[3.6] CWC Soulrend & Bane - Tri-Curse CI/LL - 1M+ Shaper DPS without flasks


** Currently Changing a few things right now which is shifting my build theory a bit. So far this has put me up to 1.6M Shaper DPS without flasks or Vaal RF **

I've always been a big fan of Chaos builds so I was super excited for the 3.6 announcement of the new skill gems. I instantly fell in love with Soulrend. Purple wiggly boys? Lets go! While playing the build I have experimented with a ton of setups and I think I've now found a nice balance of damage and defenses.

Huge streamer BTW:

First Shaper Kill
I think I swear a couple times so if that bothers you just mute the video. This should have been deathless but I was being bad. Blame me, not the build.

T13 Twinned Toxic Sewer

Path Of Building & Passive Tree:

This is very subject to change as I still sort things out so please keep that in mind. Any questions can be answered here or in my stream.

As of level 94

- Rewards an active play style. While we can just clear with CWC Soulrend we get a lot more out of utilizing all of our abilities.
- Multiple layers of offense and defense
- Chaos explosions on death with profound bloom (super nice for clearing)
- Stun immune
- Tri-Curse (lot's of combinations for effective curse setups - more on that later)
- Hindering enemies
- "Free"/Automatic wither using the threshold jewel Spreading Rot
- No need for pierce anywhere.
- Tons of leech and ES regeneration.
- Can be played Chaos Inoculation or Low Life
- Scales well with investment but can start with cheap uniques.
- Can be a league starter (I did for Synthesis)
- Diversity in the build. Ton's of options for DPS, Defense, and gearing.
- Can run almost all combinations of map mods. No Regen/No Leech alone are doable, however, combined they are not.

- Flame dash is our go to movement ability along with an adrenaline quicksilver.
- ES builds are back to the meta meaning this can be expensive, especially if you go Low Life.
- Strength requirement can be a pain
- Not a huge issue but can be chromatic hungry.
- Socket's can be an issue. We are trying to do a lot

This build has a lot of stuff going on. Cursing, hindering, multiple DoT sources, auras.

We will be utilizing 3 to 4 damage setups (depending on play style preference and gearing) Feel free to be creative here. Cursing enemies with Despair adds DPS and if we use Temporal Chains that extends the duration of our DoT sources. With our low life setup we will be running Malevolence with blood magic as an offensive aura.

In order of DPS:

Blight - Hinder's enemies (slowing them), applies wither (increased chaos damage), and stacks up to 20 layers of damage over time. The longer you can stand in and cast blight, the better. While buffed we are getting 6 casts per second (6 layers of DoT and 6 stacks of wither per second)

Soulrend - The majority of the damage from Soulrend comes from its short duration DoT, that being said, its initial hit damage is actually substantial and accounts for about 25% of total DPS while also being able to apply "on hit" effects such as curses. While attached to CWC we get just under 3 casts per second. Soulrend also pierces all targets (including proximity shields - Pog) and automatically targets enemies in front of it.

Bane - What an awesome addition to the game. Applies any linked curses and deals DoT based on how many curses are applied. This is a nice "set it and forget it" ability because without investment in duration nodes this lasts 5 seconds. That may not sound like very long but I can't recall the last time I had to recast Bane on a map boss.

*Essence Drain* - This will actually do slightly more damage than Bane does if we choose to set it up. While this certainly adds damage, it can feel a little clunky. However it is another "set it and forget it" ability and the fact that in now applies it's DoT in an AoE is nice. We can potentially throw out an Essence Drain, cast Bane, then hop in with your Blight CWC Soulrend. The nice thing about Essence Drain is that it will not overwrite the DoT from Soulrend. To get the most use out of Essence Drain without losing the effectiveness of Bane we would need some pretty specific gear setup's that may not be worth the investment. This is all up to you though.

Profane Bloom - "Cursed enemies you kill have a 25% to explode, dealing a quarter of their Maximum Life as Chaos Damage". Big purple AoE explosions buffed by your chaos damage increases. I've seen Incursion Architects surrounded by enough enemies get one shot by this alone. Big synergy with Bane.

Nice defensive options here. Tri-Curse, for one. Whatever combination you like will be fine. I prefer Warlord's Mark, Temporal Chains (Enfeeble is good too, but my color's work with temp chains.), and Despair (not defensive but whatever). Stun immunity and good ES regen/leech.

