[3.9] Elemental Hit Crit | 7-9k Life | 3-7m DPS | Overleech + CC Immune | All Content

First of all, I did not come up with this build myself but with Jethryn's permission I made a written guide. I think this is the perfect opportunity for scion/elemental hit/bow build lovers to take their shit up a notch. I made some changes for a little more minmaxed version with potential to reach 8-10m dps whilst maintaining 7k life with overleech.

THIS IS NOT A BUDGET BUILD! However, you can easily make this better than the Resolute Technique build without having to spend much more. You can then build from there; the ceiling is very high with this build.

We have been hit with hard with nerfs to elemental hit base damage and crafting. The 3.9 passive tree update makes up for a lot of that and as of right now, everything looks fine. Once pob has been updated with the new gems ill start working on updates.

The bow crafting guide will be updated once I get a good look at all the new mods etc. All in all with the addition of the new Barrage Support our damage shouldnt suffer too much, if at all.

The build is still strong in 3.9, keep an eye out for updates to the Slayer Guide in the coming 1-2 weeks as I will no longer be updating this build. If you have questions you can still ask them here, but I respond quicker in the slayer thread.

No changes.

Unnatural Instinct nerfed indirectly resulting in a big dps loss. Coincidentally makes this more budget viable. PoB has been updated to reflect all changes.

We now have blind as an extra defense!

Passive Tree changed a bit and has been updated.

We lost our overpowered neverending leech and 20% damage while leeching, the damage loss is hardly noticable(new tree compensates for this) and the leech itself is still in a fine state even after this change.

Did some testing, build still feels exactly the same.

I'll be making a Slayer version today (5th of June, 2019), link will be posted both here and in comments. Slayer is extremely busted atm and if you want to play this build next league, I STRONGLY recommend going for slayer.

3.7 Slayer Guide

Uber Elder Video

PoB Pastebin

Pantheon: Arakaali (Major) – Shakari (Minor)

Bandits: Help Alira

Ascendancy: Slayer - Juggernaut



Shaped (Thicket) Bow with the Double Damage hybrid shaper roll, this is insane and is required to make this build shine the way it does.

When buying or rolling a bow we want the suffixes all to be rolled on the item as the best prefix can be crafted (excluding fossils for now). Any flat dmg modifier (fire/cold/lightning damage) is almost unnoticable whereas levels only add damage to our AOE link which we are already oneshotting t16 mobs with.

The most simple bow you can get to make this build work is to alt spam for just the double damage mod and imprint -> regal -> annul until you are left with just the double damage on rare base. Looks something like this:
Prefix - Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate (14–16)% Elemental Resistances (1ex bench craft)
Prefix - (24-32)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills (4alch bench craft)
Prefix - (73-80)% increased Fire Damage + (21-23)% chance to Ignite (8c bench craft)
Suffix - Attack Speed (8-10 / 11-12) + 20% Chance to Deal Double damage
Suffix - 27% increased Critical Strike Chance (4c bench craft)
Suffix - Can have multiple Crafted Modifiers (2ex bench craft)

The PERFECT Bow (something im currently trying to work on) is fossil crafted with the following mods)
Prefix - Damage Penetrates (16-20)% Fire Resistance
Prefix - Attacks with this Weapon Penetrate (16-20)% Elemental Resistances (bench up to 16%)
Prefix - (80-120)% increased Elemental Damage
Suffix - (11–12)% increased Attack Speed - 20% chance to deal Double Damage
Suffix - (35-38)% increased Critical Strike Chance OR (26-29)% increased Critical Strike Chance - 50% increased Critical Strike Chance if you have Killed Recently
Suffix - (35-38)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier OR (26-29)% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier - (9-10)% chance to gain a Power Charge on Critical Strike


Rare Spike-Point base is king. Mods to look for: Life - WED - Crit - Crit Multi - Attack speed.

Optionally you can go with a shaped quiver here to get an additional arrow or fossil crafted one with a penetration prefix.


Frostferno is the obvious choice here, impossible to beat with a +4 corruption. This is were we socket our single target link. A rare can be an option if you want to take a more tanky approach to the build but you would lose a lot of single target dmg and it requires you to either weapon swap, sacrifice kaoms/chest link or have just one link for both AoE and ST.


