3.6.0b Patch Notes

While trying to port back into memory void i crashed 2 times. From trying to port back from other location i got the infinite loading state that prevent me from leaving the area, loging out saves portal on both cases but doesn't solve crashing or loading and wont allow me to enter. Doing longer memory chains is pointless at the moment unless this gets fixed.....
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Logged on this morning 330am local time. Dinky little download awaited. I installed and crashed during the first map on the first encounter with monsters. My system just lags and then disconnects.

I tried all three sites in the United States. Zip nada, nothing.

Till next time guys. Back to Warframe.
The memories collapse way too fast. If you need to do something about that.
I thought for sure one of the patch notes for this hotfix was going to be "When you spawn into a memory, you no longer will take 1 step and the memory instantly collapses".

I also was expecting a "Rewards from Synthesis have been increased so that the value of 2 scrolls of wisdom isnt substantially higher than any synthesis drop you will get"
Portals in memory nexus still have a change to teleport you randomly

For example had a full stash tab somewhere in east part of the nexus , ported to nexus sold ported back....and arrived at some random unconnected node in the western part of the nexus
Still no fix for https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2454098
I dont know what I should think about this league, its by far one of the most awkward leagues I ever played:

I actually like the league mechanic, but there are some bugs or maybe they are wanted mechanics, which are fucking everything up:

- the loot within fixed memory areas is simply worse than any normal map

- the memories are collapsing way too fast, or at rates where I dont even a chance to move out of the stabilizer, I dont even have enought time to kill monsters

- the stabilizer position is fucked up, sometimes it feels like "hide and seek"

- I cant summon portals within certain memories

- the position of the "promised loot" ist just completely fucked up, I have no fucking clue where I should walk, and the monsters are body blocking, combined with the collapsing memory, its just huge frustrating to miss the loot
( not everyone is playing a wander or tornadoshot)

- the amount of memories you can collect is too low, I want first to collect better ones and maybe then delete the ones , I dont need
other things which are worse than this are:

- the syndicate intervention encounters are ripping my game apart within this league, last league it was still laggy but it was playable, now I have to hope I dont encounter them, because its certain death, with huge lagspikes or sometimes lags ( breach, harbinger, abyss, are all working fine, why not betrayal)

after the patch, the game gotten fucked up:

- leveling was a pure hell, from crashes everytime I came back to town or changed areas, to endless loading screens

Fixed a bug where portals to the Memory Nexus from Distant Memories would close after you entered the Memory Nexus, preventing return to the Distant Memory and sometimes placing you at the wrong portal location.

Nope, not fixed. "This area has decayed".
Also looks like "NULL" text was fixed, but portal still sometimes doesn't react to clicks like it's NULL.
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d1rtiq wrote:
fps still drop under 30 fps with GTX 1060 6G.Everythink is on low

i have the same video card and it runs over 60fps all the time, almost everithing on max. what is the rest of your system?
Still no fix for the crashes...
I'm unable to play like this, can't even get to Hillock before it crashes.

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