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Most recent:
Boss -- T15 Red Elder deathless using Wave of Conviction
Clear Speed -- T15 Lava Lake (notice: I have 0% mov speed on boots ;<)

Hi everyone! Another update, read it below! The guide itself is contained in the spoilers.

As you might have already realized, I constantly work to find the best tree and playstyle for the endgame of Orb of Storms build.

I thought that the Storm Burst is better than Wave for endgame bosses. It is better, but only for the physical damage bosses. All other content that has 1shot mechanics or anything you need to dodge proves that channeling spells aren't that good unless absolutely broken.

What's more, the Storm Burst damage happened to be too low for the additional 8% phys reduction you get from channel skill to compensate for that.

Another thing -- I dropped everything regarding Energy Shield Leech. The reason is the max. you can get without significant investment is ~33% of your max. ES leeched per second. For that you need to spend 10 points in the tree! It's completely not worth and it's way better to spend these points for the dmg/es recharge.

That's why my statement now is that, in general, it's the best to always use Wave of Conviction. I optimised the tree; dropped the ES leech and added a ton of damage instead.

Now in PoB there is 4,1 million regular DPS with Wave of Conviction and 10,7k ES. It's 94lvl with still not that expensive gear, you can check out my profile and character Czestochowa. The dps vs Uber Elder is 1,8million, which is still good.

Thoughts after these changes? I have much much more dmg vs bosses and my defenses didn't drop at all -- I just need to dodge instead of facetanking. It all feels way better now.


Use 5-link (then 6l) Orb of Storms linked to curses to clear maps. You will clear all map content, including guardian maps just using this spell.

For single target you get a helmet with concentrated support elder mod and use a 5-link like that. You can do the following spells: Divine Ire, Wave of Conviction, Storm Burst. In general, it's the best to go Wave of Conviction as the main skill.


-You can start league with it
-Can do all content
-Can be HC viable with more tanky version
-Quick and very convenient map clearing, it feels like totem arc but the totem is huge and cannot die.
-You can use 3 different single target skills with a few gems swaps
-You don't need to play meta build to have faster and as safe map clearing
-It's fairly tanky. 10k es + 3,1k esleech/s + bunch of phys reduction when channeling.
-The single target dps range is up to 4mil (wave).
-None of course.


Orb of Storms gets damage from hiting cursed enemies and from the tree.
Single target spell has amplified dmg because of the curses applied by Orb of Storms.


MID TIER CONTENT: 88lvl about 70c gear in total

T9 40% more monster health, showing items and skills linked

Uber Lab
I did uber lab myself first try being around 77lvl. Used Wave of Conviction only, but I feel Divine Ire is now generally better for bosses, but it's only at highest levels. I feel like Wave is superior to Ire until about 85lvl.

quick T9 Temple

Storm Burst

T15 Waste Pool

Clear Speed -- T14 in 2:30

Synthesis Boss (electric one) 82 monster lvl (~t15, deathless, completed the challange).
Boss fight starts at around min 5.

Storm Burst Atzoal boss 82lvl

Minotaur facetank

Wave of Conviction

T14 Primordial Blocks Corrupted 8 MODS (outdated video with my gear being worth about 60-70c)

T15 Lava Lake Corrupted 8mods with Wave of Conviction

Altered Synthete (thoughest one) with crazy damage mods = deathless + challange. Logout macro mandatory! ;)

Synthesis Boss

EZ Chimera without using a portal


Orb of Storms
Curse on Hit
Assasin's Mark
Chain Support
(curse of your choice, I recommend Ele Weakness)

Helm with Burning Damage Support and Concentrated Effect elder mods on it.
Physical to Lightning
Increased Critical Strikes/IncCritDmg(when you have enough crit)
Spell Echo
Wave of Conviction

Divine Ire versionof helmet gems
Arcane Surge or IncCritStrikes

Storm Burst version of helmet gems
Arcane Surge

4link: Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Arcane Surge(lvl 7-8) + Inc Duration.

3link: Phase Rush + Inc Duration + Vaal Righteous Fire

3link: Lightning Golem + Minion Life (+ Portal)

4link: Vaal Discipline + Zealotry + Enlighten + Inc. Duration

Path of Building Link / Tree

88 lvl, about 70c investment tree

93 lvl geared set up, a couple of exalts worth of gear

Single target skill Divine Ire or Storm Burst 93lvl tree:

I advise sticking to Wave of Conviction at all times.

https://pastebin.com/CmCKHckJ (over 4 million dps, almost 2 million Shaper DPS)

The above is 4 million DPS in PoB, which is perfectly fine while having 10k es.

