[3.6] (V0.5) HOLYSHIT - Wave of conviction/Divine Ire CwC Witch/Raider 15+mil dps and 8,5k+ life

Disclaimer! Build is not 1.0 yet. There are some aspects of the build that is still copied from a old template.
But the important stuff is there, Leveling section is fully functional.

Build is based on the popular scion/meek/instinct combo and heavy focus on lightning damage and boosting it's ailmenting effect.
Much inspiration has come from this build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2331627
Shoutout to TheVengefulOne

This build is starter friendly and extremely scaleable. This means that the cost for the build ranges from zero to 100+ exalted depending on how exotic rares you craft/buy :)
I started this build and have ran it selffound excluding a 5L blue chest. and it's really smooth i must say.
Only issue has been sluggish castrate and interruptions at lower levels (25-50 i would say)

EDIT: Changed the build to implement "cannot be stunned" to aid with the CwC not being interrupted.
This means i ditched kaoms heart, and opted for kaoms roots and lightless chest instead (2 extra abyss = more life from negator, and nice passive extra life scaling with amount of abyss jewels)

+Good life at 8,5K+
+Crazy high dps, 18-22m+ clear, and 16m+ shaper (shaper is 9+ constant and 7mil on release from ire)
+Decent clear (You can make it totally insane with IAOE gem instead of conc.effect)
+Possible vaal pact
+Not alot of uniques to aim for, making it easy to scale this build from start.
+Hale negator added for extra safety (should mean we won't have a reason taking vaal pact)
+NOT being a templar and running around in underwear ^^

-Channeling locks us in place, that's why we want high castspeed = less time spent standing still
-Dependant on godly crafted rares
-Lifebased build
-Might be hard to balance out resistances while maintaining best dps mods on rares (lightning must be highest)
-Having to put up with scions crappy voiceacting...

2019-03-19 Currently at lvl 67 and breazing thru content. Current dps 200K with crappy selffound items mostly. Milestones where:
1. Wave of conviction
2. CwC with divine ire (feels clunky until casting is fast enough)
3. Raider ascendancy nodes from scion tree. Now i move and fire like a boss!
4. Getting Kaom's roots. Now i don't get interrupted from mobs with high stunchance (like charging shieldbashers etc.)

Version history

V0.1 2019-03-14 - Guide is started, need some heavy editing to be nearly done :) PoB link for leveling and final build to come.

Video section


Type a youtube adress here :P xx map with xx mods - Clearspeed video

Gear at Lvl

Currently @ lvl 67 (open tab)

Current dps 200K with almost only selffound gear.(crap gear)

What is this build about?
This is a build that focuses on midrange spellcasting with singletarget action and aoe gained automaticly thru CwC.
Shocking being the main focus here.

How we calculate dps
Use PoB, simple as that. Ingame tooltip has never worked in this game since there is to much variations to take into account.


Gear choices while leveling to be inserted here

PoB link for tree and gear
https://pastebin.com/sqBy4ffD - Use the scrolldown menu in the tree section to view the different stages of the leveling process.

End of act 4 tree

End of act 5 tree

End of act 6 tree

End of act 7 tree

End of act 8 tree

End of act 9 tree

Endgame tree

Bandits and Pantheon
Bandits = Help Alira, we really need the resists and multiplier.
Pantheon = Arakaali is priority to boost the leech, and other choice is Garukhan or Tukohama, doesn't really matter.

Current gear


This is the gear i currently use



Use this searchstring to find suitable jewels

How to play effectively and not die

Gameplay 101 for all the non pro's out there.

Black circle - You
Red circles - Mobs
Green arrows - Whirlwind direction
Beige/orange triangles - Cone of fire from your attacks
Blue arrows - Mobs projectile direction

IMPORTANT! Only attack with ONE click on tectonic (multistrike will make it a serie of 3 attacks) then move with whirlwind.
This way you are always safe, and you move the fastest you can thru an map.

Whirlwind - attack(one time), whirlwind towards next cluster - attack(always one time, remember?)
Rinse and repeat until map is done.

