[3.5] CoC Volatile Dead Ascendant (Uber elder, shaper, atziri viable)

Hi fellow exiles!

First of all, this build is not 100% my creation. I found awesome looking youtube video without pob etc but i managed to track down creator (lengocanh171092) so credits of creating the base idea and raw tree goes to him.

I fine tuned his creation into this masterpiece of Greatness

NOTE: this build is really expensive and probably NOT a viable league starter.

So here it is. Cast on Critical strike Volatile Dead.

We cyclone away -> scold's bridle deals damage to us -> cast when damage taken gems proc -> loads of corpses spawn and a chosen spell (i chose firestorm) is cast to deploy combustion to enemies nearby.
Meanwhile we crit with cyclone and CoC procs and tosses Volatile deads out.
Also immortal call is being cast and it allows other things but we'll discuss about that later.
The build relies on evasion, acro, phase acro and huge leech for defences.

PRO'S and CON'S;
+All Content viable
+Good clearspeed
+All res max 80
+Wrecks Syndicates in t16 map with mods
+Depending optimization from 3 to 4+ Million shaper dps (from volatile dead only)
+Super fun & easy to play
+Volatile Dead!
+Reflect proof!

-Expensive (give or take 50 ex)
-Min maxed it so hard i cant find any more CON's :S

Formula is:
Hit chance x crit% x Attack rate
With my stats:
(allways hit) 1 x (99.2% crit) 0.99 x (attack rate shown in pob) 3.23 (but cyclone attacks twice) = 6.46 -> ~6 casts per sec. Each cast procs 3 (4 with enchant) balls which results us 18x (or 24x) single ball damage for theoretical maximum dps of 3,5 million to 4,5 million (without vaal rf and without flasks exept crit). Also using normal RF boosts thiese numbers by 39% so mad mad dps :)



NOTE. If you are in std and using legacy acuitys put those 2 damage nodes near witch start to life regen at scion start.

My gear



Craft your claw. Alt spam t1 ias. Regal. Craft anything and either block and scour or annul etc. Multimod it.
Hit's can't be evaded/ias/crit are most important mods here.


For shield u want spell dmg, spell crit, life and either 1 or 2 resistances.


Scold's is only option for the build.
Getting one with VD enchant is tons more DPS.
Other viable enchants are:
-Blood rage more attack speed
-Volatile dead damage
-cyclone attack speed
-more desecrate corpses (this could free a gem slot)


Loreweave seems to be best here. It has all we need. Ele dmg, crit, life, max res 80.
Alternatives could be elder chest with something like:
+1 to socketed skills
+1.5% crit to attacks
+High life


Acuitys are also mandatory.
The slayer overleech is so good paired with thiese as long as you are hitting.


Enchant: damage penetrates if you haven't killed is best by far.

I quess rare boots could work but most damage from boots slot is gotten from 2 abyssal socket bubonics with 2 different abyss jewels.
Also some life and good MS.

You can propably use 1 abyssal socket bubonic and if you do you get 1 free gem slot open.

NOTE: if you are using legacy acuitys you can go bit more defensive and take enchant for 2% regen if hit. This wont prevent those odd 1 shots but should make build a bit more tanky


Third different abyssal jewel for enabling bubonic +10% for total of 30%. Here we want fire dmg, ele dmg, life and some res. (Aspect of the cat in here or in ring)


Xoph's blood is best in slot for amulets. NOTE that you cannot deal ANY phys, light, cold and chaos. So ignore those stats completely on gear pieces.


We want mark of the shaper paired with elder ring.
Elder ring base can be anything from res to opal ring. Depends what you are aiming for. Also we use aspect of the cat here (or in belt) for some extra DPS/defences.


2x Might of the Meek (both left side near scion start)

1x Unnatural instinct at scion start right side

Watcher's eye is mandatory.
Atleast get fire leech on it.
Pen is most dps.
Fire dmg/multi are ok aswell.
Cheaper option is to replace aspect of the cat with vitality (no good with new acuitys) and get watcher's eye with damage leech if affected by vitality. I do not recommend this tbh.

