Updated 3.7 Ice Spear Totem Hiro / Budget / Beginner-friendly / Leaguestart

Hi everyone, this is my first build guide. I hope it's detailed enough and those who play it have fun with it.

For those who want to use the guide in german I have a table here. Guide in German

- Freeze and Shatter Explosion
- Distance to enemies
- Large range of projectiles
- Minimal effect of curses
- Concentration on mechanics because the totems do the damage
- Enemies attack the totems and not you

- Not the fastest build
- Not everyone likes Totem's playing style
- Not the Tankiest Build
- Ele-Reflect are playable but pain in the ass because totems die fast.

Massive damage per totem and can be further increased by item maximization

Class and Ascendancy

Class: Templar
Ascendancy: Hierophant

Normal Lab: Pursuit of Faith
Totems stand 100% longer, +1 totem, 6% more damage per enemy killed by totems, 10% more attack and cast speed when a totem is active.

Cruel Lab: Ritual of Awakening
Totems are placed 50% faster, 3% more damage per standing totem, Per totem we regenerate 0.5% mana per second, We automatically place 2 totems, We and our totems regenerate 1% life per second.

Merciless Lab: Conviction of Power
25% chance to get an Endurance Charge when we get a Power Charge, 50% chance to get a Power Charge when we put a Totem, 15% chance to get a Power Charge when our Totem kills something, 5% less Elemental Damage when we have Endurance Charges, Our Damage penetrates 5% of enemy Elemental Resistances.

Uber Lab: Divine Guidance
150 to Max Mana, 10% of damage is first deducted from Mana instead of life. A small Mind ofer Matter.

Bandits / Panteon

Bandits: Kill all

This gives us two additional skill points. We also need these to get all the skills we need in the Skilltree at the end.

Major God / Soul of Solaris Act 8 Bosses
6% Physical Damage Reduction if there is only one nearby Enemy
20% chance to take 50% less Area Damage from Hits
Capture: The Gorgone Sulphur Vents map [T6]
8% reduced Elemental Damage taken if you haven't been Hit Recently
Capture: Jorus, sky edge Temple map [T6]
Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes if you have taken a Critical Strike Recently
Capture: The Hell King's Caldera Map [T13]
50% chance to avoid Ailments from Critical Strikes

Minor God / Soul of Gruthkul The Dread Thicket in Act 7
1% additional Physical Damage Reduction for each Hit you've taken Recently up to a maximum of 5%
Capture Erebix, Light's Bane in Cemetery Map [T9]
Enemies that have Hit you with an Attack Recently have 8% reduced Attack Speed

Alternative Panteon:
Major God / Soul of the Brine King Act 6 Boss
You cannot be Stunned if you've been Stunned or Blocked a Stunning Hit in the past 2 seconds
Capture: Capture Glace in Beach Map [T4]
30% increased Stun and Block Recovery
Capture: Capture Belcer, The Pirate Lord in Shore Map [T8]
You cannot be Frozen if you've been Frozen Recently
Capture: Capture Nassar, Lion of the Seas in Reef Map[T13]
50% reduced Effect of Chill on You

Minor God / Soul of Ryslatha The Wetlands in Act 6.
Life Flasks gain 3 Charges every 3 seconds if you haven't used a Life Flask Recently
Capture Gorulis, Will-Thief in Infested Valley Map [T8]
60% increased Life Recovery from Flasks used when on Low Life

Core Skills and Gems

Core Skills:

Ancestral Bond
This way we get our second totem right at the beginning.

Mind over Matter
Our strongest defense. 30% of the damage is first deducted from mana instead of life. Together with Divine Guidance we end up with a 40% Mind over Matter

Piercing Shots
With this skill we make sure that our first projectiles will break through two opponents, so that the projectiles can also split when the opponents are directly at our totems.

Core Gems:

Ice Spear
The main skill on which the build is based and which is shot by our totems. Two projectiles made of ice are fired and after a certain distance they are divided into many small projectiles. The small projectiles will break through everything, fly a lot faster and have 600% more critical hit chance.

Cast when Damage Taken
With this we trigger several spells which help us to survive but also increase our damage.

Frost Bomb
The most important aspect is that as long as the Frost Bomb is on and the enemy is in the pulses, the Frost Resistance is reduced by 25%. In addition, the life and energy shield regeneration is reduced.

Cold Snap
This skill ensures that we also have frenzy charges. In addition, our opponents also get damage and are slowed down.

