[3.6] Xagroth's Storm Brand Elementalist | Beginner & SSF Friendly | Budget League Starter |

Thank you so much for this build. I am learning a lot about how all of this works and I look forward to the rest of the leveling guide. Really fun build.
panndemic wrote:

I am at level 82 and still very far from reaching your current damage (I only get 1800 damage per hit on Storm Brand (in game GUI) - you seem to have over 20000 on PoB, don't know it they are the same thing).

This is why it confuses me more, since I somehow expected for those modifiers to do some improvements.

I suppose there are many more things to take into account. A big thing would probably be to have level 20, +20 quality gems, which I don't have yet.

I am still learning the game, as it is my first character where I get into mapping.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Edit: I imported my character on PoB and I get numbers similar to yours. I was a bit in the fog there.

The in-game damage estimate is somewhat poor. It doesn't take into account curses, penetration, cast speed, and bonuses from temporary buffs like charges and Elemental Overload only show when active. Neither factor in the bonus from having 2 brands on a single target.
May I ask why you took minion nodes?
WildPooXp1sn wrote:
May I ask why you took minion nodes?

We pick up the minion nodes because we make use of the "Spiritual Aid" node on our tree which makes increases to minion damage affect us too, effectively giving us 69% increased damage from these 5 nodes.
thank you man so far this is a really good build. So good to see a solid witch build that doesnt cost 90 exalts on console. SO if anyone is on console i highly suggest this build to advanced and new players. Great league starter as well. thanks man, never knew storm brand was this good.
Just posting to thank you for this build. It's my 3rd league and build, and so far the best one I've tried.
if i may ask what kinda gear are you going for end game hybrid ES and Evasion or are you going pure ES

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