[3.6] L0RDIE's Ranged cast on crit Chaos (Toxic Rain w/ CoC Essence Drain/Contagion)

15+ tries on fossils crafting, but not get the +1 gem and 20 COC prefix combo, as per Lordie said, it is better to try crafting on your own only at end games.
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L0RDIE wrote:
Re: hardcore, stats get a bit tight. You need to balance defenses with crit chance, attack speed, damage, accuracy. Most "safe" hardcore builds don't need to aim for this many stats, but I don't think it is impossible either.

Re: bow - yeah, the crafting is not a sure thing. I hope I didn't give that impression. The mods have different odds, and even though you only need 2 out of 7 possible prefixes, the odds still aren't easy. It is only "easy" by the standards of end-game crafting.

But you can pick up a cast on crit bow with a crit base for 1-10c, the only thing you are losing is one extra level for your gems. It is a fair bit of damage, but it isn't the end of the world. You can easily get to end-game with a bow like this.

If it was me, I would get a cheap base with crit implicit, lvl 20 CoC, attack speed and crit chance, and craft on chaos multi until you have the currency to craft on +2 supports. The real challenge for me is usually 6-linking anyway!

Even if you can't ever hit the combo of the two prefixes, you can always aim for your endgame bow to be a multimod with +2 supports and chaos multi. It isn't as good, but it isn't bad either. This is easily achievable/not RNG based.

I just did a simulation using POECraftingShenanigans (https://github.com/Gloorf/POECraftingShenanigans).

The odds of hitting both prefixes (+1 gem and lvl 18 or lvl 20 CoC) is 0.0246, around 40.6 trial per succeed.

The average crafting cost per success is 102 Chaos.
(powerful chaotic resonator = 1 alchemy, jagged fossil = 1 alchemy, metallic fossil = 1 chaos, corroded fossil = 1 alchemy)

Raw data as follows:

+1 Gem and lvl 18 CoC

+1 Gem and lvl 20 CoC

Trial per succed and average crafting material cost calculation:

(Python Script)

t1t1 = 1237/100000
t1t2 = 1206/100000

print("+1 Gem and lvl 20 CoC Odds: %s" % t1t1)
print("+1 Gem and lvl 18 CoC Odds: %s" % t1t2)

total_probability = t1t2 + t1t1
average_craft_trail_to_succeed = 1/total_probability
avg_cost_per_cratf_trail = 1 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5
avg_cost_per_succeed = average_craft_trail_to_succeed * avg_cost_per_cratf_trail

print("Average Craft Trail To Succeed on Hit Both prefixes: %s" % average_craft_trail_to_succeed)
print("Average Cost Per Succeed Crafting: %s Chaos" % avg_cost_per_succeed)

(Python Script Running Result)

+1 Gem and lvl 20 CoC Odds: 0.01237
+1 Gem and lvl 18 CoC Odds: 0.01206

Average Craft Trail To Succeed on Hit Both prefixes: 40.93327875562832
Average Cost Per Succeed Crafting: 102.3331968890708 Chaos

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I have a bow that has: lv 18 coc, 26% crit/50% on crit,
pierce 2 more characters and 26% psn dmg. 8,65% Base crit.

Do you think i can make a poison build out of yours?

Would also be a way of getting power charges(10% chance on psn mobs) with Fenumur helm.

Just dont know if this wil add dps or lower it.

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cool build rip no update for 3.7

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