This is our most flexible slot as we can literally use anything here. I use Farrul's fur for charges and free Aspect of the Cat (no mana reservation). Other good options are Loreweave/Kaoms/Yriel’s Fostering/Daresso’s Defiance.

But once more, you can literally use ANYTHING here, even a rare.


Also, a no brainer, 1 socket Tombfist with attack crit implicit is busted to boost our very low base crit. Make sure to have your murderous eye jewel socketed here for the intimidate bonus. For the ballers out there, u can ofc invest in a double corruption (even on 2 socket) but bare in mind that projectile weakness in our cwdt (if using 6l chest) outscales ele weakness glove corruption. Best would be attack speed or frenzy on top of our base crit.


This is where we try to get as much res as possible or use it to balance for wise oak with a few things to keep in mind Options here are going for as much life as possible with decent movement speed OR make sure you have an open prefix to craft freeze immunity as we only get stun/chill covered by our Jugg ascendancy, opens up a suffix on one of our magic flasks. Another option is unique boots, anything you like really if you can cover the res on your other rares.

Open suffix can be used to craft aspect of the cat if u want to use that, same goes for belt and rare ring.


Xoph’s Blood is really the only choice here. Yoke would outscale this if it were not for avatar or flame being 11 nodes away on the tree. If someone does make this work, lmk 😊.


Mark of the Elder, Steel Ring (allres corrution is really nice here) + shaped rare ring with life/wed/resistances (life/res combos are pretty cheap and we can now craft wed so this can also be used to try to balance resistances).

Open suffix can be used to craft aspect of the cat if u want to use that, same goes for belt and rare boots.


This is were we can get insane dmg. Obviously, we want a fossil crafted stygian vise with life + as much elemental dmg modifiers as you can fit.

Open suffix can be used to craft aspect of the cat if u want to use that, same goes for rare ring and rare boots.

Single Target: Elemental Hit - Combustion - Damage on Full Life - Elemetal Damage with Attacks
AoE Clear: Elemental Hit - Mirage Archer - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Damage on Full Life - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion (Power Charge on Critical Strike)

For Kaom’s Heart Users:
Gloves: Anger - Herald of Ash - Blood Rage
Boots: Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks (Portal)

For 6L Chest Users:
Chest: Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Summon Ice Golem - Projectile Weakness - Blood Rage
Gloves: Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Portal
Boots: Anger - Herald of Ash - War Banner - Enlighten

2x Might of the Meek: Insane boost to our our defenses (HP + Res)
2x Combat Focus: For our Elemental Hit to only choose fire (Duh)
Unnatural Instinct: Absolutely broken for this build - Removed for 3.7 as the bonus we get from it is no longer worth it on a non lvl 100 tree.
Watcher’s Eye: Anger - Penetration/Crit Multi is the best combo but on a budget you can take just one of em maybe with ‘Vitality - Life Recovery’ to even boost our recovery further.
Rares: Life + Crit Multi > Attack Speed > Fire Damage to Attacks (Abyss) / Other dmg modifiers.
(Make sure to have 1x murderous eye jewel socketed in ur Tombfist for that 10% more dmg from intimidate)

How many rare jewels we use in total depends on weither you want use a Watcher’s Eye/Unnatural Instinct. This (passing on these 2 uniques) might be the solution to using Yoke of Suffering instead of Xoph’s Blood, certainly a more budget friendly approach if you can make it work.

Wise Oak: Best flask for this build especially when perfect balance is achieved.
Dying Sun: Great QoL but absolutely not needed for the build (can be swapped for life flask on bosses if needed)
Diamond Flask: Also a must to boost our crit, it is also possible here to craft crit if u managed to get the recipe from syndicate. (get bleed/curse immunity here)
Silver Flask: Onlsaught OP. (get bleed/curse immunity here)
Quicksilver Flask: No explanation needed here. (Get freeze immunity here if you don’t have the craft on your boots)

PoB Pastebin

Pantheon: Arakaali (Major) – Shakari (Minor)

For Arakaali we need to capture ‘Queen of the Great Tangle’ which can be found in ‘Jungle Valley’ and for Shakari its 'The Terror of the Infinite Drifts which can be found in 'Desert Spring'. If you check your pantheons you can type the boss names into your atlas search bar and it will highlight the map where they are located.

