Dragonfly Wings

Fix Jun.
don't move my threads.
All those's new MTX and still no Elder MTX...
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More like Fly Wings instead of DRAGONfly Wings...Dragonflies have four wings xD
Too stiff, I'll skip these overpriced wings :)
Can we get Butterfly Wings next? Like the ones Muse Elf in MU Online have.
tigerhawk84 wrote:
Why only two wings if these are dragonfly wings? Have you seen a dragonfly with only two wings before?

This way they can make two sets out of every dragonfly slaughtered in the name of 'beauty'!
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Those definitely do not look like dragonfly wings.
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wings need more animation.. last few wings you've put out have been really stiff.
missing a few wings for them to be a dragonfly

this must be like the "trident" you later renamed to something else

anyway they look sweet but uhm.. again.. wings

if I can fly in 4.0 maybe I'll consider wings

Revulsive wrote:
wings need more animation.. last few wings you've put out have been really stiff.

yep because what they need is actual physics like cloaks otherwise they look static and silly (in short, move/run flap out and stay out.. stop/slow down and they flap in and rest.. something like that)
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I love korean mmos. Oh wait.

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