[3.7] Occultist/Trickster Bane SSF SHC lvl 100 Rank 3 Build guide / All Content / lvl 100 viable

First of all I wanted to race to lvl 100 in SSFHC so I needed a build that doesn't require much gear and can do most of the content.
Bane looked really good on paper so I rolled with it.
(Around 99.5 I switched build to Vaal RF but only to push hard for Rank 3)


Hello Everyone!
I really enjoyed this build so far my strongest an best build I had in PoE.

In the event I was top 10 in the first 2 day than I died unfortunately and didnt had time to reroll.

In 3.7 i'd suggest these changes.
If you wanna play as Occultist you'll take Void Beacon as UberLab point or Vile Bastion depends when you wanna go ES.

I'd definitely don't go CI, rather I'd do a hybrid build with around 7-8k ES and 3-4k Life and build around 30-40% Chaos res.

You can still play bane it was nerfed by 10% so its totally fine, but you can of course substitute it with ED+Contagion.

Overall I'd say the powerlevel of the build gone from super Strong to Medium Strong.

I'd suggest for the new league to go Trickster:

I'll update this Thread with a Trickster Tree, that'll will go with in 3.7 SSF HC

Hi there! Update for 3.7 NEW leveling route

I'll try to play the same build again in the new league:

I did some practice runs for the best and fastest leveling expierence:

Detailed Leaguestart guide

PoB pastebin:

Start as Scion, kill Hillok get Onslaught and Explosive trap and Mule them over, this will make leveling easy.

Pick up Explosive trap and Onslaught from the mule
Link Freezing pulse and onslaught until frostbomb

Go until Submerged - back to tidal island get your Quicksilver flask and Frostbomb.

Level till level with explosive trap and asoon you hit 4 Link frostbomb+Onslaught

Level 8 Take added Lightning/Cold if you have the transmute and link it to either Frostbomb or Explo-Trap.

Continue till merveil try to hit level 11-12 when you encounter her. Kill her go back to town take your Storm brand and link it with onslaught added lightning

At lvl 18 go for this setup
Stormbrand-Addedlighting-Onslaught-Faster casting

Pick also up at act 1:
Blight 1x
Void Manipulation 2x

Just keep leveling with explosive trap for single target and Storm brand for clear

Links= Explosive trap-Added Lightning/cold
Stormbrand-Added Lightning/cold/controlled destruction.
Herald of Ice/ArcticArmor
Brand recall.
Flamedash-Fastercasting- Arcane Surge lvl 3

Gems to pick up at act 2:
Controlled Destruction 2x
Faster casting

Keep leveling with Stormbrand and Explosive trap until you got Corruption and Whispers of Doom in the skill tree. Than respec the brand notes and Elemental Overload.
At this point Ill switch to bane because this way youll have a smooth leveling expierence and youll most likely will have 2 4-Links thatll enable your singletarget and Clear
You can pick up Lightning Spire trap and switch it out switch explosive trap if you can afford it.

The reason do this with Occultist is most likely because you don't have the Chaos dmg notes in the start that Trickster has. It's possible to go Chaos from the Start but you'll be significant slower.

You can either do lab before or after you switch to bane
Pickup: Proofane Bloom

Pickup these gems:
Lightning Spire trap
Swift Afflication
Decoy totem
If possible

Links should look like this if you switch to bane:
Blight-Controlled Destruction-Infused Channeling-VoidMa.
Decoy totem
Arctic Armour
Zealoty/ Purity if you need resist.

Keep leveling go at a pace you're comfortable with.
Gods I'd take BrineKing until 4k HP than Solaris
Minor you can choose what you prefer but id take the Less chaos damage taken.

Same keep leveling you can pick up either Malediction for faster leveling or Wicked ward, but itll be changed so we dont know what do take yet.

Before swapping CI id suggest these stats:
Chest min. 400 ES
Helmet min. 180 ES
Gloves min. 90ES
Boots min. 100 ES
Abyss belt with some ES or Baited Breath.
Neck mind. 10% inc ES some flat es
Ring: Resist and ES
If you wanna go with shield you should aim for 250ES with a shield you can even swap to CI faster
Weapons: Some %Chaos Multi.

Leveling Tree 1-100 HYBRID
If you want a bit more defensive build dont go Dark arts and rather invest Into some more shield / Es notes

Around lvl 78 I found
This Will make your Bane Cast your curses that you linked in your gloves this is really really good and underrated.

If you're playing SSF and don't find these gloves you should do a 2-curse Setup in Bane and run a Blasphemy and Discipline.

