[3.5] Glacial Hammer Inquisitor

Added a link to a deathless Uber Elder kill.
Build looks solid. Would you recommend it as a league starter? Whats the easiest way to get a loreweave beginnning of league? Have you thought of a CI or hybrid version? Would or Will you use this in 3.6? Thanks
It can definitely work as a league starter. The weapon is dirt cheap. The only really expensive item I have is my well rolled Loreweave.

I haven't really considered a CI or hybrid version. Seems very doable though considering you can get 12% ES regen from Inquisitor. Maybe with Incandescent Heart? Not sure though.

I got my first Loreweave through the ring recipe, but the second one I just bought from someone later on. You don't HAVE to use a Loreweave, it's just a nice damage boost. There are a lot of other great options though.

I probably won't, simply because I like trying new things, even for my league starters.
Been using this guide in Synthesis as my first character playing PoE. It's been a great introduction to the game and I'm learning a lot by noodling out the skill/gear/gem decisions in this Glacial Hammer build. Thanks!

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