[3.5] Occultist Low life ES based RF, improved version of AilaRF, with 9 layers of defense

Welcome to my low life RF Occultist which in my opinion provides the best mix of very very high defense for riskfree grinding and 1 (more like 0) button gameplay for very relaxing brain afk gameplay experience

WORK IN PROGRESS Full guide is coming soon

Super fast delver
Relaxing gameplay
Huge ES
Very good clear speed with the Occultist boomboom explosions
9 layers of defense let you play if safely even if tired after long workday or drunk
Very fun and progressive minmaxing gear process

Constantly degening outside battle
No boss killer
Full minmaxing can be expensive and utilizes legacy gear

Layers of defense
1. Over 16000 ES
2. 97 83 84 Resistances
3. Immortal during vaal discipline uptime
4. Up to 36 % ES regeneration on kill (6% instant from chest and up to 30 % from Vile Bastion), which is easily over 5000 ES with good gear
5. Fully maxed aoe whole screen blasphemy temporal chains
6. Aspect of the spider for even more slow
7. Enfeeble curse for though enemies
8. Dread banner to further reduce enemies' accuracy
9. Arctic armour for even more physical and fire damage reduction

Coming soon

Skill tree


Coming soon

Ascendancy: Occultist
Wicked Ward
Vile Bastion
Profane Bloom

Kill all for 2 skill points

Soul of Araakali
Soul of Garukhan

1. Turn on RF
2. Press 12345 for flasks
3. Run around, mobs explode (use orb of storms if enemies aren't instadead)
4. Collect loot

This build requires no hectic button pressing, no movement skill, no dodging of enemies, which makes it perfect for darkness delving, or easy grind even if you're 90 years old and drunk and tired and at the same time watching Quin stream ;)

Mechanics explained
Coming soon

Possible variations
Coming soon

Link to mirror service for Vaal Regalia, Crystal Belt, Sorcerer Gloves

Options for budget and league characters
Coming soon

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