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korn7809 wrote:
What we learned. To much time is spent on the story rather then the far more fun and diverse end game content.

I have 400+ hours in this game, and story acts are easily the best part of POE.
Maps are just retuned reused story content for the most part.
I am reasonably confident that the Elementalist dominance occurred in no small part as a result of a certain Enki91 and his amazing Arc Witch guide.

One thing I have noticed over the past month or so, is that this particular build has been namedropped all over the place. Whenever a newcomer asks "what is a good build for a beginner?", you can guarantee that someone will answer "Enki's Arc Witch". The build is even being mentioned, explained, linked-to and name-dropped by popular Youtubers and streamers.

It's also the sole reason why I, a relative newcomer, used that build for the majority of the league. Not because it's necessarily strong (I lack a reference level to recognize strength in the game), but because Enki's guide was so good, so I was able to easily put a functional Arc Witch together by following it closely, and finish Act 10 for the first time with it. Not only was the build SSF-capable, meaning anyone could just jump right in and follow the guide without having to buy any gear or jump through other hoops, but the guide itself was utter perfection as he literally explained EVERYTHING in a format which made sense and could be followed by complete beginners.

Because of that guide, and the widespread popularity of that guide, it's hard to know for sure how much of the Elementalist popularity is down to the strength of Elementalist herself. Newcomers (especially players drawn to the PC version in anticipation of the PS4 release) will obviously gravitate to Enki's Arc Witch, as will players who've maybe been around a bit longer, tried to follow several other build guides in the past, but never really had much success with those.

Assuming Enki continues that amazing work, and makes more build guides in the same format, it will be interesting going forward seeing if there is any direct correlation with those guides being made and popularized, and the most-played meta classes in a league.

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