This is an important video explaining how to deal with bosses while using Wave of Conviction.

HC Tips
This build isn't a glasscannon, but 10k es with not that much dmg mitigation isn't very tanky. You need to be great at the game and know it very well to play HC with this build. Logout macro is mandatory.


Stormfire, but not really. I use it to make Burning support on helmet more useful and it feels good to use. You don't need to do that, but if you drop Stormfire you don't need to get Burning Support elder mod on helmet.

Carcass Jack is a superior option for speed map clearing. Gives a ton of aoe for Orb of Storms, making it much faster, because it can reach more targets per your cast. Let's not forget the dmg. For bosses a rare Vaal Regalia with 600+es is the better option.

Vixen's Entrapement free additional curse with decent ES and es leech? Great option and it's cheap. It saves you 3 points on the tree cause you don't have to get additional curse there.


Sorry, but I won't give you the full leveling guide. You know the tree and the gem links. If you are completely new to the game try a lightning occultist build that covers it in details and then swap to mine once you get to the maps.

Here are some tips.

In rare items, look for the following stats. The stats are from the most important to the least important.

Shield: as much ES as possible + cast speed.

Wand: Spell damage, Lightning added to spells, inc. crit chance to spells, crit multiplier, cast speed (all are almost equally important)

Helmet: Besides the elder concentrated effect mod, the ES and resistances.

Boots: Ton of ES, resistances, movement speed.

Belt: Crystal Belt with ton of ES and resistances.

Ring: Focus here on meeting stats requirements, then Maximum ES, max. Mana, resistances, Faster start of ES recharge craft.

Amulet: Meet stats requirements, Global crit strike multiplier, Energy shield, Mana regen/Max. mana, increased Maximum Energy Shield


You can start using this build as soon as you get the required gems. It won't be as good as the best spells for leveling, but if you like starting your build as soon as possible, go for it, you will have no trouble. You don't need the elder helmet until red maps.

You can do all yellow maps with 4-link orb of storms, but it would be much much better if you got Carcass Jack and 5-link as soon as possible. Carcass Jack was 20c at league start and the 5-link prophecy was another 20c. 40c might be substantial for a league starer build, but I really had no trouble getting it soon after maps. Just trade that currency. If you can't afford 5-link Carcass, just buy any es 5-link for a couple of C.


See the tree I've provided.
Avoid all crit nodes and es-only nodes until later.

As you start the Witch tree, get the spell dmg (instead of ES), get hybrid life/mana and go to the right.

Proceed to the right side of the tree to get the hubrid es/life clusters and everything that isn't crit/critmulti/CI/ES Leech. Then proceed to middle and finally to the left. At a point you feel you want to start using crit (around acts 5-7?), get the crit nodes. Swap some support gem in your 4-links with a Increased Critical Strikes.

When you feel like you want to swap to Chaos Inculation, refund the spell dmg from the start of Witch tree and get the energy shield path. Refund the life/mana nodes at the beginning. Get as many ES nodes as you can. I swapped after second Labirynth, but I play Softcore. HC players would probably like to wait more.


I did first two labs and got both into ES ascendancies and after that swapped into CI.
However, because of that I struggled a bit with damage until about 3rd labirynth.

You can do the other way around if you don't mind playing hybrid (life/es) build until you do uber Labyrinth.


The single target spell should be with links I've provided right from the start. The only thing is before you get the crit nodes on the tree use something like Added Lightning Damage instead of Increased Critical Strikes.

When it comes to Orb of Storms, you can use it even with 4-link, but you will apply only one curse. It will be: Orb of Storms-CurseonHit-Assasin'sMark/Conductivity-Chain Support. Still, it probably won't work for clear until you have ascendancy that makes explosions. You will be using the Wave to clear most of the time.
But check out other options. Before you get a 5-link, Orb of Storms without curses might work better for you. It would be: OoS - Chain - Added lightning Damage - IncCritStrikes/whatever.

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If you're going CI - why take the 3 hp/mana nodes above Witch start instead of the crit and get another 2 points?
Instead you can take the 2 point jewel to the right of Witch start.
initially I took the mana/life nodes, because I wanted to have more mana and connect the Lightning walker and Arcanist's Dominion as I was leveling (so life was also useful), because I didn't go crit as it's not that good for leveling. Then I comepletely forgot about it until you noticed it :D

These nodes give as much mana as, for instance, the Deep Thoughts a bit higher in the tree and and they grant some regen and int on top, so you are entirely right. I will update the tree. I am struggling with mana so I don't think I can give up this stat as of now, so instead I will connect it with the crit and then go for Deep Thoughts with the remaining 2 points.

