Intensify Support

Is it just me or this doesn't change dps on tooltip

there is a huge problem with new notables from cluster jewels

u are able to reach more than 100% less area

there should be a %cap for the reduction of area
like 80-90%
I love the new changes (Buffs) to Intensify; except of one thing:
Please confirm if an undocumented(!!!) "last-minute stealth Nerf" occured now (with Heist, 3.12) to Intensify Support & Pinpoint Support regarding Ailments / DoT.

Because the ingame tooltip now suddenly reads: "Supported Skills deal 22% more Area Damage WITH HITS per Intensity". (And Pinpoint Support is suddenly worded the same way for projectile Hits.)

Whereas the "full Heist patch notes" AND your own exact wording when you've shown the new gems with 20/20 on Thursday before Heist Launch say something else:
Gem preview: "Supported Skills deal 22% more Area Damage per Intensity"
-- Heist Patch notes: "Supported skills now deal 14% more Area Damage per Intensity at gem level 1"
(Pinpoint: "Supported Skills deal 30% more Projectile Damage per Intensity")

But ingame: "with Hits"! You've never talked about this change anywhere?

=> Conclusion: Area damage used to increase Ignite damage (as long as it proliferates). And Intensify Support used to have generic "more Area damage" wording before Heist.
=> My question is: Does Intensify suddenly not increase (prolif) Ignite damage anymore? (Or was that maybe never the case and is just a clarification now? Because maybe Intensity can't do dynamic calculations? But I've read somewhere that it was able to.)

I am a "theorycrafter" kind of player and this just ruined a big part of my build mid-league...

Does this work with VD? it says they're stacks but there's no dps increase in the tooltip.

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