[3.5] CoCPact - CoC Cyclone Dark Pact Assassin - Tanky, 3.3M Shaper DPS [Budget Friendly]



12th Jan
* Updated the build with more expensive variation
* Increased DPS in default variation by 300k
* Dropped 14% Stygian Wise for regular belt, because the Stygian is apparently legacy
* Swapped Ice Golem with Chaos Golem for budget version

11th Jan
* Added "preview" GIF (even though it is not showing anything interesting, but still, its fancy!)
* Removed Mind Over Matter and all relevant mana + mana reservation nodes
* Optimized AS a bit for 7 proc Cyclone with 14% reduction belt
* Optimized crit chance (now it's ~90% without Diamond flask, 99,7 with the flask)
* Thanks to free spots on tree DPS per Dark Pact proc is now increased by ~18k (so that is 18k * 4 * 7 = 504k total DPS increase)
(some AS to reach optimal AS for 7 proc Cyclone with 14% reduction belt)
* Took Alchemist node on tree for more QoL
* Optimized flask setup

10th Jan
* Updated guide with alternative more expensive gear (Atziri's Acuity)
* Created the guide

Hello and welcome to my guide!. So, after seeing and trying new CoC builds (mainly Cheequ's Ice Nova, I higly reccomend checking that guide out because it is really well written and has some in-depth explanations on how Cyclone + CoC works) I decided to give it a spin and try some chaos-damage based version. So, this is it, thanks to new Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill craft I managed to make very laid-back Cyclone + Dark Pact abusing combo.

Random preview!

I am playing on Linux so sorry for really bad recording of really random content, PoE runs half bad here)


One of good reasons to try this build is that it is very cheap and it has only 1 mandatory unique (amulet) that is also dirt cheap (in bad scenario <50c, as you can just buy bases for 1 alch to 1c and vaal them), everything else is replaceable and main weapon is crafted, so it's decently good for SSF builds and probably even as league starter

Another pro is that it is super easy on FPS (again, I am playing on Linux) as there is not much going on (just Dark Pact spam, what does not have many particles and thats it).

And, if you are hipster like me and want to try something new and decently cool (everyone loves skeletons, right? and if you don't, you are constantly hurting them so it's good even for you!) then this build is perfect for that!

This is my first own semi-decent build guide for PoE so be gentle, any tips for improvements are very appreciated.

Notes/Read this!


This build is still heavily WIP and needs a lot of optimization, + you can't level with it till at least level 45-50, so before that just use ED + Contagion, Storm Brand/Arc/Blade Vortex (what you prefer).

EDIT: Not so WIP anymore, yay!

I am currently leveling (lvl 74, my character is public and name is Iceybeam, will update my progress as I go) but so far - few Syndicate surprises it feels pretty smooth (as long as you always remember to unsocket/resocket Summon Skeletons).

Update: Finally got to mapping, after buying Atziri's Acuity I was able to literally facetank Kitava.

I started with Artic Pulse -> Storm Brand setup then switched to CoC + Ice Nova at lvl 44 and at around lvl 50 I moved to Dark Pact setup when I had enough leech and gems to sustain it without killing myself in process.

TLDR: Skill Tree/Path Of Building
My current in progress Betrayal character
End Game version (lvl 98)

To view both builds online you can just inser the Pastebin link to PoE Buddy


◈ 5800 HP + 450 ES
◈ 30%+ Damage reduction thanks to Enfeeble
◈ 80% Elemental Resist cap thanks to Loreweave
◈ 500+ life regen
◈ 3000+ life leech per Darc Pact proc
◈ 50+ mana regen
◈ 420+ mana leech per Darc Pact proc
◈ Chaos Damage - we do not need to care about reflect

More expensive variant also includes (see PoB):
◈ 30% Increased EHP thanks to Mind Over Matter
◈ 20% Damage reduction from hits thanks to Fortify
◈ A lot of armour thanks to self cast Molten Shell
◈ Vaal Pact facetank (for people who can afford required gloves)


◈ CoC + Dark Pact spam with 4 chains and 6-7 CoC procs = can easily reach 2.1M+ Shaper DPS - We can sacrifice some defense skills and nodes and use totems to go near 4M DPS, but I don't really reccomend that as then we are fully dependant on leech and dodging + casting totems is annoying (f.e. we can drop MoM, move HoI next to 2 curses and use Spell Totem + Wither + Increased Duration + Faster Casting and then use Void manipulation in Dark Pact setup, just this will boost our DPS on bosses by A LOT)
◈ Trigger a socketed spell when you use a skill + Summon Skeleton = 4+ Skeletons always up on bosses


of Congealment (no leech) map mod. I am not really sure how to handle this mod, so tips welcome (Poacher's Mark with skeletons on side will probably work well enough, not sure)
◈ Often need to unsocket Summon Skeletons when mapping (because Trigger craft cooldown is too long and you move from pack to pack faster than cooldown expires)
◈ Still Assasin, so can be vulnerable to one-shots, even though we build really a lot of resists and damage mitigation
◈ We are melee, and using Cyclone, so it's very tricky to dodge anything
◈ Semi-high degen, so make sure you are leeching enough (mainly when mapping without skeletons)

The combo/Gear

The combo is 6 linked Cyclone + Cast On Critical Strike + Dark Pact (+1 chain) and Summon Skeletons socketed with nice multi-crafted dagger.

