[3.10] Winter Orb League Starter Build

ah that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
finally an off meta build.will this build become even stronger when delirium hits?
will switch to oro crit flicker strike build that clears all content after i farm out enough currency with this build.
Quick update for Delirium:

The Clusters might actually safe us here!
I posted some details on what I am using now - but I am not even level 80. still it plays really well with moderate investment!
My plan is to use as many cluster jewels as possible for damage and get enough life from gear and a smaller tree.
The cluster slots also give room for some pretty funny conditional stuff.
Like increasing effectiveness of Arcane surge,
a lot of chill and ignite stuff. It's just fun to mess around with honestly.
And it means I can drop the golems!

Also I incorporated some of the build that NuclearCha0s posted - which is pretty great thank you <3

NuclearCha0s wrote:
Here is one solution that works for end-game bosses. Quite high DPS (1 mil) with 12k effective life. Mine has about 30-40 exalts invested, but I only did that to upgrade it slightly. You can easily get to 10k eff. life and 800k dps with minimum investment.

I actually made it from lvl 94 to 95 without dying once to random mobs and metamorphs with an aggressive play style (when properly selected and by avoiding chaos ones).

In socket two we have the Glorious Vanity Doryani gem which is not supported in PoB. That is one of our main ES sources and why we can get to 12k by scaling life. We could get to 13+K by changing rings, but that's overkill I think.

Proof that it works well:

Please remember that with Winter Orb, your DPS is constant. You don't just stop and shoot at bosses every once in a while. GMP also reduces DPS a lot but in reality increases it because more than 1 projectile will hit, especially with bosses. The build works well if you like this skill.

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