In 3.7 with the immortal call changes it's most likely better to be running with Lunaris or Solaris for major pantheons depending on the content you are doing.

Bandits: Help Allira (Crit Multi/All Res, unbeatable with 2 nodes)

Ascendancy: Slayer - Juggernaut (overleech + all the accuracy we need paired with stun/chill immunity, what else could we possibly ask for…?)

First of I’d like to start by saying that ele hit is not the greatest skill to level with on day 1 of the league or in ssf since u basically need the threshhold jewels + ‘Avatar of Fire’ to even be up to par with other skills. You can level whilst using all elements with ‘Elemental Equilibrium’ (do not use AoF or Combat Focus jewels in combination with this, u will completely tank the little damage that you have), but its not that great either.

However, for those of you who do wish to level elemental hit, thi3n has a pretty good leveling guide on how to approach this. It's an RT build (Can't go crit anyways until jugg ascendancy) so we will have to respec some nodes after done leveling to transform this into the crit version.

What follows is directly quoted from thi3n's thread.

These items can be useful while leveling: Goldrim, Tabula, Wanderlust, Prismweave, Silverbranch, Hyrri's Bite, Storm Cloud, Quill Rain, Lochtonial Caress, Karui Ward, String of Servitude (resists), Pyre, Thief's Torment and buying skill/support gems with quality ready to be socketed in!

1. Low Level Tree

Rush 'Avatar of Fire' and 'Resolute Technique' for the switch to Elemental Hit. Early game it's standard bow leveling.

Main Skill: Ice Shot - Volley - Added Cold - Mirage Archer - Added Lightning - Onslaught - Pierce
Mobility: Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks
Main Skill (Replaces Ice Shot): Elemental Hit - Volley - Mirage Archer - Added Lightning - Added Cold - Onslaught

2. When in Doubt Life it Out

Pick up 'Lava Lash' and start grabbing more life to make leveling smooth. The normal lab doesn't really do much for us so we can forego that. Consider grabbing Cold to Fire Support or Pyre ring for a higher base damage with Elemental Hit.

Main Skill: Elemental Hit - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Mirage Archer - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion - Fire Pen
Aura: Anger

3. Normal and Cruel Lab

While normal Lab doesn't really do much for the character, getting access to Slayer Overleech is huge for survivability. Picking up 'Vitality Void' and the mana leech node underneath is great before we get to 'Blood Magic'. 'Point Blank' and 'Acrobatics' are next on the priority list.

Main Skill: Elemental Hit - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Mirage Archer - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Combustion - Fire Pen
Utility: Cast When Damage Taken - Blood Rage - Immortal Call - Vaal Cold Snap

The Blood Rage needs to be before Immortal Call in the CWDT setup (OR higher level and manually casted). The order is top left in a clockwise circle to bottom left.

4. Final Skill Tree

I usually do Blood Aqueducts until 66, questline up to Kitava, do my Cruel and Merc Labs, and then kill Kitava. For endgame bossing Acro/Phase Acro are quite nice!

Alternatives: These trees are guideline, go off the beaten path and make the build your own!

Alternate Might of the Meek Tree

3.5 Videos
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How important is critical strike chance? (noone asked, but this is important haha)

Critical strike chance, alltho it does not add the highest dps when adding it in pob makes up for a lot of consitency (you should ALLWAYS have a crit roll on your weapon). You are adding BASE CRIT with this mod which then gets scaled by increased global critical strike chance and multi. 2 000 000 critical strike multiplier means nothing if your crit chance isnt high enough.

As a rule of thumb, with a hit chance of >92% you should be critting with 2/3rds of your hits to make it feel consistent. So with that in mind your effective critical strike chance should be around 67% or higher (not reaching this is not the end of the world but for me personally, consistency is king).