For Mapping Gem Setup:
Bane-Efficacy-VoidMan-PoachersMark-SpellCascade/Controlled Destruction
VBlight-InfusedChanneling-Inc Duration
Gloves Setup is below
Flame Dash-FasterCasting-ArcaneSurge lv4
You have 1 35% Aura left that you can use so you can go for any Purity you're lacking or you wanna boost up

3.7 Advanced STRATS
Get 1 god tier Elderwand
Alt them until you have LMP or Volley on them / And if possible Controlled Destruction.
Regal them Multimod
Cast socketed Spell
And Any mods you need Castspeed/Dmg.
Its hard to get these done but really worth it!

Socket a Soulrend in it with Void Man and either increased duration or Empower.

This Way you'll have 2 clearskills and super high dmg and clearspeed.
Cast bane- Socketed on cast soulrend and itll offscreen some mobs and give you extra singletarget without any cost

Gods: Solaris, Grukhtul or Abberath

I only had a 5 link till lvl 100 so for 6 Link I'd use SpellCascade and Controlled Destruction or if you wanna do bosses go for an Empower or Swift Affliction.

So I planned my final form of the Build that just was so smooth to play super tanky and also really fast.
I used Vixen Entrapment with following links
The enhance will buff all the curses to the next level especially Temp Chains.

Current Gear:
I found the Aspect of the spider ring in a Safehouse and it's a nice addition because it slows enemies down even more and they take more dmg BiS even the ring is super bad rolled

Skill Trees

Example Skill tree for leveling Hybrid MoM Life Should be changed depending how your resist gear is looking if playing SSF

Endgame skilltree CI http://poeurl.com/ckWj
PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/s9RqDNNa

Most of the gear I crafted on my own the 6 link I bought after I transfered to normal SHC, I actually used a 5-Link till lv 100 because I didnt had any luck with that.
Wand was craftet with Alts so nothing special here maybe took like 100 Alts.
Chaos damage over time Multiplier is always better than Spell dmg so go for it.

Atlas Strategy 3.7

I did every boss I encountered without even having a hard time bosses move Cast/attack in slow motion so its a Joke.
T16 Guardians No problem
Shaper Also not a problem
Vaal Temple Just run in circle and watch them die while they crawling towards you.
Delve Bosses - Also not a problem but mostly mechanical fights.
Elder - This is a bit hard because you cant curse these freaking portals so it'll take a bit
Delve- You can probably go easy to 600 or even more because you're slowing all Monsters down so drastically that they wont even get to you and even if they do your super high regen and enfeeble will make them deal way less dmg.

Finishing words.

I'll update the Thread throughout 3.7.
If anyone wanna go Occultist it'll be still good, but I think Trickster will be better now.

If you have any question just message me here or on discord: Bjerk#5638

On league start Ill be busy pushing 100 Ill update it probably couple days after leaguestart again
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Seems nice! I'll try it!
Watched you progress through to 100, congrats!

Curious what order of ascendancy points you chose?
Nice build.
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Hey i rolled a cyclone build but it sucked once i started mapping i got few friends who told me about this kinda build i checked few sites to find right set up this looks pretty simple to learn will it be easy to level kill to act 10 with normal gear and the odd unique item?btw is this ok for softcore?
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Bezmageddon wrote:
Hey i rolled a cyclone build but it sucked once i started mapping i got few friends who told me about this kinda build i checked few sites to find right set up this looks pretty simple to learn will it be easy to level kill to act 10 with normal gear and the odd unique item?btw is this ok for softcore?

Leveling as a DoT character is really shitty till you get to level 24.
The new gem Bane really makes leveling as a DoT build enjoyable and fun so I'd say after level 24 its really simple to get to A10 and kill Kitava and start mapping it doesnt require any uniques to level with but Vixen's Entrapment really helps with cursing and putting your defensives up because it allows you to have 3 Defensive curses early on.

Ascendancy Points where like this:
Normal Lab: Profane Bloom
Cruel Lab: Wicked Ward
Merc Lab: Vile Bastion
Uber Lab: Malediction

I took ES regen and flat es over the Additional Curse because you also get stun immunity and I had around 4k Life and 3k ES till I was CI so that helped a lot in early maps.
After I got Uberlab I switched to CI
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According to https://de.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2455375 the Curses casted by Vixen's entrapment do not increase the dmg of bane.

So is it realy worth it to only link one Curse directly to Bane und use those gloves?
You_Oh wrote:
According to https://de.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2455375 the Curses casted by Vixen's entrapment do not increase the dmg of bane.

So is it realy worth it to only link one Curse directly to Bane und use those gloves?

Yes because of this you can use enhance for your curses to make them even stronger :)
Newbie question. I don't understand how to use ED with Contagion correctly. Cast Contagion and couple casts of ED after? ED will spreads to all mobs after the first death?

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