[3.5] Hopeshredder CI Trickster: Safe and fast mapper

Hi, first time making a build guide so please be gentle. I'll go through and fix organization and structure, as well as add some video footage later on. Please let me know if something is unclear and I will fix it.

Quick Info:

3.6 tentative PoB: https://pastebin.com/PYp7XcW8

Profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/lzy/characters?characterName=pet_my_pumky
PoB: https://pastebin.com/RK1vPtw3
Tornado Shot DPS: 100k with only charges
Defenses: 7.3k es, 15k evasion, 20% dodge and spell dodge.


This build was designed to farm t16 elder maps quickly to reach level 100, while being tanky enough to survive syndicate encounters. At the end of the day, I made it to 96 doing all syndicate encounters, before having to skip syndicates due to random but infrequent one-shots, and leveled to 98.75 before getting to 100 through breachstones due to having another build idea I wanted to try. I'd consider this build semi-successful, as it feels good to play and is relatively idiot-proof, which is good for me.


Hopeshredder is our weapon of choice because it is an excellent elemental bow, giving us many great stats like movement speed and accuracy, and it scales with frenzy charges which is good for Trickster. The degen is noticable, but since we use Purity of Ice and our ehp pool is decent, it isn't annoying to deal with. The corruption is not needed, and a 6 link is not needed either. Since we have a 6 link in our armor for our main skill, I think that an unlinked +1 arrow Hopeshredder will feel better than a 6 linked uncorrupted one, since it is easy to use the crafting bench for a 4 link on any corrupted gear. For rolls, prioritize attack speed, then accuracy, then cold damage.

Voidfletcher is my quiver of choice because it gives us es, cold res (always nice since this build is unique heavy), and flat cold damage to attacks. The special effect, Void Shot, also adds a significant amount of damage due to the overlap effect from multiple arrows. It also helps during no regen maps, when you run out of mana, the void arrows trigger on your basic attacks as well. For rolls, prioritize energy shield, then cold damage, then cold res.

A rare quiver with frenzy charge on hit can be nice if you are doing a boss like Shaper or Uber Elder, so you don't have to micromanage frenzy charges. You can get this mod from a shuddering fossil. Rare quivers are nice because you can get crit multi, elemental damage to attacks, or even +2 arrows if you're lucky, but there's no way to get as much es as what Voidfletcher will give you.

Other quiver options include Soul Strike and Hyrri's Demise, but I do not recommend them because I think Voidfletcher is more appropiate for this build.

A Hyrri's Ire is my armor of choice because it gives me a lot of flat cold damage, and it has the most evasion out of all unique armors, which is converted to about 490 es through the Trickster ascendancy "Escape Artist". They are also cheap to buy a well-rolled one, prioritizing evasion rating then cold damage rolls.

Other body armor options to consider are Queen of the Forest, for faster movement speed in exchange for less damage and less evasion/es, Farrul's Fur, for quality of life with charges in exchange for less damage and less defenses, or a high evasion body armor, for more ehp in exchange for damage. There is currently a 4000 evasion armor indexed in Betrayal League, which will translate to 660 es.

For your hat, try to get the tornado shot enchant if you will use tornado shot, otherwise use scourge arrow if you can't get a tornado shot hat. Try to get as much es as possible, because es on your hat is converted to evasion through the Trickster ascendancy as well. My current hat gives me 1900 flat evasion, which is higher than any hat available in game. I suggest buying the tornado shot base, then crafting the hat, since it is very hard to run lab for one specific enchant.

My rings are just energy shield, weapon elemental damage, and res, strength, and accuracy to meet the res cap and requirements, and to get a decent hit rate. If you are very rich, you can consider elder rings with the projectile attack damage mod.

Mark of the elder is also a decent option, try to find one with a cold damage or discipline effect corruption, and use a shaper ring on the other hand.

For gloves, I use Shadows and Dust with a frenzy charge corruption. These give a tiny bit of es, some crit stats, and most importantly, rampage, which makes mapping a lot smoother. For single target, I would find gloves with 100+ es, some accuracy or attack speed, and a frenzy charge corruption.

My amulet is just a 10% quantity amulet with some stats that I can use. Having a bit of quantity on every build helps a lot, just to make more currency per hour, and to help sustain the cost of mapping supplies. But, as quantity has additional diminishing returns as you stack more quantity, meaning for example, 50% quantity might only give you 30% more items, I chose to not sacrifice too many pieces of gear for quantity gear, as that would be a different build with different goals in mind.

Auxium recently got buffed and it's now a really good belt for es based attack builds. With 5 power charges, we get free mana leech, 125% increased damage, and some safety from freezes. The energy shield is also really high, which is good. For rolls here, focus on elemental attack damage per power charge, then energy shield.

Bisco's leash or Headhunter will work here, just get a point of mana leech on the tree. If you are using Bisco's leash, switch the Shadows and Dust gloves to rare gloves.