Flame Dash
Our movement skill and for skipping cliffs.

We have to travel a lot at the Skilltree to get to our second totem and the Pierce as fast as possible. Only when we have Pierce, we can change to Ice Spear because before this can cause enormous problems and costs immense damage. That means our first destination is Ancestral Bond, second we get Mind over Matter. There is now the possibility to say you go directly over to Piercing Shot but this means that we can get some areas important for survival and damage delayed.

The leveling trees are not binding, if you have problems with life or the like then skilling will be adjusted accordingly.

Leveling Tree 1
We're rushing straight to Ancestral Bond.

Leveling Tree 2
We get Mind over Matter, our Jewel Socket as well as some Life, Mana and Totem Sheet notes.

Leveling Tree 3
We're going straight over to piercing shots so we can switch to Ice Spear.

Leveling Tree 4
In the last leveling area we get more DMG notes as well as some more life.

Endgame Tree
That's the finished tree. Only Life, Energy Shield and Mana notes were added to improve the defensive.

Path of Building
You can also find all Leveling Trees in the Path of Building. Simply select the appropriate tree in the tree section below.


Leveling is quite simple in itself. You can start with different skills. These include Arc, Freezing Pulse and Frostbolt. As soon as we have Ancestral Bond we get the Gem Spell Totem Support and link it with the spell we have chosen. Possible additional links are Added Lightning Damage, Added cold Damage, Controlled Destruction, Faster Casting and Increased Critical Strikes. As auras we can use either Herald of Ice (an advantage because we'll use it later anyway) or Hatred. In the beginning Clarity is also very good because it solves our mana problem. In Act 4 we get Cast when Damage Taken, Immortal Call and Sonegolem.

We play with our chosen gem until we can choose the piercing shot note. After we have done this we change to Ice Spear. Most of the gems we need later in the final game setup we can get on the way and level in our second weapon set.

It is an advantage to craft a +1 to socketed Gem weapon and play a three-link in it. For the craft of this weapon all weapons can be used. I would recommend a magic wand or a sceptre. For this recipe we need:
Wand / Sceptre min. magic (blue)
Resistance Ring (Resistance must match the spell.) Sapphire Ring = Ice, Ruby Ring = Fire, Topaz Ring = Lightning)
an Orb of Alteration

You can level either with two weapons or with weapon and shield. For the endgame we recommend weapon and shield to get our fifth totem back.

I hope this leveling part is detailed enough. If you have any questions, please post them here in the forum and I will answer them as good as possible.

Leveling Gear (Not necessary): Lifesprig, Wanderlust, Tabula Rasa, Goldrim, Le Heup of All


We are very flexible regarding items. There are only 3 (4 for 5 totems) core items that we inevitably need. On some items we still need Strength and Dexterity. They can be on hands, belts or amulets.

The soul mantle, together with Ice Spear, forms the core of the build. We get a seven link at the end because we already have the lvl 20 Spell Totem on our chest. Additionally we get +1 totem which allows us to have four totems, 100 - 120% increased Energy Shield, 20 - 25% more Spell Damage, 50% more life for our totems. We get a curse on us for every totem that dies.

We need this ring twice. The reason for this is that per ring we have 40% reduced effect of curses on us. Additionally we get 20 - 40% mana regeneration rate, 1 life regeneration per second for every lvl we have, 10 - 15 to all attributes and 20 - 30% lightning resistance. Optimal here is the Max value of mana regeneration and lightning resistance.

By using the soul mantle, we get a lot of curses on us. So that we do not have only negative of it, we use this jewel. We make thereby 10 - 20% increased damage per curse on us. In addition One more curse can be on us. This is a massive DMG boost.

Spell Damage, Elemental Damage, Cast Speed, Cold Damage, Crit Strike Chance for Spells, Crit Strik Multiplier.

The build also works great with 4 totems but the fifth one is a massive DPS boost. The fifth totem can be found in the Synthesis League on a shaper shield. Spell Damage, Cold Damage, Crit Strike Chance for spells, life and resistances.

Energy Shield Base with Ice Spear + 1 Projectile Enchantment (Uber Lab), Life, Resistances

We use this base because it implicitly already has Spell Damage. Life, Resistance and Energy Shield.

Life, Resistances and Movement Speed. It is also recommended the Betrayal Enchant / Enchantment 20% Movement Speed Cannot be Chilled / Movement speed can not be subcooled.

