[3.5] Lv 100 Necromancer Solar Guard (Dual-Sword+Dual Cursed) - T16 Syndicate+Shaper+T15 Elder+Video

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[3.5] Level 100 Tanky Necromancer vs T16 Syndicate - Solar Guard (Dual-Sword+Dual Cursed) + Video

[3.5.0][Betrayal] Syndicate Crafting

Let's talk about this Build

1.Why must be Dual-Sword ?

Because of my play-style! ^ ^

I really love playing with style of Dash Dash Dash and Jump!

So the option for me only are...

1. Scepter + Shield = Shield Charge + Leap Slam
2. Sword + Sword = Whirling Blade + Leap Slam

But I choose Sword+Sword because I already try make 2 Scepter Build before and you can't use shield charge because it's dual-wield... and no shield and you can't use whirling blade either since it's require sword or dagger

So I try to use Sword + Scepter Or Sword + Dagger
And I found out that It also can't use Whirling Blade or Leap Slam

>>> Because of the " Skill Description " of Whirling Blade and Leap Slam themself <<<

So If I use Sword+Dagger I can use Whirling Blade, But I can't use Leap Slam

And If I use Sword+Scepter I can use Leap Slam, But I can't use Whirling Blade

So The only option Left is Sword+Sword Only

That way you can use both Whirling Blade + Leap Slam

2.Why use Dual-Cursed ? And Not MoM (Mind Over Matter) ?

I used to play with MoM before and realize it's not that good!
Because Mana Regen from Flask is actually slower than Life Regen from Flask
and also when you take a huge damage you also don't have Mana Left to use Movements Skill such as Whirling Blade or Shield Charge or Leap Slam too, And it make yourself more in dangerous situation

And also most important is it's also require you to hold 1 Mana Flask too and that really waste slot of Flask!

And also Use Dual-Cursed give you more option than MoM because

If you use 2 cursed + clarity you can manipulate your "Unreserved Mana" to your favour
So You can just level Clarity to reserved your mana to the point that you can't use Raise Spectre anymore when Active Clarity
This is QoL that prevent you from Misclick spell Raise Spectre and ruin all of your Solar Guard to another stupid Spectre by Mistake!

And also!! Again!!
Dual-Cursed give You option to play 3 style
1. Full Offense Mode
Elemental Weakness+Flammability = GG DPS

2. Full Defense Mode
Temporal Chain + Enfeeble = GG Defense!

3. Average of Offense + Defense
Flammability + Enfeeble
Flammability + Temporal Chain

Another Also!!

Cursed it's really good against Boss Fight than MoM because
when you fighting boss Most boss have no hex proof from map

aka... Izaro, Atziri, Shaper, Elder

Overall Screenshot




My Gear


Skill Tree




T1 Rampart + Alva Mission

T2 Thicket+Temple of Atzoatl

T3 Desert

T4 Alleyways

T6 Wharf


T10 Leyline

T11 Bog

T12 Shaped Dunes+Abyssal Depth

T13 Shaped Mud Geyser

T14 Shaped Tropical Island

4 Elder's Guardian and T15 Elder

The Shaper's Realm (First try of this build haha)

The Temple of Atzoatl Level 83

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Wrong section.
[b][u]Zana[/u][/b]: Still sane, Exile?
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I am assuming this wont work for doing maps and such
Rodneyking wrote:
I am assuming this wont work for doing maps and such

LoL Why not?
Thai Live Stream (ช่องคนไทยจ้า)
AlexandriteTH wrote:
Rodneyking wrote:
I am assuming this wont work for doing maps and such

LoL Why not?

because hi is just 2stUpid to make that stupid question
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Update 12/01/2019
> Add Video of T1-14
Thai Live Stream (ช่องคนไทยจ้า)
Update 13/01/2019
> Add 3 New Videos
> 4 Elder's Guardian and T15 Elder
> Shaper
> Temple of Atzoatl Level 83
Thai Live Stream (ช่องคนไทยจ้า)

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