[Betrayal SC] Crafting(All the rarest crafts available) and Boss-killing service

Hello everyone! Started Betrayal league really late due to work so I'm providing services to people only from now on when done with 36/40 challenges.

Contact me: PM in-game @GERARAHEREMANSHIT

Crafting service is FREE, but I obviously take and appreciate tips if you want to do so.

Notable crafts :
+2 to level of socketed support gems
+1 Curse, + 1 totem
Hits can't be evaded
+1 min. endurance/power/frenzy charge
"multimod"/"cannot roll"/"prefix-suffix cannot be changed"
3% life regen/60-80% inc crit Flask crafts

non-chaos damage as chaos damage ( have only 15-18%)
%increased damage ( have only 14-16%)

Boss service :
Please log onto any of the EU realms(Moscow pref., but Amsterdam/London would work too) before asking for boss-killing service, thanks!

All services are done with a flat fee, meaning you only pay for the service and take all the loot that drops.

Uber Elder: 50c

Red Elder: 20c

Uber Atziri: 40c

Shaper: 20c

Delve Bosses: depending on the mods&depth level, pm with boss info and we'll work it out. Expect easier ones to be around 50c and deep Auls with hard mods much more expensive.

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thanks so much for high quality and free of course craft service :D
May God Be With U.
added a few new crafts
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Great service, max roll at second try :D

Modded my dagger fast reliable sfae!!!!!!!!!

Great crafting service! Tipped him 1ex because I struggled with getting the +2 all league long.

Fast service, crafted +2 supports. Thank you!

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