official trade site saying an item I sold a week ago is still in there

On my 2chaos page it says I have primordial golem jewel listed. That jewel is gone. There are very few items in there. I've checked multiple times. How do I make the listing go away?
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I've made the fix for this bug now, if you update your tab it should remove the old items.
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I have the same bug now. Please help. Pressing "refresh" on the trade site does not help.

This is the item in question

EDIT: I unpublished and then published the tab and that solved the problem
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I've tried turning the public option off for the tab, but my Gilded Divination Scarab which was sold 2 days ago is still listed in stash tab "s3" (if I search for one and put my name in, I still see it listed, even though I've made the tab it was in private). I'm still getting messages about it constantly as I play.
I have done the same and I still have the issue. People are unanimously saying they are using the official trade site. I'm not 100% certain that it's GGG's thing. If so, please look into this. I've been accused of price fixing. I'd like to be in DND-mode, but I've got other items I'd like to sell. A response from GGG would be nice. Any instructions at all.
Not sure if it is the same bug, but on many occasions this leauge (including tonight) the entire trade database seems to be failing to purge sold items. New items I put up people can see and buy, but they're still messaging me about items I sold 2 hours ago, and when I message somebody else to buy something, they tell me the sold it hours ago as well.
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I've made the fix for this bug now, if you update your tab it should remove the old items.

Doesn't work for me.
what dose update the tab mean exactly? I tried setting public off , change tab name, removed items. But it is still not working. Do i really need to remove price from all my items from 10 tabs, that is so much work for 1 item to get unlisted.
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I too have this problem, map: Mud Geyser still for sale and continual whispers 2 days after being sold, changed tab to private, renamed tab, filled tab with other items, no change...
Swamped with whispers, and some angry comments about not selling item.
Okay it's gone.
I turned off public mod of problem tab for like 5-10 minutes then turned it on.

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