[3.5] Noodle's AHH SPIDERS Dual Curse Necromancer - Arakaali's Fang - 3M+ Shaper DPS

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Karp_490 wrote:
Karp_490 wrote:
Loreweave BIS? Could you use kaoms or a hybrid vaal regalia?

What do you think of command of the pit gloves?

I think Loreweave is a solid defensive choice. If I was going CI, I'd probably go occultist and use Queen's Hunger or a Vaal Regalia. With Kaom's you're losing a lot of sockets which would be tough.

Command of the Pit is nice, but mostly for the extra abyssal socket rather than the potential minion accuracy. With the # of spiders and our scaling of attack speed, accuracy doesn't seem to impact the spider's damage or effectiveness (tha I've been able to notice). I prefer minion damage gloves (crafted with Bound Fossils).

Fair enough, i have settled on loreweave myself, and im trying out command of the pit gloves also, since im spending a fair bit on jewels.

Just a heads up, PoB calculates the spiders damage incorrectly, its assuming they are level 84 spiders based on character level, when in reality they have a cap at 75. You can easily replicate this by dropping your character level down to 75 for minion dps. Its like a 35% decrease

Good catch! Edited to reflect that.
Hi, nice build. I'm doing something similar, but went all in on the spider theme with full Fenumus. A few things I noticed reading through your thread and also doing some research to improve my own build;

- Elemental Equilibrium shouldn't by cancelled out by the damage your minions do. It's worded in a way that only the elemental damage coming from you matters. If you have found otherwise, please let me know.

- Ryslatha Pantheon says it only refills Life Flasks. Are you sure it works for the Writhing Jar? I haven't tested this myself yet.

- Have you considered wither support on the dagger?

Here's my build if you want to compare notes
I saw the twitch stream the other day..u changed ur gear ..pls update here for us
thanks again for this build

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