them

Check the "Gear Craft" section for how to make a shaper amulet with %reduced mana reserved for cheap or get the following.
40 Flat energy shield
Craft Chaos Resist or %increased Energy Shield
Bonus for life and any attributes

Gem setup
Weapon Shield Charge-Fortify-Faster Attacks

Shield Grace-Haste-Determination

Helmet Purity of Ice-Purity of Fire-Purity of Lightning-Discipline

Body Armour, as many damage auras you can fit, Wrath-Zealotry-Malevolence-Hatred-Anger

Whatever you chose to put in gloves/boots is highly flexible and entirely up to your preference, I might prefer you to figure out what you want here on your own but here are some suggestions.
Boots/Gloves Smite-Currse on Hit-Elemental Weakness-Wave of Conviction.

Other Boots/Gloves Flame dash-Cast When Damage taken lvl 1-Immortal Call lvl 3-Increased Duration

Fourth lab is not strictly required here, if you don't have it drop some life nodes.
In the path of building a second tree with what jewel sockets to grab, just change "The Zero" to the one with jewel sockets.

When you have the tree and basic gear setup buy or make (whatever is cheapest, check the "Gear Crafting" section for instructions) a shaper amulet with %reduced mana reserved if havent already, even a 3% roll will likely allow you to run 1 more damage aura.

Start grabbing jewel sockets and fill them with any kind of corrupted implicit "reduced mana reserved" jewel. If you get unique jewels with the implicit remember to check if it says "limited to 1" and to not get duplicates if it does.

1. The everyman CI aurabot (finally chaos immune yay)


11 auras + smite
Any node that could be interesting for you

You now have at least 11 auras+smite with 4 damage auras linked with empower, to accomplish this you need a total of 12 reduced mana reserved corrupts on jewels and conquerors efficiency, one less if you get the corrupt on conquerors efficiency.

You can either follow my POB or add/remove jewel sockets to reach the number of aura goals you wish.
In the POB there is also a second skill tree with any and all interesting notables + jewel sockets.

At this point i would also recommend getting a weapon with "Socketed movement skills cost no mana" (more info in the crafting section) or corrupting 5 of your items and equipping a vivinsect unique ring, vivinsect reduces the cost of skills by 2 for every corrupted item you have equipped making your shield charge and a lvl 1 flamedash free.

The next big step is skyforth witch will let you run more auras and 1-2 curses in blasphemy.

2. The Skyforth Hero


You are now a hero, running 14 auras, 2 curses, aspect of the spider, banner and smite. Any carry will be happy to see you and during trade interactions you might notice people randomly jumping/shield charging around enjoying the crazy amounts of speed you provide.

3. Above and beyond. (my current setup)



I am running 15 auras, 2 curses, aspect of the spider, banner and smite. I am currently looking into crafting a bow with at least +3 levels of enlighten and "Auras from your skill grant 4% increased damage to you and allies" and maybe a way to get 3 curses.

Gear Crafting

Shaper amulet with 5 %reduced mana reserved, cost: 10-30c
With fossil crafting we can make an acceptable amulet in usually less than 5 tries. Both Lucent and Bound fossils make the mod we want more likely and each attempt costs ~4c each
You need an item lvl 82 shaper amulet of any kind, just get the cheapest on the market and if it's a crappy base like coral turn it into an onyx amulet by selling 1 red, 1 green and one blue skill gem together with the amulet to any vendor.

Any result is acceptable as long as its got %reduced mana reserved and good if you can also craft %increased maximum energy shield in the crafting bench, an awesome result is if you also get a high flat energy shield.
If you get a low roll on %reduced mana reserved you can stop here if you are still on the "Zero" part of the guide.
You can save a few chaos by beast craft divining it with "Farric Frost Hellion Alpha" currently ~5c, just remember to grab a buddy or a different character for beast crafting.

Increased damage from auras weapon
I recommend a shaper tiger hook, but any 1 handed weapon will do. Shaper weapons can roll "socketed movement skills cost no mana" witch you really want.

Bound fossils are required for "Auras from you skills grant 2% increased damage to you and your allies" and lucent fossils will make the shaper mod more likely.
Using only bound fossils you are likely to hit the aura damage mod in ~ 5 tries, sometimes less sometimes more.
If you are looking for both mods be ready to roll quite a few times.

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