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KappaKnight wrote:
Orlog wrote:
Hallo there!
I am intrested to make this build as a next build, and have one question: how to calculate dps of storm burst properly? PoB show me only around 400k dps, but You claim it has up to 2 mln.

I can't myself properly calculate the Storm Burst DPS in PoB, and I am not sure if it's possible.

In PoB the most I can get is around 800-900k (check it out in PoB, I provided pastebin in tree section). I said that it does around 2mil, because Wave of Conviction with the same gear and Spell Echo support instead Infused Channeling does 1,9 million dps in PoB. When I play Storm Burst I see that I do same if not more dmg than before mentioned Wave. That's why I see it as around 2mil.

Perhaps PoB works fine and Storm has indeed only 800-1mil DPS but it feels like way more because you are facetanking most bosses, so you constantly have the spell used on an enemy. Wave, on the other hand, is more a hit and run strategy for me.

Important thing!
Don't care now as much about Storm Burst DPS, because I don't recommend using it while leveling and on early maps. I think a good time to spec into Storm Burst is around lvl 90+, so if you are just planning to use the build, don't care about it and go Wave which has 2mil in PoB. Make sure to get yourself some mana flasks for t12+ bosses, though.

Ty for anwering, and one nore question:
Orbs of storms really enough to clear maps? It has no dmg supports
IGN: Javana
Yes. I explain why in the first post. Check out the videos.
Hi everyone! Another update!

As you might have already realized, I constantly work to find the best tree and playstyle for the endgame of Orb of Storms build.

I thought that the Storm Burst is better than Wave for endgame bosses. It is better, but only for the physical damage bosses. All other content that has 1shot mechanics or anything you need to dodge proves that channeling spells aren't that good unless absolutely broken.

What's more, the Storm Burst damage happened to be too low for the additional 8% phys reduction you get from channel skill to compensate for that.

Another thing -- I dropped everything regarding Energy Shield Leech. The reason is the max. you can get without significant investment is ~33% of your max. ES leeched per second. For that you need to spend 10 points in the tree! It's completely not worth and it's way better to spend these points for the dmg/es recharge.

That's why my statement now is that, in general, it's the best to always use Wave of Conviction. I optimised the tree; dropped the ES leech and added a ton of damage instead.

Now in PoB there is 4,1 million regular DPS with Wave of Conviction and 10,7k ES. It's 94lvl with still not that expensive gear, you can check out my profile and character Czestochowa. The dps vs Uber Elder is 1,8million, which is still good.

Thoughts after these changes? I have much much more dmg vs bosses and my defenses didn't drop at all -- I just need to dodge instead of facetanking. It all feels way better now.

First of all nice guide!

Any recomendation for Pantheons?

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