Later when I get more currency, I will work towards fixing my mana problems ( can't cast Wave of Conviction for too long). Probably some Enlighten and some stats on items to help it, we'll see.

Tree is far from perfect yet so thanks for your comment!
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This build looks pretty fun. Do you have any suggestions on leveling? Did you level with this combination, or did you level with something else and switch at some point?

I ended up mostly using wave of conviction to level. The orb of storms doesn't really work until you get the third ascendancy point allowing the chain reaction of exploding.

I'm level 86 now and really liking this build. It can clear pretty quickly and also can kill the boss fairly quickly as well (although mana does run out quickly). The three energy shield leech nodes at the left helps a bunch. I ended up not taking the far right leech nodes nor the power nodes and instead I took the minion wheel to the left (up to spiritual aid) and also a couple jewel slots.
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I leveled with this. I rushed ES ascendancies to get CI, but it wasn't that bad in terms of dmg, just enough to get through the content conveniently. If you get the curse ascendancies first you are good with dmg but it slows your CI a lot -- until you get to uber lab. Overall if I would have to reroll it I would go the same as I did, so first ES ascendancies and then curses, using these skills right as I get them.

When it comes to the tree, as you start get the left side for spell dmg/cast nodes. As you progress, get the es/life nodes to the right for tankiness. Avoid taking crit at the first levels, so skip all of these nodes until maps/act9/10.

In short, you focus on getting mid and right side of the tree I sent minus the crit nodes, and then you complete the right side slowly as you progress thorugh last acts.
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Hey just bumping the post to let you know I've made big updates to the build and added new videos. I will proceed to expand the build cause I will play it probably through all of the league.
KappaKnight wrote:
Hey just bumping the post to let you know I've made big updates to the build and added new videos. I will proceed to expand the build cause I will play it probably through all of the league.

Very nice build! ty!
But why storm bust instead of divine ire? more dam or ..

But why storm bust instead of divine ire? more dam or ..

Good question! I forgot to explain why I prefer Storm Burst.

You can use Divine Ire if you want
! It's the best to level both skills and check yourself which works best for you. Storm Burst and Divine Ire scale almost exactly the same, on paper, you should have inc. duration for Storm Burst, but I don't use it and my dmg feels fine. Even the support gems are almost the same.

The reasons I use Storm Burst:

1. I prefer Storm Burst over Divine Ire, because it does more consistent DPS.
For instance, when I charge Ire to fullest and don't crit, I lose a ton of damage (my crit multi is around 480%) and time in a boss fight.

2. When I fast tap with Ire for more reliable dmg, I feel like I would simply do more dmg with Storm Burst.

3. Storm Burst is better for facetanking, because it does a lot of dmg from the start and as you are channeling, so I can have full es leech on a single target. With Divine Ire, I won't be leeching to the fullest when hitting one target until I release the skill.

4. To do big dmg with Divine Ire I have to stop channeling, so I lose 4% phys reduction from tree and another 4% phys reduction from infused channeling. This isn't that important, however, because that's only a brief window.
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Hallo there!
I am intrested to make this build as a next build, and have one question: how to calculate dps of storm burst properly? PoB show me only around 400k dps, but You claim it has up to 2 mln.
IGN: Javana
Orlog wrote:
Hallo there!
I am intrested to make this build as a next build, and have one question: how to calculate dps of storm burst properly? PoB show me only around 400k dps, but You claim it has up to 2 mln.

I can't myself properly calculate the Storm Burst DPS in PoB, and I am not sure if it's possible.

In PoB the most I can get is around 800-900k (check it out in PoB, I provided pastebin in tree section). I said that it does around 2mil, because Wave of Conviction with the same gear and Spell Echo support instead Infused Channeling does 1,9 million dps in PoB. When I play Storm Burst I see that I do same if not more dmg than before mentioned Wave. That's why I see it as around 2mil.

Perhaps PoB works fine and Storm has indeed only 800-1mil DPS but it feels like way more because you are facetanking most bosses, so you constantly have the spell used on an enemy. Wave, on the other hand, is more a hit and run strategy for me.

Important thing!
Don't care now as much about Storm Burst DPS, because I don't recommend using it while leveling and on early maps. I think a good time to spec into Storm Burst is around lvl 90+, so if you are just planning to use the build, don't care about it and go Wave which has 2mil in PoB. Make sure to get yourself some mana flasks for t12+ bosses, though.

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