Take my weapon for example, just losing a 28% crit roll (not that good to begin with) on it makes me lose 11% dps with just 1 suffix, this is huge). Critical strike chance on your weapon is in essence a big fat scaling 'more' multiplier, the higher this roll, the more all the other crit rolls will matter.

How do I progress when having a smaller budget?

kelandi wrote:

1)the 2 combat focus jewels ~2c
2)Tombfist 1c
3) you want a frostferno for singletarget dps push ~10c
4)Mark of the elder ring and a Shaper base ring with some life and resi maybe eledmg ~10c
5)craft or buy a bow with Double damage, +1 to Socketed Gems, +1/2 to socketed bow gems, Crit chance, attack speed you didn't need all mods aim for Double damage/ias and Crit chance at the start a 5l is fine for clearspeed. no links under 5c 5link (The Jeweller's Touch 20c)
6)Wise oak and other flask ~10c
7)Maloney's Mechanism, Ornate Quiver(Perma Frenzy and Power charges without 8loodrage degen) ~20c
---------------Farm a bit---------------

1)Cinderswallow ~20c
2)2x Might of the meek ~40c each

---------------Now you can cry---------------

1)Kaoms Heart ~170c
2)Xophs Blood ~4ex
3)Buy a new bow with more mods and/or 6l your old one ~5-10ex
3)Unnatural Instinct ~12ex

How do I find the right Jewels?

Using THIS tool you can generate a poe trade search for the optimal jewel as it weighs all stats that are an increase and can sort them by value, meaning that it can sort your jewels on trade by highest to lowest dps gain. You can even manually force a life roll onto it once the filter is created if that is something you wish to go for.

Simply download and run and make sure ur build is updated in pob with all the right boxes checked (check my pob if ur unsure).

Here is a search for my specific pob to give you an idea.


If it doesn't give you the option to sort by weight the first time, close the window and open a new search, sometimes the servers dont keep up I imagine causing this problem.

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Hello! I am trying to level this character, currently 3 levels away from a Chin Sol, but I do like 0 damage in Blood Aqueducts and I only have 2k life :/ I keep dying and cant kill anything, got any suggestions?
Oomar wrote:
Hello! I am trying to level this character, currently 3 levels away from a Chin Sol, but I do like 0 damage in Blood Aqueducts and I only have 2k life :/ I keep dying and cant kill anything, got any suggestions?

Pyre + Brotherhood rings (optionally avatar of fire on your passive tree) and replace ele focus & faster attacks with combustion & mirage archer. Also make sure you are resistance capped, 2k life is more than plenty to do merc lab and kitava if you are.
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well written guide !! reserved for later
Thanks for this, I was kinda mad that everyone was going the shitty RT route wasting more than double your DPS with not much room to grow but there was no good written guide for the crit version. Gonna do this build next league.
Thanks for this, I was kinda mad that everyone was going the shitty RT route wasting more than double your DPS with not much room to grow but there was no good written guide for the crit version. Gonna do this build next league.

Very nice to hear, can't play the new league myself but will add mechanics if they apply to this build. Best of luck in 3.6!
Did u see the nerf to scion/slayer? How do u feel they will effect this build?
WillisReed wrote:
Did u see the nerf to scion/slayer? How do u feel they will effect this build?

I suppose this is what you mean.

Bex_GGG wrote:

Leech Length Nerf
Previously, there was no upper limit on how much an individual leech effect could restore. This meant that a very high damage hit with enough leech could last minutes, if not longer, if you had an effect letting your leech remain on full life. Now, there is a limit of 10% restored per leech effect, so each individual leech effect can't last more than 5 seconds. For the Ascendant's Slayer Passive Skill, this is 5% lower.

This isn't a nerf to the build directly especially not for softcore players, basically reduces the time overleech is applied by capping the amount restored per leech effect. Low attack speed builds might suffer from this, but we are not.

This has been a long time coming, our leech rate will not suffer from this nor will it affect the build in any fight. The only time I can see this being noticable would be when you use writhing jar or dont attack in a fight for prolonged time (think of lab for example - u could kill a few mobs and afk in traps while u went number 1, this isnt possible anymore).
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How about the constant degen from blood rage? Now, I believe after 5 seconds or maybe 2.5 seconds, the degen will occur.
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