[3.6] Orb of Storms/Sorm Burst untouchable and fast clearing Trickster [GUIDE UPDATED, videos added]

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to share with you my last build on this league. My first one was a Bane MoM Occultist but this one was not "hypster" enough to talk about.
It's why, after reaching level 92 (now 94) with only 6 deaths (/deaths ingame) with this trickster, I'm in the need to explain how does this new build work ! And trust me, it's amazing !

PS before all : I'm french and I'm aware my english can be improved. So I hope my explanations will be understandable... Thanks for your understanding.

So, let's start with some pictures...

And now some base numbers...

If you can't see numbers on the picture (to small sadly), here they are :


LEVEL : 94
LIFE : 5482
MANA : 1625 (455 unreserved)

EVASION : 39257 (82% chance to evade with The Watcher's Eye)
Chances to dodge attacks : 40%
Chances to dodge spells : 75%

New setup 6L STORM BURST :

Damage per second : 98765.34
Total combined damage (per hit) : 7236 - 13225
Cast speed modifier : +120%
Crit : 6.6 %
Shock : X (Elemental Focus)
Lightning resistance penetration : 43%

4L ORB OF STORMS (+1 level of gems in The Vertex) :

Damage per second : 64783.29
Total combined damage (per hit) : 6673 - 23529
Crit : 13.5 %
Shock : X (Eemental Focus)
Lightning resistance penetration : 44%

IMPORTANT to note, the tooltip dps doesn't include Harness the Void from the Trickster's ascendancy, and it only includes the channeling part of the skill.
You can also notice every kind of buff the build activates :
up to 4 PC and 4 FC, Elemental Overload, Innvervate, Arcane Surge...

And what about real time VIDEOS ? (26.03.2019 UPDATE)

And, Why a Trickster ?

Trickster received a very huge buff in 3.6, especially concerning it defensive part. In a few words : more evasion you stack, more ES you instantly regen when you are hit ! In top of that, more evasion means more chance to evade but it can also be combined with a high dodge chances.
So, if I take my build in it current state, I have 82% chance to evade, 40% chance to dodge attacks, and 70% chances to dodge spells. And in the case I would be hit, I would refill my 2kES instantly.


- VERY fast clear speed
- Untouchable, can facetank almost everything (guardians included)
- And if you get bad luck and be hit, don't worry, ES doesn't move !
- Fun as hell with lightxplosions (outdated since I don't use Inpulsa anymore

- Not billions dps
- Maybe weak vs DoT (but except for PvP is this a real problem ?)
- I don't know...


On website :


On PoB :


PS : You'll notice DPS in not including 4 PC and 4 FC from Swift Killer ascendancy, nor Harness the Void which gives relative chances to add some extra chaos damage. Don't forget that.

BANDITS : Kill all or save Kraityn for QoL (movement speed, dodge)
I personally killed them all.



One handed scepter (or wand it's up to you) with high lightning spell damage, added light, cast speed.

Shield with maximum EV/ES you can ! Then of course maximum life and needed ressitances. Don't forget, EV = ES regen ! I choose this one because of the 4% inc chances to dodge spells, to be up to 70% in combination of Atziri's Step boots and the 20% from Ascendancy.

Inpulsa is a must have for any lightning build, lightxplosions is a huge boost for an efficient clearing. IF you can't afford this one (or don't have it 6L yet), don't worry, you can also use an Atziri's Splendour with max ev on it. It can gives 1700+ ev, ~100 es, life and 20-25 all res, giving the ability to recover 100 of your mana and life for every kill.


I recently changed for Shroud of the Lightless because I don't focus on shock anymore. Now using Storm Burst as a 6L, I pushed it damages with Elemental Focus instead of Innervate.
This chest is an effective 6L (supported with lvl20-like elemental penetration) but it also gives a free slot for an abyssal Jewel.

As you can see, I choose one with flat life, flat lightning damage while holding a shield, and flat lightning damage to spells.

! IMPORTANT ! : In every case evasion on chest is mandatory, because the Trickster's ascendancy gives you 1 ES per 6 EV on body armour.

Here you need the maximum reachable ES, and life then resistances.

! UPDATED ! : The Vertex is the best item you can get here, it gives a huge boost to EV and ES but also provides us a +1 lvl of gem for the 4L Divine Ire.
! IMPORTANT ! : +5 EV per 1 ES on helmet from Trickster's ascendancy.

Impresence is a free blasphemed Conductivity, it's very usefull for "close" skills like Divine Ire and Orb of Storms. It also adds some flat lightning damage and life. Without mentionning it worth around nothing this league.

Atziri's Step boots give us up to 16% more chance to dodge spells. Like I said, in addition to other sources, we can easily reach 70%.

Nothing to say here, you just need EV, life, resistances.

Same here. All you need is life, resistances and shield. A %increased damage craft is a must.