Gear below is sorted by piece importance for the build. For rest of the gear, we are looking for either minion damage/minion life crafts or/and as much HP and ele resists we can get.



+1 curse corruption on amulet is very important, but amulet itself is dirt cheap (1 chaos), so you can just Vaal spam it or if available, buy for few chaos. The 1 additional chain from amulet provides us 33% more increased damage for Dark Pact, what is awesome.



Ideally the dagger should have % Increased spell damage, but only "mandatory" mods are +1 to socketed gems, attack speed and 50% crit implicit, from that you can multi-craft rest for 2 ex (because no build is using this mod combination, the dagger is very cheap as well, < 20c).

Offhand (Shield)


Lycosidae is simply for Hits can't be evaded, what is really important for our CoC setup, but you can replace it with Hits can't be evaded craft on weapon and shield with bunch of stats.



Lab enchant for helmet is super cheap as well (I think I paid like 30c for helm with it). It provides good amount of life and nice crit, so it is simply best one we can get, even though you can sub it with anything you want with decent life roll.



At least 14% increased cooldown reduction on belt allows us to do 1 more proc of CoC, what boosts our DPS by good margin. It is not necessary to have belt with this enchant, but, if you can get one then it is highly reccomended to do so.



Gifts From Above is simply awesome, super cheap unique ring that gives us a lot of crit and big damage boost.

Body Armour


Loreweave is just for defensive stats and it synergises well-enough with our setup, but you can replace it with any Chaos Damage/Minion Life/Damage/Tank (HP + resits/armour/evasion) unique or rare.

More expensive variation of gear



Vaal Pact for the amount of leech we do is insane QoL boost, and it synergises well with rest of our setup too (we are looking for HP and crit, Atziri's Acuity have decent rolls for both).
We can't really afford to go for Vaal Pact in tree so having it inside expensive gear is reasonable tradeoff.



Any decent ring with Warlord's Mark on hit mod will do. This frees 35% of our mana reservation and allows us to run Mind Over Matter. See PoB link for more details.
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Updated the guide to include some basic gear overview. Still not 100% sure about Loreweave but the damage mitigation is awesome and it's not crazy expensive (again, can be subbed for any tanky or chaos damage/minion damage/life rare).
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Added FPS-related info (as that is initially why I started theorycrafting this build, because the X novas and frostbolt-second alternatives made my poor PC cry, even though I really like those builds) and added Atziri's Acuity to Gear section.
Decided to sell off my HoA build and buy
(updated my leveling char PoB as well, swapped Onslaught with Elemental Proliferation support for HoI, still not sure about this, Culling Strike might be better). Facetanked Kitava, what was fun, now I can finally take it for test ride to some maps.
Working on some adjustments to tree (probably going to drop MoM because only with ~400 unreserved mana its not really worth it)
Updated End Game + My current PoB with changes I mentioned before.

* Removed Mind Over Matter and all relevant mana + mana reservation nodes
* Optimized AS a bit for 7 proc Cyclone with 14% reduction belt
* Optimized crit chance (now it's ~90% without Diamond flask, 99,7 with the flask)
* Thanks to free spots on tree DPS per Dark Pact proc is now increased by ~18k (so that is 18k * 4 * 7 = 504k total DPS increase)
(some AS to reach optimal AS for 7 proc Cyclone with 14% reduction belt)
* Took Alchemist node on tree for more QoL
* Optimized flask setup

EDIT: I just re-calculated the damage and with latest changes (and small changes I did in-between) this brings us to total 3M Shaper DPS!. What is pretty cool for self-made build of skill that hardly anyone uses anymore :d
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So I was messing around with the build again, and there is a way on how to bring back MoM with curse on hit Warlord's Mark, but not sure if it is worth it. As for progress with the build, I tried MoM version in uber lab without Herald Of Ice enabled for boss fights and did it first try on this char without any problems, so MoM could definitely be good addition.

EDIT: Character name is Iceybeam, you can see current gear and MoM tree there, I am not 100% if what I sacrificed for it is worth it yet so I do not want to update the build guide with it.

EDIT2: So, even with all the changes around MoM and Warlords on hit we are still at 2.7M DPS, what is decent. Even though crit chance is only 79% without flask, but that can be fixed with slightly different gloves (as now we have spot for resist on new ring). But this variant is less budget friendly, so I will probably keep current version without MoM + small writeup on how to upgrade.
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Updated the guide with more expensive, less DPS (but waaaay more tanky) version.

In POB (I put this also to PoB notes):

Default skill tree contains setup without MoM what has less damage and is more budget friendly (even though it requires a lot more off-coloring than MoM tree).

Mind Over Matter skill tree contains setup with MoM. This also requires us switching some stuff around:
- Switch Helmet setup with Helmet (MoM)
- Switch Shield setup with Shield (MoM)
- Switch to ring with Warlord's Mark on hit
- Switch Warlord's Mark for Herald Of Ice in Boots: Auras setup
- Switch Atziri's Promise flask with Lavianga's Spirit flask

This requires some re-coloring, but it should be pretty simple with Crafting Bench (do not requires any 4 off-colors).
If I can't buy the atziri's acuity which is my best pcion?
Another update:

- Swapped Ice Golem with Chaos Golem for budget version (we do not need more crit on it, but survivability is great and very necessary)
- Removed 14% Stygian Wise and replaced it with regular belt (Stygian is apparently legacy, thanks to Evokxi for pointing this out)

PoB in main post is already updated to reflect the changes

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