[3.5] AlfaPOWA's JUGG - Crit Tectonic slam; OBLITERATING CONTENT DPS;6m MAP, 3m SHAPER 6,5K life

V0.8 2019-01-17 - The guide is almost complete, only missing some video's now. Will try to snap some in the coming week.

V0.5 2019-01-15 - The guide is shaping up, it's almost complete now and after a little more editing i need to add video and better formatting. But correct PoB link is there now!

V0.1 2019-01-11 - Guide is started, need some heavy editing to be nearly done :) PoB link for leveling and final build to come.

This build is starter friendly, but also hard to master and extremely scaleable. This means that the cost for the build ranges from 2/5 to 4/5 on the scale depending on only you =)

+Decent life at 6K+
+Crazy high dps, 4-6,5m+ clear, and 3m+ shaper
+Charges, we get all of them (no sustain of power/frenzy on bossfights without adds)
+Fast clear (You can make it totally insane with IAOE gem instead of conc.effect)
+Good movement thru leapslam or whirlwind(your choice) since high attackspeed
+Blocks 1/3 of damage with pot up
+Mitigates 1/2 of phys with charges/armor
+up to 80% all ress! (Purely depending on currency to buy out Loreweave)

-Abyssus make 40% of our dps, it is mandatory! and also a setback in defences
-Dependant on alot of uniques for optimal gear, and i do mean alot! (Thou not to expensive gear)
-Lifebased build

Video section

Video's to be inserted here.


Type a youtube adress here :P xx map with xx mods - Clearspeed video

Currently lvl 82 and ripping content apart. Maps are a cakewalk.
Tier 10 as soon as i hit 68 and could equip the Razor's.
Will get back when i'm 85+ and can really start to show of some work.

2019-01-16 - Build is really starting to work good now. (Lvl82)
Imported to PoB and it showed 1.8m clear, and 1.0m shaper dps 👍

Current gear at Lvl82

What is this build about?
This is a build that focuses on strong burn/ignite/crit/accuracy synergies thru choices of gear.
Gloves build crit with accuracy, and both weapons and tree synergizes with that.
Weapons does dubble dps with burning, and convert damage to fire and increases accuracy. This is further improved with amulet and ring choices that make ignites and burns thrive.(Remember, every crit will be an ignite)

How we calculate dps
Use PoB, simple as that. Ingame tooltip has never worked in this game since there is to much variations to take into account.


Gear choices while leveling to be inserted here

PoB link for tree and gear
https://pastebin.com/SUg1Ukpw - Use the scrolldown menu in the tree section to view the different stages of the leveling process.

End of act 4 tree

End of act 5 tree

End of act 6 tree

End of act 7 tree

End of act 8 tree

End of act 9 tree

Endgame tree

Bandits and Pantheon
Bandits = Help Alira, we really need the resists and multiplier.
Pantheon = To come, phys reduction please!

Current gear


This is the gear i currently use, still much room for improvement

Input gear here :P


Use this searchstring to find suitable jewels

How to play effectively and not die

Gameplay 101 for all the non pro's out there.

Black circle - You
Red circles - Mobs
Green arrows - Whirlwind direction
Beige/orange triangles - Cone of fire from your attacks
Blue arrows - Mobs projectile direction

IMPORTANT! Only attack with ONE click on tectonic (multistrike will make it a serie of 3 attacks) then move with whirlwind.
This way you are always safe, and you move the fastest you can thru an map.

Whirlwind - attack(one time), whirlwind towards next cluster - attack(always one time, remember?)
Rinse and repeat until map is done.

How to approach small clusters of mobs

How to approach large clusters of mobs

How a series of cluster are approached



We need to drop one of these flasks, so choose after comfort or dps.
Lifeflask with instant on Low life and anti bleed is recommended, but can be dropped in favor of The wise oak for elder/shaper fights to speed things up.

Divine - instant flask with anti bleed
Atziri's Promise
Lion's Roar
Diamond flask - Duration and extra armor!
The Wise Oak
Rumi's Concoction

Gemchoices and levels


Weapon 1 - Whirling Blades 1-Fortify 20/20-Faster Attacks 20/20

Weapon 2 - Immortall Call 16/0 -Cast when Damage Taken 14/0-Summon Lightning Golem 16/0

Chest - Tectonic Slam 20/20-Multistrike 20/20-Concentrated Effect 20/20-Elemental Damage with Attacks-Ruthless 20/20-Melee Physical Damage 20/20

Helmet - Ancestral Protector 20/0-Ancestral Warchief 20/20-Multiple totems 20/20-Combustion 20/0

Gloves - Anger 20/0 -Blood Rage 20/20-Enhance 3/0-Enlighten 3/0

Ring - Hatred 20/0


Use Anger to make your totems trigger combustions -ress on bosses and also for the nice bonus it gives when you can afford an correct Watchers's eye jewel (choose between fire pen/Phys as extra fire/crit multiplier)
And don't forget Hatred on ringslot! Most important aura, since we intend to abuse the +% crit with hatred mod on watcher's jewel.


We get Assassin's mark on gloves for free, but at super late endgame you can always corrupt in ele weakness on hit on them and curse the amu for an extra curseslot on mobs. Now we are talking!

Level "cast on damage taken" gem to approriate level, i recommend a lvl that is around one third of your hp pool.

Early gameplay

From the start run sword or maces, whatever you find that has higher dps. And use Smite to begin with.
Also try to get IAS boots and runspeed flasks if you can to speed things up.

Make sure you finish the quest "Mercy mission" asap! Ancestral call with smite will be a great addition to clearspeed and will easily take you to 28+ to start using Tectonic slam instead.

Late gameplay

Insert new text, yada yada bla bla!

Now is the time to start getting as much crit chance in tree and gear as possible. The higher the chance, the better flow of dps we get. Inconsistency is a killer!(For you that is)
Multipliers are the end of endgame, get your resistances to max and Life up to 5K+
When you hit effective critchance 60+ you can just fly thru the content.
A few important items that are top priority!
1. Get those Razor of the Seventh Sun's!
2. Get abyssus with high Multi and as low damage taken as possible!
3. Get those unique rings and amu!
4. Get your pots sorted out!
5. 6L chest!

How do i go about crafting?
IGN - AlfettaGT

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updated to 0.5 today. Getting there, almost a complete build now :P
IGN - AlfettaGT

My little shop
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