The Glimmerwood Mystery Box has been received very well by our community. As an appreciation for your continued support, we're making the soundtrack of this Mystery Box available as a free download. Enjoy!

To download the Glimmerwood Mystery Box soundtrack, click (or Right-click, “Save link as”) on the file type you prefer: .flac or .mp3.

By the way, last week our composer Kamil has released many pieces of the updated Path of Exile soundtrack to his Soundcloud. Be sure to check them out here!

Thank you so much for your support!
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Grinding Gear Games
Thank you, always loved the music for this game.
Awesome! Thanks.

The only thing that I liked in this league - music..
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Kamil Should upload the Glimmerwood track to Soundcloud too! I frequently listen to soundcloud and I follow him on there. I noticed he uploaded the fairgraves box track, so is it safe to assume this track will end up getting uploaded on his page? (beacuse its really good)
sweet track <3
Nice track now
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!
Loving this track - will we be seeing it in-game?

New Music is absolutely fantastic :)

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