Rings with life, resistances, needed str, EV... If you can afford or craft a opal ring it's a must.

UNIQUE JEWEL : The Watcher's Eye, Grace version.
Mine has those two mods :
- 33% chances to blind ennemies you hit while affected by Grace
- +8% chances to evade attacks while affected by Grace
I said "untouchable" in the title, isn't it ? :)
My two other rare jewles have life, spell damage while holding a shield and lightning damage.

The Wise Oak is a nice boost for lightning DPS, especially against bosses, if your lightning resistance is the highest (don't forget that).

I also use Lavianga's Spirit in case some fight would last longer. Ex : end boss with EE/more life/enfeeble as map mods.


Skill for bosses :

Storm Burst - Physical to Lightning - Infused Channelling - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus ( - Lightning Penetration if you don't use Shroud of the Lightless)

Skill for clearing :

Orb of Storms - Lightning Penetration - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus

Mobility/Support :

Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting - Portal


Shield Charge - Faster Attack - Fortify

Aura - Curse :

GRACE (most important one !) - Blasphemy - Conductivity - Herald of Thunder/OR Ash


Can I lvl up untill maps with Orb of Storms/Storm Burst ? And which skill to link first ?

Sure you can ! It will be really fast ! For leveling I recommend to focus around OoS because of it amazing clearspeed, untill red maps where you should switch for a 6L Storm Burst.

Which Ascendancy should I take first ?

Personnally I firstly took Ghost Dance then Escape Artist. Then Swift Killer for a huge dps boost from charges and Harness the Void.

Where should I start on the skill tree ?

I recommend to fristly rush to Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics, then go straight up to the witch part and grab some dps nodes and life on the way.

Any other questions ?

Ask me and i'll complete this section.
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Nice build and nice guide! :)

I like it when people use niche skills (and succeed!)
Nice build and nice guide! :)

I like it when people use niche skills (and succeed!)

Thank you very much, glad you liked it ! :)
Atziri's Disfavour with max ev on it. It can gives 1700+ ev, ~100 es,

Harvest (Жатва) - лучшее, что когда-либо случалось с ПОЕ. F*ck 3.14!
Spooneer wrote:
Atziri's Disfavour with max ev on it. It can gives 1700+ ev, ~100 es,


Fixed it, TY, I would say "Atziri's Splendour". But you guessed it, uh..
Lvl 75 HC right now. Swapped shield charge for a CWDT setup and it is the smoothest experience I've ever had! Kudos
what bandit did you take?
ibpatc1 wrote:
what bandit did you take?

Oh I forgot about that. Edited to add it in "Passive tree" section.
For direct answer, I killed them all.

Lvl 75 HC right now. Swapped shield charge for a CWDT setup and it is the smoothest experience I've ever had! Kudos

Why not ! What have you added with CWDT ? Anyway with a max evade/dodge I firstly think you aren't hit often enough to trigger it efficiently..

EDIT : I'm planning to record a guardian tonight, it'll be added to the video section soon enough.
Shaper and/or red Elder will be the next step. Despite fun and easy clear this build provides I don't except to kill final bosses so quickly, anyway.
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UPDATE : Forge of the Phoenix video added (deathless)

So, I would to add here there is one thing we can notice about end bosses : the lack of dps. However there are a few possible things to adjust in order to improve this way.
The first one, just add one or two unique flask to the build. I think about Atziri's Promise or Vessel of Vinktar.
Secondly, for test I switched my 6L Orb of Storms with my 4L Divine Ire. Definitvely, your DPS vs one target will be much higher using a 6L Divine Ire, but honestly I don't want to recolour my slots everytime and I don't want to break the great experience of killing everything with Orb of Storms as a main skill.
And, for lucky lab farmers, you can try to get a "Orb of Storms has 30% increased Cast Speed" enchant for your helmet. I think the cast speed option is the best because it gives more ticks/sec for OoS but it also gives more chances to trigger Elemental Overload.

Anyway, the fight is long but it really shows what means "untouchable" ! (And to be honest with myself, I played like a d*ck...)
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Back again for a MAJOR UPDATE !

It seems I'm self-pushing this thread and I'm sorry for that but I just would to complete it with maximum informations and updates.

Firstly, I added a video from the shaper fight. BUT, for this, I needed to change some things.
I switched my 6L Orb of Storms for a 6L Storm Burst, then adapted some of the passives in tree to adjust everything with the new gameplay. For exemple, I took some channeling relative nodes. Anyway, it doesn't mean I don't play with OoS anymore, but I put it in my 4L the Vertex in order to keep if efficient enough for clearing.
Secondaly, I improved my gear a bit. I changed one of my ring for an opal one, I changed Inpulsa for Shroud of the Lightless and I found and bought two new unique flasks.

New links setup in the guide are updated.
New pieces of gear in the guide are updated.
New numbers in the guide are updated.

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