[3.5] UNKILLABLE Molten Strike JUGG Tank - Hardcore Viable, Great for Delving, Works On Budget

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWO3VPN-jf4&feature=youtu.be

DPS: 115 000 per ball vs Shaper / 159 000 per ball vs white mobs (Multistrike support gem for Molten Strike doesn't display DPS correctly in POB)
Number of Balls: 11 Balls / 13 with Dying Sun (Additional 22 / 26 from Ancestral Call, making it 33 / 39 in total)
Life Gain On Hit: Let's assume 11 balls hit 1 enemy. we have over 10 attacks per second. Max roll Thief's Torment gives 60 LGOH. 10 x 11 x 60 = 6600 LGOH per second.

- Great for Delving
- Great for Labyrinth
- Over 6000 Life Gain On Hit
- Can do any map mod comfortably besides ele reflect
- Very cheap to get started with

- Small AOE, slow map clear
- You still need to do mechanics on big bosses like Uber Elder or Aul

Sources of Defense:
- 7 Endurance Charges
- Over 3 second long Immortal Call
- Arctic Armour
- Enfeeble Curse CWDT
- Fortify
- All defensive Jugg Ascendancy passives

Current Gear:

Path of Building
Current POB


POB if you are on budget

What is this? A Chieftain? When on low budget I feel like this is great option. You don't have to get Xoph's amulet for Ash debuff / Avatar of Fire. Without Avatar of Fire you can also use Atziri's Promise flask, which is very budget compared to dying sun. Also you have +100% Fire resistance, which makes gearing up much easier, especially when you are starting out in the league.

Gear Explanation


Why Grelwood and not Nebuloch? Grelwood gives additional projectiles, has way better attack speed and allows us to use more optimized skill tree without pathing into Point Blank. Attack speed compared to Nebuloch is massive and allows us to gain life from Life Gain On Hit effects more effectively and makes our Leap Slam faster. Extra Projectiles also improve LGOH.

At the start of the league or if you have low budget you can use just one Grelwood and use Beltimber Blade in offhand. If you use Leap Slam, for the next 4 seconds you get extra 2 projectiles. You should be using movement skill every now and then anyway to proc Fortify. You have to get at least one Grelwood however, it gives us Point Blank.

Why not shield? Dual wielding gives us more damage and attack speed, effectively granting 30% More multiplier. Also second grelwood gives more projectiles.


Try to get +1 or +2 extra projectiles enchant. Starkonja is arguably the cheapest helmet to get with +2 enchant. It also gives us bunch of Dexterity, which we are lacking otherwise.

Best in slot would be rare helmet with +2 enchant and then craft it with Scorched + Pristine Fossils to get "-9% Fire Resistance for Nearby Enemies".


Gives us insane LGOH and we never run out of mana even on no leech / no regen maps. In theory Elder ring can give you +20 LGOH on max roll (+40 using 2 rings). Elder rings however don't solve our mana issues (we have high attack speed). So even if you used insanely expensive Elder rings, Thief's Torment would still give 50% more LGHOH.

Thief's Torment also reduces effectiveness of curses on you, which can sometimes save your life when our flasks are down on otherwise deadly maps with Vulnerability. Quantity is nice bonus.

Don't forget to use an Unset ring in second ring slot. First equip the unset ring and then equip Thief's Torment. Even if the unset ring is disabled, you can still level skill gems socketed in it (Enlightens, Empowers).


Saves skill point because you don't have to path towards AoF and debuffs enemies with Ash when they hit you. Ash increases the damage enemy takes by 20%


Difference between having 75% resistance or 80% is huge. Imagine you get hit by 1000 elemental damage. With 75% resist you reduce the damage down to 250 damage taken. With 80% resist you reduce the hit down to 200 damage taken. 250 is 25% more than 200, which means Loreweave effectively reduces elemental damage taken by 25% compared to other players who have 75% max res.


You could use Unstoppable Ascendancy instead, however then we have to give up Unrelenting, which gives us more defenses. Also it is relatively easy to get desired enchant or corruption on Kaom's compared to other boots.