Spell Damage, Cold Damage, Life, Resistances, Crit Strike Chance for Spells, Crit Strik Multiplier, Crit Strike Multiplier.

Life, Resistance, Increased Damage Enchant.

Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching. Instant healing, bleeding removal and bleeding immunity during the effect of the flask.

This bottle makes sure that we hit critical even more often. I have decided here for immunity against ignite and burning damage because we do not need any other variant. For example, it's helpful when fighting the fire Elder Guardian or all bosses that cause Ignite. But you can also take more movement speed.

Using this bottle we get 35% resistance to Chaos damage, (15-20)% of physical damage as extra Chaos damage, (10-15)% of Elemental damage as extra Chaos damage and 2% of Chaos damage during Bottle Effect as life robbed. The last one has no effect on us but actually only on our totems is negligible.

Using this bottle we get 35% to all element resistances, our damage penetrates (10-15%) resistance of any element whose uncapped elementary resistance is highest (We therefore need the ice resistance highest undcapped.), additionally we get
10% reduced damage for each element whose uncapped elemental resistance is lowest. The absolute ideal would be to have all resistances uncapped evenly. But that's not that easy.

We'll run faster with this flask. In addition, we make sure that we cannot be frozen or freed from freezing.


Chest six-link:
Ice Spear, Controlled Destruction, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Added Cold Damage, Hypothermia, Cold Penetration

Mainhand three-link:
Frost Bomb,Arcane Surge (lvl 1), Increased Duration

Offhand three-link:
Cold Snap (lvl 12), Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 8), Increased Duration

Helmet four-link:
Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1), Immortal Call (lvl 3), Summon Stone Golem (lvl 3),
Enfeeble (lvl 5)

Gloves four-link:
Herald of Ice, Vaal Haste, Vaal Discipline, Frost Wall

Boots four-link:
Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Phase Run, Increased Duration

I did my U-Elder first kill with this build. It took 4 portals but I'm glad I finally made it :D

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Update for 3.7


Showcase Video is up.


Leveling Tree 4, Endgame Tree and info about the shield, with +1 to totems, updated.


Update for 3.6. There are only minor changes in the skill tree. With the buff of Ice Spear and the changes in the skill tree we get even a bit more life and damage.

New Path of Building link (changes in Leveling 4 and Endgame Tree)
New screenshot from the PoB

PoE Skilltrees not up to date, because the Skilltree on the PoE page is not updated yet.
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Most of the items above grant increased damage per curse, not more. It produces a great difference because increased damage is a lot less than more damage.
please modify the build explanations.
Last edited by katmos on Jan 18, 2019, 3:25:17 PM
katmos wrote:
Most of the items above grant increased damage per curse, not more. It produces a great difference because increased damage is a lot less than more damage.
please modify the build explanations.

under Self Flagalation Jewel is clearly that we do more damage per curse on ourselves. Which place do you mean exactly?

And contrary to what you said, most items don't give me increased damage per curse, but only this one jewel makes us do increased damage when curses weigh on us. All others normally give spell, cold and elemental damage.

Tiaeth wrote:

By using the soul mantle, we get a lot of curses on us. So that we do not have only negative of it, we use this jewel. We make thereby 10 - 20% increased damage per curse on us. In addition One more curse can be on us. This is a massive DMG boost.

Found what you mean thanks to my friends. Replaced the word more with increased.
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Hello Tiath

Ty for this Build Guide with lots of information. I like this form of Guides with detailed informations. Ty for your work, the next time when i play a totem char, I would test this build.

Have a good time, read you ;)
Do you think this build will work for a 3.6 starter build? If so do you plan on updating the tree and stuff today?

Thank you
Hello, the update is already done, only the trees on the POE page itself are outdated. The ones for Path of Building are updated. The build is very strong and can be used as a Leaguestarter in any case. As far as the items are concerned, only the shield changes. Here a Shaper shield with +1 Totem Mod would be used instead of the Betrayl Craft which no longer exists.
I played this last season. Very solid build, Mathil did everything with a scion version.

any updates and video for this build? :)
Afura wrote:

any updates and video for this build? :)

Hello, I don't have any 3.6 videos yet, because I haven't leveled this character yet. But I already updated the guide to 3.6. There were hardly any changes. Only due to the changes in the skill tree, there were some minor changes regarding the allocation of skill points. I will try to publish a showcase video from 3.5 today.

Update: Showcase Video is up :) Is from Betrayl 3.5 Carcass T14
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