[3.6] MoM/EB Hybrid Whirling Blades Cold DoT Trickster - Everything viable - Uber Elder deathless

Thank you for this guide! Very interested in playing this take on Cold DoT for 3.6.

Was just curious if you've had a chance to revisit the recommended leveling trees post-patch? In the latest PoB, the links starting with Points 40-60 seem like they might be missing some nodes (starting with the path down to Acrobatics/Phase Acrobatics).

Thanks, again, for sharing this!
This build actually looks legit, while also looking unique. Well made, I wish all guides had videos the way they're done here. Thinking about trying this or an EK build
Thanks for the kind words!

The trees should be updated, but I'm at work right now so will check properly later. Also, from what I heard getting the Devouring Diadem will be tricky this league, so I'll also update the trees with the EB keynode.
I used this build as a starter and am very impressed by the sheer strength of it. Thanks for sharing it, it deserves much more attention.

However I have one question, it seems like they changed the Ghost Dance node in the Trickster Ascendancy. Do you think it's still worth going for it or might actually be better now? or do you think we should switch Ghost Dance for Weave the Arcane to get the 20% attack and cast speed?
Glad you're having fun!

Yes, Ghost Dance is most definitely worth it if you're going EB. We've lost some dodge, which hurts a bit, but we got a more reliable evasion instead. Also, assuming we have 3 ghost shrouds, we receive 9% less damage and have another layer of ES recovery. This should overcome the disadvantage of not going the Devouring Diadem route this league (since it's quite hard to get).

I don't think the increased attack and cast speed from Weave the Arcane is worth it, frankly. We only need attack speed for fluid movement, and this can be obtained with some investment in gear. There's no need to spend two ascendancy points for this purpose only. Further, previously Ghost Dance could theoretically net us as much as 40% increased attack speed, but it almost never procced, so it was basically useless.

In short, I like this Ghost Dance even better than the previous iteration.

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