[3.5] Hopeshredder CI Trickster: Safe and fast mapper

Hi! Love your build so far! Just got Hopeshredder, currently lvl 80. I have 2 Questions..

1. I´m still half ES, half life since I lack the gear for fully switching to ES.
The Degen is massive from Hopeshredder, how do you handle that? Just by leech?
Is making use of Soul of Arakaali + CWDT + IC + Bloodrage an option?

2. What about the infused channeling support gem? seems great here.
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Hey, there are 4 things to do to help with degen

Taking vaal pact + ghost reaver + leech with arakaali pantheon is necessary, you don't need the cwdt blood rage to trigger the extra recovery rate since you stop taking damage over time when you stop moving

Getting a purity of ice is important for the max res. Maybe consider a Doryani's Delusion for a lvl 25 purity of ice.

ES on hit watchers eye is good too, but may be expensive at the moment.

You can use a 1 link discharge to get rid of charges to stop degen if you need

as for infused channeling, it seems good but this build does not use it optimally since scourge arrow is physical + chaos tagged, but we do mostly cold damage. Also, reduced chaos damage taken while channeling does nothing since the build is CI.
I use vaal discipline against the degen (if there is a long time of not seeing mobs), you could also use phase run to get rid of frenzies AND get a nice movement speed boost out of it but I am too lazy for that...
you can ofc also use vaal grace in bossfights (works well with quartz flask and hyrris ire: 64/64 dodge+spelldodge)

another tip I should employ myself: if you cant hold channeling forever (cuz of mana problems) for generation of charges before boss just use another scourge arrow somewhere unlinked
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Nevermind, found the updated tree. Thanks!
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Hi guys. Planning to play this build for the next league. What are your opinions on its potential after the Legion changes? Scourge Arrow still going strong?
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