Skyforths are nice for this build because it has good movement speed, power charge generation, and helps me avoid stuns. With Skyforths and the trickster ascendancy, stun is very rarely an issue. The reduced mana reservation is also very nice because discipline + herald of ice + purity of ice normally reserves 95% mana, which feels awkward to play with.

For jewels, try to get some combination of energy shield, cold damage to attacks/bow attacks, attack speed, crit multi, other elemental damage to attacks. I'm also using an energy shield gained on hit Watcher's Eye, and a jewel with "Corrupted Blood cannot be inflicted on you" to not need to use a bleed immunity flask. Try to find fire damage to attacks/bow attacks somewhere to ignite enemies for the Cinderswallow Urn or the Trickster's "Weave the Arcane" ascendancy point if you want to take it.

For flasks, a dying sun is mandatory to make the clear speed and single target feel good. Cinderswallow urn is a pretty nice quality of life flask and it gives a 10% damage multiplier which is nice. The important immunities to cover are freeze and curses.

Gem Links

Tornado Shot: Tornado Shot - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Pierce - Ice Bite - Elemental Damage with Attacks - (Damage on Full Life) (4G2R)
Rain of Arrows: Vaal Rain of Arrows - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Concentrated Effect - Damage on Full Life - Ice Bite - (Cold Penetration) (3G2R1B)
Vaal Discipline
Blink Arrow
Herald of Ice
Purity of Lightning
Frenzy - Curse on Hit - Frostbite (1G2B)
Immortal Call - Cast when Damage Take
Frost Bomb
Discharge (until you get used to the degen)

You can take mirage archer if you like, replace damage on full life.


T15 tower clear - https://youtu.be/UtqdtlA5-Jc

T16 syndicate kill - https://youtu.be/zq_lCQnlJ0c
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I will most certainly give that one a try, though, a couple of suggestions:

1) Leveling tree;
2) POB link;
3) Other usable legendaries whilst leveling;
4) Footage of gameplay, if that's possible.

Good luck to you! I'll tell you how it's going to be played.
Scratch the part about POB, I'm blind. Sorry!
Choptimist wrote:
I will most certainly give that one a try, though, a couple of suggestions:

1) Leveling tree;
2) POB link;
3) Other usable legendaries whilst leveling;
4) Footage of gameplay, if that's possible.

Good luck to you! I'll tell you how it's going to be played.

I can map out a leveling tree, though I don't really remember how I ended up doing it.

While leveing, use storm cloud -> the tempest, with a darkness enthroned and the usual leveling uniques. I swapped to ES at level 69, when I could equip all my gear except the belt, and it turned out alright.

I'll upload some footage tomorrow.
So, by the progression at first we cover the bottom part of the tree, before getting upwards to ES conversion?
Choptimist wrote:
So, by the progression at first we cover the bottom part of the tree, before getting upwards to ES conversion?

Yeah, and take a few life wheels too, you can use the respec points you get from the quests and a few regrets to fix your tree afterwards.
Ok, I added some gameplay footage, I'll try to get one of delve too.
Huge buffs to trickster and channeling skills in 3.5, so switching from tornado shot to scourge arrow for both single target and clear. No need for vaal rain of arrows to supplement single target damage, as scourge arrow is very powerful on its own. No need for frenzy or skyforths to maintain charges now. Considering 6l ranged attack totem?

One concern is that I would need to channel for a full second before receiving a charge.

Tentative skill tree, may change based on synthesized mods or new uniques.


Actual dps should be a bit higher as the ghost shroud passive from trickster isn't calculated correctly.

Still not a good league starter, maybe start with chaos dot skill, then do a full respec.
Will do this as leaguestarter, already did hopeshredder once on a lifebuild so I know what I am doing...

Always had trickster CI hopeshredder in the back of my head when I played that and this league seems like the time to pull it out!

Ghost shroud with 40k evasion (thx to stibnite+jade) is an instant 6k es heal the moment you take dmg (supposed its 3 hits) on top of 54 dodge/spelldodge with vaal grace

Also the new ES leech gem is mighty op and can be used in scourge arrow links (instead of mirage archer when going endgame bosses?) Can just switch mirage archer with hypothermia or coldpen for clearing...

with all that leech maybe its worth using arakaali regen by using bloodrage + cwdt-IC, will test if worth, the degen sounds a bit scary...

6L ranged attack totem sounds great (or just a mirage archer rain of arrows for clear?) can switch that for worst bosses too ofc

https://pastebin.com/bd8aZS4A <- fixed the tree (tried around in PoB for 1-2 hours trying to find best mapping/endgame bosses setup)

default mapping is movespeed+safety to the max

bossing is just dmg optimization instead of movespeed and channeling nodes for less mana issues on long bossfights (need to test), they are good dmg too though so never bad taking them

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