3x abyss jewels Murderous + Hypnotic + Searching (2 in boots 1 in belt)
In abyss jewels we want:
(1 allmost has to have "X% chance to blind enemies on hit. We are low on defences and this is by far the best defensive layer we can add)
Crit multi
Global crit
Fire dmg to spells

1x Fevered mind to ramp up mana cost of cyclone + spell damage for VD

1x Pure talent with crit mod to get us some stats + crit

3x normal rare jewels.
In rare jewels we want:
Crit multi for spells
General multi
Multi for fire skills
Res if needed
Try to get 2x multi + life on thiese


Diamond flask is no-brainer
Wise oak is really good
Sulphur flask is worst of thiese, it can be changed to silver (for onslaught), granite for evasion or even quartz if you feel like you want more dodge.
Rotgut is true beauty. Nice MS, onslaught while clearing and fills itself up in no matter of time.

I do not recommend cinderswallow urn for bosses, mostly due to it's " active once a fight"- style as it eats too many charges.


Anger 21/0
Blood Rage 1/0
Vaal RF 20/0

Cwdt 2/0
Desecrate 8/0
Immortal call 4/+

Cwdt lvl 2/0
Unearth 9/0
GMP 20/0
LMP 20/0

Cyclone 20/20
Inc crit strikes 21/20
Cast on Crit 21/20
Volatile Dead 21/20
Immolate 21/20
Concentrated Effect 21/20

Cwdt lvl 2/0
Spell of your choise to spread combustion
Combustion 20/20
Power Charge on Crit 20/20

Whirling Blades 1/20
Faster Attacks 20/20

Blood Rage/IC and Arakaali
NOTE: this only benefits if you are using legacy acuitys. But when blood rage is on and you spin away you proc cwdt - immortal call. Immortal call prevents phys damage over time for a short duration which procs +50% life regen rate from Arakaali
Also if using legacy acuitys with boots regen enchant Arakaali procs affect that enchant aswell for total of 3% regen from boots.

Xophs blood
Like allready mentioned we can't do anything else but fire damage so try to avoid all other elements as much as you can.

Finding optimal cwdt
Easy. Stand in your hideout. Use cyclone and see when cwdt procs immortal call.
Keep in mind that warlord's mark curse we are applying sometimes grants endurance charges that might mess up cwdt procs.
Also if we are using Solaris or Lunaris we get more phys reduction which might mess things up atleast while standing in hideout.
Also thing to notice here is that unearth/desecrate and spell of your choise won't actuallty do DPS like at all. Safest way to ensure no procs are being missed is to use lvl 1 cwdt in all slots.

For pantheon i chose Arakaali and Yugul
Mostly becouse it's hard to count those extra phys reductions with cwdt's. You can use Solaris or Lunaris but bare in mind that cwdt might fail. Easy way around is to use lvl 1 cwdt's like mentioned before.
Minor is only decent one imo and the -5% cold damage mod won't hurt in uber elder aswell.

For bandits we want alira. Who would've quessed :)

I've mentioned many times those sweet legacy acuities. Using those allows us to have life regen and with 2% boots enchant and Arakaali procs we should get several hundreds of life regen permanently.

All Guardians
Uber elder
-Uber Atziri (haven't tried yet)

The original videos. My version works the same or maybe even a bit better ;)



If you have questions please post those here and don't contact me ingame! :)

EDIT. 18.2.2019
We can now use normal RF constantly for permanent 39% more spell damage<3
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Can this build done with CoC Two-Handed sword? Or i need this +14 mana from claw?
Completed 12 Challengesgopotan wrote:
Can this build done with CoC Two-Handed sword? Or i need this +14 mana from claw?


I didnt even thought about that! I think it's a great idea if you get attack speed figured out (max 3.3 aps, a bit less is optimal).
This would change gem setups quite a bit.

Completed 12 Challengesgopotan wrote:
Can this build done with CoC Two-Handed sword? Or i need this +14 mana from claw?

Tried 2h today. Issues with mana sustain were real :/ It can be done with 2h, but in that case replace LMP in gloves with Immortal call and put lvl 4 enlighten with anger.

Also getting crit, crit multi ,50 life, 50 mana abyss jewels could make it work.

2h version deals tons more damage. 1 ball dps went from 191k to 250k when i swapped. 7th gem i used for my testing were fire penetration.

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