3.5.2 Hotfix 2

We have deployed patch to fix three instance crashes and a client crash.

This hotfix has been applied without a restart. You may need to restart your client to download the client part of this update.

Last bumped on Jan 30, 2019, 1:12:00 PM
Maybe I'll be able to log in on the first try and not the 4th..

*crosses fingers*
This fixed the hotfix, right ?
Client crash fix? Good, maybe I stop crashing every 3 time when I get to sarn...

Edit: Nope, don't help.
I can FLY!
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Last edited by WhiteDragonRU on Jan 23, 2019, 4:25:35 AM
Since you fixed three crashes I will download and try it. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Did all the steps of yesterday. Downloaded & defragged. Booted up game. Ping in Wash DC was insane so went to Texas. Opened first map went in. Game totally crashed less than a minute into it.

Rebooted system, went to Wash DC this time as ping wasn't insane. Map gone. Picked up another map opened and went in. Game totally crashed instantly.

Rebooted system, went to California server. Map gone. Picked another map opened it and went in. Game totally crashed instantly.

GGG, you may have fixed some problems but you haven't begun to address mine. I have a new system just out of the box. I have upgraded my internet for gaming and it's amazingly fast.

POE is still unplayable. I am beginning to lose hope.
oh man oh man
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My patch is stuck at 1%. Once it reaches around 1%, it rolls back to around 0.5%. It's been 2 hours. Is this only happening to me?
yea..update my ass..ive been trying for like 3 days to update and it goes full term but doesn't auto start the game..rest of the time it goes full but then just keeps going and going and going..does nothing else..doesn't end doesn't auto start..gj wannabe devs..

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