16% attack speed if you killed an enemy recently
10% elemental penetration if you haven't killed an enemy recently

+1 Endurance Charge
%increased maximum life


Try to get as much elemental resist as possible. Doesn't have to be Stygian base. You can also use Headhunter, but then you have to use resist gloves.

I swap Gluttony belt at the start of the Delve. The very first pack in Delve can be very dangerous because you don't have Endurance Charges. Before you start moving the cart swap the belt, use leap slam and swap belt again. Gluttony will damage us after using a movement skill, which will start generating Endurance Charges.


Reason why I use Null And Void is Rampage. I simply like the Corpse Explosions from Rampage and i think it's awesome. Also helps with AOE a bit. In Delves (main content I do with this character) it is easy to sustain stacks.

Most optimal gloves are Tombfists. With Murderous Eye it gives 10% more damage from intimidate. If you use 2-socket version, cut Ancestral call and Instead of Heralds use Anger. Abyss sockets with flat damage also give tons of damage.

In case you cannot cap your resists or dexterity, rare gloves are fine. You can also essence craft them for 16% more attack speed on your Leap Slam.


Extra Penetration. Don't forget to have your uncapped Fire res to be highest. Don't forget the flasks don't snapshot, so Dying Sun or Taste of Hate influence Wise Oak.

Gives us extra projectiles. Get roll without increased charges used, because then you can use the flask twice on a boss fight.

You can get Onslaught on Kill from Abyss Jewels instead of this flask. Having Curse immunity gives us extra protection against Vulnerability in maps. Cinderswallow Urn is also great flask. Reason why I like regular onslaught flask more is because with Chemist's prefix you get 2 uses on it and it is slightly annoying if you "piano" all flasks and one of them has different charge usage.

Taste of Hate is great for Delving because most monsters there deal cold damage. Also "sharders" (many on-death effects) in delves are cold damage. After the change to resist flasks, they no longer give maximum resistances but less elemental damage taken, which makes it better with Loreweave now.

You can use other life flasks but this one is my favorite because it after heal over time it gives huge instant heal.

In maps I like to use Amethyst flask. It may seem dumb, but It That Fled and Tora from Syndicate deal insane chaos damage. I replace Taste of Hate with this in maps.


Get Corrupting Blood corruption on one of the jewels. Get flat fire / physical damage and flat health on abyss jewels. Get resists, %life and attack speed on regular jewels.

Skill Gem Setup

Molten Strike

Combustion gives more damage than Elemental Focus. Don't forget Multistrike and Ancestral Call in POB decrease your DPS, but in reality they give you more DPS.

Other Skills

You can replace both Heralds with Anger if you are using 2-socket Tombfist or if you have good Watcher's Eye with Anger.


Arakaali: reduces chaos damage taken and while we have Blood Rage Active, the Immortal Call will stop damage over time from Blood Rage, activating 50% more regeneration.

Shakari: use in maps against It That Fled and Tora. Also good in Delves, depending on biome.

Ryslatha: good for Labyrinth to have basically unlimited uses for life flask in case you get hit with traps a lot.

Yugul: good against Aul, Shaper and Uber Elder because they all do a lot of cold damage. Also "sharders" in delve do cold damage.


Kill all for 2 points.

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Good Bandit choice a few days ago I tried to explain a guy that oak is mega bad but he didn't want to listen.

I recently got an anger Aul's Uprising is it good for the build?
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Yes sell Aul's and get Xoph
Thanks sir will do
Hi i enjoy playing this build, feels very tanky with good damage output.
I menaged to acquire all gear needed and in the process spent all my currency :D
What watchers eye do you recommend?Any corruption on weapons?
When i do grind more exalted orbs i need to know on what to spend them :)

Life Gain On Hit: Let's assume 11 balls hit 1 enemy. we have over 10 attacks per second. Max roll Thief's Torment gives 60 LGOH. 10 x 11 x 60 = 6600 LGOH per second.

LGOH is not a 1:1 transfer, it scales off the effectiveness of your attack. MS deals 1.6% of your base wpn damage, but every projectile also deals 30% less damage.
Deliver pain exquisite
Hey, thanks for the build.I am enjoining it very much.
yap really good build
Thank you for this build,
I have small question.

Is such a corruption good for this build ?

11% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill
Resolute Technique

thx in advance

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