How to approach small clusters of mobs

How to approach large clusters of mobs

How a series of cluster are approached



Divine - instant flask with anti bleed
Atziri's Promise
Vessel of Vinktar
Diamond flask - Duration and extra armor!
The Wise Oak

Gemchoices and levels


Weapon 1 - Wave of conviction 21/20-Divine ire 21/20-Physical to lightning 21/20-Controlled destruction 21/20-Concentrated effect 21/20-Empower 4-Increased critical strikes 21/20
(Before you get CwC in weapon the gem should take priority over inc.crit.strikes gem)

Helmet - Flame dash 14-Arcane surge 4

Gloves - Cast when damage taken 9-Immortal call 5-Frost bomb 1/20-Enfeeble 12/20

Boots - Wrath 21/20 -Blood Rage 1-Empower 4-Vaal righteous fire 20
(Herald of thunder takes priority over empower while leveling, and before "Aspect of the spider" is aquired on gear)


Use Wrath for the nice bonus it gives when you can afford an correct Watchers's eye jewel (choose Wrath mods, and -manacost with clarity if possible as a QoL)
We also include Herald of thunder until late endgame when we might have aspect of the spider on gear. (Then herald gets thrown out)


Enfeeble on CwDT. That's it really.

Early gameplay

From the start run staff or wands, whatever you find that has higher spell dps. And use any preferred spell really. Wave of conviction comes in act2.
Also try to get IRS boots and runspeed flasks if you can to speed things up.

Make sure you finish the quest "Mercy mission" asap, as this opens up the choice of gems.

Late gameplay

Insert new text, yada yada bla bla!

Now is the time to start getting as much crit chance in tree and gear as possible. The higher the chance, the better flow of dps we get. Inconsistency is a killer!(For you that is)
Multipliers are the end of endgame, get your resistances to max and Life up to 6K+
When you hit effective critchance 60+ you can just fly thru the content.
A few important items that are top priority!
1. Get that Hale negator and some abyss jewels in (Even a 1 socket and 4-5 jewels in tree/other gear will suffice)
2. Get your pots sorted out!
3. 6L chest!
4. Get a ilvl 75+ Eclipse staff to craft the lvl 20 CwC from. You can improve it later with more currency

Crafting your CwC staff

1. Get an ilevel 75+ shaped Eclipse Staff
- You should always attempt to 6 link it before proceeding to step 2)
- Use a perfect fossil or hillock's weapon quality bench
to get the quality to 28-30% and bench a 18% quality suffix (4 chaos)
to bring the total weapon quality up to (46-48%)
- This will make socketing and 6 linking a much cheaper process

2. Use alterations/ regals until you hit the Cast While Channeling (prefix) and the double damage(suffix)
3. Use beast craft to imprint the magic item with 2 mods . The beast you will need is the craicic chimera
4. Regal the magic item
5. Annul whatever mod that is added via the regal
6. If you succeed in annuling the mod you can proceed to step 7 else you will have to restore the item using the imprint and try again (back to step 3)
7. Simply multi mod the 2 mod rare item
- [Suffix] Can have multiple crafted modifiers [2 ex]
- [Prefix](64-75%) increased spell damage + Gain 12% of Non-Chaos damage as extra chaos damage [4 chaos]
- [Prefix] + 2 level of Socketed Support gems [1 ex]
- [Suffix] (29-36% chance to deal double damage while focused)[1 divine]

Most people will go for the PCoC support prefix for the crafting of their shaped staffs but it is gonna be much more costly to do so.
Having to just obtain a prefix + suffix combo while doing the alt/regal part makes it much cheaper to craft as opposed to needing x2 prefix

It should be noted that a staff with PCoC will still clearly stronger (your dps will increase by roughly 15%)

If you are crafting with aetheric fossils and got the socketed spells deal 20% more dmg or land a + 2 lightning gem prefix ...those will work too in place of the + 2 support gem mod but it should be noted that the aetheric prefix will give you slightly less dmg

How do i go about crafting?
IGN - AlfettaGT

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