Zizaran's Shaper race

Hey Everyone,

In the spirit of the recent races I wanted to make another Ziz League,this time with prizes! The league will be SSF HC with the only mod being LMP. The goal of the race will be the first person to kill Shaper! Since this is a private league, player cap will be 2000. Tune in to my stream for details 2 hours before race start!

The Countdown for the League can be found here: https://bit.ly/2Dt32Xi - 7pm GMT


Prizes: 1st Place : Crucible Supporter Pack ($480) 2nd Place : Choice of $60 Supporter Pack

We will try to get the league fully funded without the link being public to stop the website from crashing, then invite everyone 15 minutes ish before planned start since we cant do a regular "league starts in 10 minutes" but we'll make the best of it!

Edit: if anyone wants to help out with crowdfunding some of the slots let me know on discord, you can join my discord here: discord.gg/zizaran
@Zizaran ingame
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Should be fun no one has done a Shaper Race before.
@Zizaran ingame

SSF HC currently close to 94

Will appreciate the invite as I know I will put a great challenge.
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I won

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Ziz told me to post on the forum thread.
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2nd Pog

@Zizaran ingame
Congratz to

1) Tie
2) Ziz
3) Dan

15hrs is impressive. I thought this race might take like 20hrs + tbh.
Also thanks for hosting this event Ziz, very entertaining.
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