[3.11] Marauder Build List

Hi :D
I made new build Death Angel, revolving around 2 Oni-Goroshi swords. It uses Blade Flurry for single target and Frost Blades for clear. Berserker ascendacy. It's pretty OP.
Made the guide and nice video showcase.

Any RF builds, thats easy for a beginner to go through and are easy to understand? :)

Just finished up a totem-based Cheiftain Torchoak build, thanks for keeping up the list
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whats point when this build list got troll builds
Blade blast + Blade Vortex (Chieftain)

Consercated path JUGG

Ice Crash B [3.11] ICE CRASH WarZerker Starter Build. | [Debeon’s Dirge] [Warcries]

Hello. Please add this to the build list: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2905854/page/1#p23382980

It's Tectonic Slam (+Earthshatter) Chieftain, Two-Handed, slow attacking, multiple Warcry, Mace, Huge AoE, Fist of War, Resolute Technique, with video and doing good with end-game content.
If possible i would like to see my build in this list aswell.

Melee - Doryani's Prototype + wild strike berserker
Ice Crash Axe Crit Juggernaut. 12mil+ shaper DPS.

This build list is outdated and has a bunch of pointless builds currently. Please consider updating when you have time.

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