How to lvl Alva to lvl 7

Pyron wrote:

i know there is no tech support atm....thats rly great btw.

I upgraded all my rooms to lvl 3 (got the challenge because i have already done my 36 challenges) but i bought the room upgrades in Trade 820.

So i have not killed all the architects in the temple.
Alva is now lvl 5.
So, how the hell can i know which architect is missing to get my Alva to lvl 7?!?

Welcome in the league of bugs.

Just absolutly not funny anymore

Thanks for your report. Killing Architects is not how you level Alva.
To level Alva, you need to explore the Temple, as you explore more rooms, her level will increase.

If you talk to Alva in your Hideout and hover over the "i" icon next to her level, it tells you this.

I hope this helps.
Zphyr wrote:
But what does explore mean? It's not very explicit.

Do we need to fully clear rooms in the present time? For all rooms, once in each level, including level zero?

"Explore" means to simply step into the room in the present day Temple. You don't need to kill anything however you do need to ateast enter the room for it to count.
topperharly wrote:
buuuut....does every room count once or can i enter the same room like 40 times and i get 40 times favor with her.....and if every room only count once....its a bit difficult the see what room i didnt visit already....(i also have the explore every t3 room but my alva is only at lvl 6)

Every room only counts once.
"Fully Upgrade these Rooms" is different to this. For example, you could upgrade a room to T3 but not have visited it in the Present Temple (maybe the path to it was never opened or something).

Visiting a T3 room also counts as visiting the T1 and T2 version of it.

There currently isn't a way to view what rooms you have visited, we can look into making these clearer.
To level up Zana, complete maps in your Atlas:
Complete 4 maps for level 2.
Complete 10 maps for level 3.
Complete 25 maps for level 4.
Complete 50 maps for level 5.
Complete 80 maps for level 6.
Complete 120 maps for level 7.
This does NOT require you to get the bonus objective for the maps.

To level up Alva, explore rooms in the Temple of Atzoatl.
Explore 15 rooms for level 2.
Explore 30 rooms for level 3.
Explore 40 rooms for level 4.
Explore 50 rooms for level 5.
Explore 60 rooms for level 6.
Explore 70 rooms for level 7.
"Exploring" a room is to simply walk into a room. Each room only counts once regardless of getting it again in another Temple. A T3 room counts as a T1 and and T2 as well, so a T3 room counts are exploring 3 rooms rather than 1.

To level up Nko, Delve deeper in the Azurite Mine:
Reach depth 10 for level 2.
Reach depth 20 for level 3.
Reach depth 50 for level 4.
Reach depth 90 for level 5.
Reach depth 140 for level 6.
Reach depth 200 for level 7.

To level up Einhar, capture monsters in the Bestiary.
Capture 5 monsters for level 2.
Capture 20 monsters for level 3.
Capture 45 monsters for level 4.
Capture 80 monsters for level 5.
Capture 120 monsters for level 6.
Capture 160 monsters for level 7.
Capture monsters you have already captured does NOT count towards this. You can view what you've already capture in the Bestiary in-game in the Challenge/Achievements Panel (default key "H") and navigate to the "Bestiary" tab.

For leveling Alva, Apex also counts as 1 room.

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Vaydra wrote:
If only this was explained or at least shown as completion amount in-game.

Old master used to have X/X so you knew how close you were to level up. No idea at all with this current system, it's all hidden :(

This is something we're looking into so that it's clear to player's how far they need to progress before their Master can level up. We're also looking into something to tell the player what they can do to progress their Master.

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