Discipline - More ES

Warlord's Mark - Linked to Blasphemy. This gives us automatic Endurance Charges (adding life regen, resists, and buffing Immortal Call duration) and let's us leech 2% of damage as life and mana. Huge quality of life improvement. If you wanted to try to get a nice Warlord's Mark on hit ring you could replace Warlord's Mark in blasphemy in favor of another curse or drop Blasphemy entirely and add Zealotry for more DPS and the occasional consecrated ground spawn. Keep in mind, however, this would be Warlord's Mark *ON HIT*. The only thing we utilize with a hit is Soulrend (and profane bloom). While this is fine for bosses/single target, it may not be as reliable for clearing (although I found it fine in testing.)

Immortal Call & Cast When Damage Taken - Has nice synergy with Warlord's Mark, giving you a short duration immunity to ALL physical damage (increased duration based on your endurance charges).

Ghost Reaver & Energy Leech nodes - Increases the recovery of energy shield and leeches spell damage as energy shield. 4% of the on hit damage of Soulrend automatically leeches because of the Skill Gem itself.

Zealot's Oath - "Life Regeneration is applied to Energy Shield instead." We pick up a bit of life regeneration in the tree anyway and this has huge synergy with consecrated ground (6% life regeneration per second while standing on consecrated ground). Considering we will often be standing in one place to deal damage this is a very nice boon to our defense.

Oh boy do we have some options here! *Ignore any gems/links - we will go over that further down*


+1 to curses, free level 22 blasphemy (free's up a socket), reduced reservation of socketed curse gems, decent Energy Shield. Good budget option.

I REALLY love this helm. Perfect for a 4 link Bane. +2 curses (including Bane), increased duration of curses (also including Bane), and decent ES. I am currently trying to double corrupt one of these bad boys for +2 Curse and +2 Duration (this would become the equivalent of a 6 link Bane). Good budget option (without the double corruption of course.)

Hubris Circlet - A nice hubris circlet is also a great option for higher energy shield and if you wanted to fossil craft one for minus chaos resistance. A well rolled Hubris Circlet is probably best in slot overall but will be expensive.

Good enchantments to look for are Blight Damage, Bane Damage, Bane Increased Curse Effect, Soulrend Damage, Curse Effect for any curses you use


The important mod here is "Socketed Gems are support by Level XX Cast While Channeling". I probably made a mistake with the multi-mod here. Ideally you would be better off getting a higher rolled Chaos Damage mod without the duration (also a preference) and the Double Damage mod can only effect the hit damage of Soulrend and Profane Bloom. A better roll instead of double damage would likely be another %increase chaos damage.

To make a staff like this is actually pretty simple. Get a 2H staff that is a shaper base, item level 75 or higher, (acutal base doesn't really matter, Eclipse Staff's are far more expensive and do not benefit us.)

20% chance to block attack damage is a decent little defensive boost. Pay attention to the strength requirement, if we go Low Life we will need 111 strength for Blood Magic level 20 anyway. If not, you have some options to get a lower strength requirement staff which will alleviate some of our strength issues.

Then you alteration spam for the PREFIX Socketed Gems are Supported by Cast When Channeling. While doing this keep an eye out for the suffix - Increased cast speed (T1/T2 - T3 is probably okay too) and hope you augment on the cast while channeling mod. The level of the Cast While Channeling isn't extremely important so if you get a level 18 one that is more than fine. Ideally you would get CWC by itself, regal, and annul, to isolate the CWC mod on a rare item. Then commence the science of multi-mod. ** You will save yourself time and money if you 6-link this as a normal item before trying to craft it **

A great budget option is the Cane of Unraveling. You could even just use a wand + shield with the Allelopathy gloves as your pseudo 5 link. Look for increased spell/chaos damage/cast speed.

High Energy Shield and Resists. Pretty simple. We could get a Shaper base with socketed gems supported by faster casting/%cast speed or the veiled craft increased attack/cast speed when focused. Cool, but not needed.

Allelopathy are fantastic gloves to start with. Free 5 link with a level 22 blight. I used this as my single target damage in maps for quite a while (CWC + Soulrend + 2 supports)

High ES, Movement Speed, Resists. Also pretty simple here.

