[Unofficial Chrome Extension] ForumTrading: enhancing the trade forums

Download Link: https://github.com/EthHub/ForumTrading/blob/master/ForumTrading.crx?raw=true
Last version: 1.3 (31st March 2013)
Full source code is availaible on GitHub

What is this?

It's a browser extension for Google Chrome that will help you manage your forum sales, by adding extra features to the trade forums.

Feature: Drag'n'Drop items to re-organize a sale thread

The extension makes all items draggable and allows you to drop them into spoiler tags (destination spoiler must be opened with mouse pointer in its "content" area).

[Image Removed By Admin - Image Causing Popup Boxes]

Items dropped into spoiler tags will go at the end of those. Once you're happy with changes, you can use the "Save X changes" link under your avatar/name. It will take you to the edit page, do all the changes you made on the previous page and you can either submit/preview them or do more changes.

Currently you can't re-arrange items within the same spoiler, but that is planned for some future version (Soon(tm))

Feature:Edit Spoilers

Each spoiler will have a new "Edit" button on the right side. Clicking it will take you to the edit page and the content of the spoiler will be shown as if it was post, so you can easily change the content without having to scroll through the entire post's BBCode.

Everything possible in a post (including adding items from the inventory/stash display) should be possible and bug-free, but since it's a new feature it has only received limited testing so far.

Feature: Open all spoilers at once

Each post (on trade forums) that has at least one spoiler will get an "Open all spoilers" link below the poster's avatar/name. Clicking it will, as expected, open all spoilers in that post.

Feature: Cleaning unverified items

When you open one of your threads and have some unverified items, you'll see a new link appear on the right column:

[Image Removed By Admin - Image Causing Popup Boxes]

Clicking on it will bring you to the edit page as usual. If you used the "remove" link, the extension will scan your post content and remove all links to the unverified items found on previous step and give you some feedback that some items were removed.

[Image Removed By Admin - Image Causing Popup Boxes]

Just submit or preview as usual and here you go, a clean sale thread!

I might expand onto additionnal features in the future, but I just wanted a quick tool to help me manage sales more efficiently for now.

How to install it?

- Go to chrome://extensions/ (copy paste into the address bar if clicking doesn't work)
- Activate developper mode in top right area (might not be needed)
- Drag & drop the .CRX file in the window
- That's all for now!

What about Firefox? And the Chrome Web Store?

I never looked into how Firefox extensions work, but maybe in the future. And Google asks for a registration fee to publish apps on their store, which I don't really feel like paying just to give them some free content :P

Who the fuck are you? And why should I trust your code?

Just another player who likes creating tools/mods for the game he plays. The only agenda is to get cleaner trade forums.

As for the code itself, you can download the complete source code to check for yourself, it's around 100-150 lines of simple JavaScript that even people without much coding knowledge should have an easy time understanding ;) (don't forget to replace the jQuery by a guaranteed clean version)

(It's also my first browser extension, so the code is certainly far from perfect)
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How to run the extension from the source code in Chrome

First, download the .rar from the last version from Changelog in next post. Unrar the folder anywhere convenient.

Then, type chrome://extensions in Chrome's search bar. Activate "Developper Mode" in top right area. You'll see a "Load non-packaged extension" button appear, click on it, select the ForumTrading folder you extracted earlier, and that's it!
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Version 1.3
* Fixed a bug with drag&drop not working if item wasn't already inside a spoiler tag
* Added "Edit Spoiler" feature, to only edit the content of a spoiler

Version 1.2.1
* Fixed some coding bugs that made 1.2 unusable

Version 1.2
* Fixed some bugs with nested spoilers
* Added right click menus on items. On your own items it will let you remove them from the post. On other people's verified items, it will show some "make offer" links to have items' names copied for you in the reply.
* Testing GitHub to host the code!

Version 1.1
* Added "Open All Spoilers" feature to trade forums
* Added "Drag'n'Drop" feature to your own posts in trade forums
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It looks really nice, but I'm sure many people are afraid to use it. You know, with all the hacks and stuff happening lately.

Forgot to mention: Yes, I know you included the source and everything, but still. Look at what happened with that Procurement software for example. 20 pages of people saying it's fine and some people are still paranoid about it.
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But that's why the source code is availaible (obviously it might be a hard to read through if you don't have any programming knowledge at all)

But the same rule applies for any kind of application over the Internet, just skip on it if you don't trust the author and don't have the time/knowledge to check the source code.
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Hey looking good, but your download link isn't working for me.
Looks like a server rights issue, not authorized.
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Indeed, some name issue, should be fine now.
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Bump. Can we get some people to look at his code please? This looks amazing.
if it helps, you can open the manifest.json file , which is the main extension file that tells Chrome what to execute where.

At the bottom of mine, you have a content_scripts array that is a list of conditions to inject code into pages you visit. For each entry you have:
- "css" which contains stylesheets (they're used to change colors/formatting/... so no code in there) files that will be injected when the condition is met
- "js" which contains javascript files that will be injected when the condition is met (and potentially be harmful)
- "matches" which tells Chrome on which page the above files will be injected. "*" is a wildcard that can match any string of any length

In current version, you'll see 2 matched URLs (the first * will match "http" and "https")
- "*://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/*" (* will match the thread number and possibly the "/page/X" after that)
- "*://www.pathofexile.com/forum/edit-*/*" (first * will match "thread" and "post" and second one will match the thread/post number)

And (I assume this is the main concern), none of those match the login page which is on https://www.pathofexile.com/login, so the extension won't be executed at all on it (or any page that isn't a "View Thread" or "Edit Post/Thread" for that matter)

I haven't looked all that much into extension developping, so I can't say for sure that extensions can't read into possibly sensible files like cookies (and I really hope Chrome prevents that from happening). But that can be checked in the JS code at least.
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