Rainbowstride are a great place holder

Ideally you would want a nice Elder Ring with Warlord's Mark on hit and a Mark of the Shaper. May be very difficult to accomplish this while balancing resists and strength requirement.

Other than that look for ES and resists. This is a decent slot to get some Strength that you will need.

Probably the best slot to get your Strength. Amber base with an additional +Strength suffix. Other nice stuff: Flat ES, % ES (can craft this for 2C 15-20%, which is T3-T1), Cast Speed (can craft 6-8% which is T2), and you can craft % damage while leeching, which is a pretty nice damage stat.

Crystal Belt/Stygian Vise
Flat ES, resists, and another nice slot for strength. May be worth looking into fossil crafting or synthesis crafting something here. Also there are some cool master crafts you can do here (increased damage, increased flask effect, ES regen) if you have the room.

Bated Breath is a great starter belt as well


If you're going Low Life then this is the only option

If you're going CI then The Beast Fur Shawl or Fenumus' Shroud (if you have aspect of the spider) are nice options. More likely than not you'll want to get a High ES Vaal Regalia with whatever other stats you can salvage.


Dying Sun is a nice quality of life improvement but not needed at all, especially if you prefer to clear maps using Bane. Sulphur flask is a great defensive flask placing consecrated ground at your feet giving you 6% ES regen per second. Perfect for when you need to stack up Bane and can stand and deliver damage. Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline is how we go zoom. Other flasks are up to you but I like Basalt for physical damage reduction and Silver for damage and movement.

Certainly worth looking at. Just make sure you have the flask mods "of Staunching" and "of Heat" at all times, and "of Warding" when running curse maps.

Gems and Links:
Plenty of possibilities here so I will try to break them all down.

6 Link Staff (assuming you have crafted up a Nice Boi™):
Blight - Soulrend - Efficacy - Swift Affliction/Void Manipulation/Greater Multiple Projectiles - Empower - Controlled Destruction/Energy Leech

If you are using another staff replace Empower for Cast While Channeling. When clearing maps I like running GMP instead of a damage gem (especially if you are not using a Dying Sun Flask. Swap to Void Manipulation/Swift Affliction for bosses like Guardians and Shaper/Elder. Map bosses are still easy with GMP. Controlled Destruction/Energy Leech depends on what you prefer. Controlled Destruction is more consistent and higher damage overall, Energy Leech gives you a more defensive option without sacrificing much damage. Energy Leech feels better in Syndicate fights.

Six Link Chest: Bane
This really depends on your coloration and curse preference but here are a few ideas:

Bane - Efficacy - Despair - Controlled Destruction - Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation
Max DPS but losing some quality of life because your'e only using one curse. This is not an issue if you are using a Witch Fire Brew flask, just replace Despair in the links with another curse of choice.

Bane - Efficacy - Despair - Temporal Chains - Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation
Longer Bane duration and double curse

Bane - Efficacy - Despair - Enfeeble - Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation
A more defensive option if you value Enfeeble over Temporal Chains (same DPS as previous links)

Six Link Chest: Essence Drain
This would require you putting Bane in your helm which could be a significant DPS loss for Bane depending on what you're wearing on your dome piece.

Essence Drain - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation

I really don't feel like Essence Drain is needed but throwing this out there for those of you that would like another damage source.

Other Gems & Links
These can be placed wherever you find room, it will depend on your setup so just improvise.

Blood Magic - Malevolence | Flame Dash - Arcane Surge (LVL 5) For Low Life

Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark (LVL 8-10) - Discipline - Enlighten Replace WLM with another curse if you're using a WLM on Hit ring, or add Zealotry instead of a curse.

Cast when Damage Taken (LVL 2) - Immortal Call (LVL 4) - Increased Duration - Vaal Righteous Fire Increased Duration is not required if you don't feel like getting 3 off colors on an item.

You could add Faster Casting to Flame Dash and Arcane Surge if you are not using Vaal RF.

Kill all for 2 Passive Skill Points

Ascendancy Order:
Profane Bloom -> Wicked Ward -> Vile Bastion -> Malediction

Leveling Tips & Trees:
**I will make a more thorough walk through of the leveling process**

Start as a life based character and switch to CI when you feel as if you have enough Energy Shield (probably after Merciless Lab). Once you get a Shav's you can then go Low Life.

You can level with whatever starting gems you prefer, Storm Brand for clearing and Blade Vortex single target are very nice until we start getting access to our major Chaos spells in act 3. You could also start using Essence Drain, Contagion, and Blight if you wanted to. Either way pick up a Blight and Void Manipulation for later.

26 Points:
Picking up some life nodes and a bit of spell damage a long the way rushing towards Dual Curse. Once you have access to dual curse I would recommend using Bane + Despair + Warlord's Mark + Controlled Destruction/Void Manipulation/Efficacy

44 Points:
Moving towards the Shadow area grabbing some more life/es nodes and Chaos/DoT damage nodes. If can snag a
throw your bane in here for a big DPS boost. Start running Malevolence and Blasphemy WLM. Pick up Soulrend, Cast While Channeling, and GMP as you go. You can continue using Bane to clear or handcast Soulrend with GMP, Void Manipulation and Controlled Destruction/Efficacy. You could also setup a Blight, CWC, Soulrend, Void Manipulation if you'd like, however without a Tabula/5 Link this doesn't feel very good for clearing without GMP. It is great for single target though.

Remember to pick up a Spreading Rot jewel in Act 5 and start using it.

59 Points:
Grabbing some more Life/ES and Chaos/DoT nodes. Hex master is a really cool node and buffs Bane AoE and Duration substantially, allowing you to cast it much less frequently during boss fights so you can focus on casting Blight/Soulrend.

75 Points:
Finishing out the majority of the Shadow area, getting a jewel socket, more Chaos/DoT damage. Staff of Unraveling and Allelopathy uniques become available.

86 Points:
Swapping over to CI/LL, changing Witch starting point, grabbing ES nodes, flask nodes, Zealot's Oath (or you can get Ghost Reaver). Start moving into your end-game setup here as best you can.

100 Points:
Low Life Tree from here out. Removing Hex Master (you could keep this if you want but if I am not going that direction for CI anyway I don't think it's worth it.) Grabbing Ghost Reaver (or Zealot's Oath if you went Ghost Reaver first). ES leech nodes, Scion ES node area, Jewel Socket for Energy From Within.

Next step is just filling out whatever nodes are left that you wan't to prioritize.

Thanks for reading everyone! If you have any questions and/or feedback feel free to let me know here or in my stream (linked at the top). As stated before this is a work in progress so I will happily take any suggestions!
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Solid Build!
Cool build!
Nice, I was wondering when will a 6L CwC-Blight-Soulrend + Bane build will popup. Even I considered starting a build guide, because they are extremely powerful, cheap, easy to start a league with and can scale well to endgame with investment. Highly recommend to new players as well.

Can be used as a Wand|Dagger + Wand|Dagger|Shield build if you don't want to invest into a 6L staff, also works well on 5links.

One recommendation: Bated Breath as cheap unique for belt.
sirdond wrote:
Nice, I was wondering when will a 6L CwC-Blight-Soulrend + Bane build will popup. Even I considered starting a build guide, because they are extremely powerful, cheap, easy to start a league with and can scale well to endgame with investment. Highly recommend to new players as well.

Can be used as a Wand|Dagger + Wand|Dagger|Shield build if you don't want to invest into a 6L staff, also works well on 5links.

One recommendation: Bated Breath as cheap unique for belt.

Yea man, playing it with some investment feels really nice for sure. Also thank you for the tip! Added Bated Breath into the gear section =)
I see your low life build plans but I can't find your CI build tree am I missing something?
xtertristl wrote:
I see your low life build plans but I can't find your CI build tree am I missing something?

I'll add to the gem/links section to discuss aura's without Blood Magic but essentially all you need to do is remove Pain Attunement and Arcane Vision from the tree and use those two points to get CI.
Quick question: The POB build has you take a lot of the %energy shield nodes around Foresight that gives 6% each. Meanwhile you're pretty close to Soul Thief when you're going through Resourcefulness to get your gem socket for the Spreading Rot jewel. The way I see it you could take 3 points out of the %energy shield points for a total of -18% energy shield, and put them in towards Soul Thief which in 3 points would yield
+10 intelligence
17% increased energy shield
28% increased evasion rating
0.3% spell damage leeched as energy shield
So you lose 1% energy shield, but the intelligence makes up for that by converting to 2% energy shield so you come out on top, while gaining some extra stats (not the best stats, but everything counts)
Is there a reason for not doing this?

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