[3.5] Katniss Agony - LL HOA Pseudo Insta Leech Tank - Clear all Content

Don't like dying? Want to capture that old insta leech feeling? Like to use your face to tank? Like to let a minion do the damage?

Well This is the build for you!

Basically this is my take on a Herald of Agony build. The main concept I wanted to achieve here was using Energy Shield on Hit to try and capture that insta leech feeling again. The best way I figured to do this is maximizing our hits per second with damage coming from HOA.


6000+ ES/s Recovery on a Single Target
High Chaos Resist
Very High Evasion
Fast and Mobile
Very High DPS
11K+ Energy Shield
Can run any map mods



Gathering Winds
Fast and Deadly
Far Shot
Endless Munitions

Gear Breakdown:

Basically Mandatory for Low Life, the gold standard.

Main Hand:

Insane attack speed which is all we are going for. Nice and cheap a 6 link is like 2EX. Weapon Swap is not mandatory but a nice QOL.

Off Hand:

Best quiver for ES, also important to get a Lightning or Fire Damage corruption to trigger EE.


Basic ES stat gloves. Get High ES, Missing Resists and Attributes. Can alos get the Aspect on the Spider here.


These are what make the build, 20 ES on Hit, Extra Spiders Web (5% more Damage, take %5 less), nice resists and Move Speed.


Nice High ES helm, I've got my Apsect of the Spider Here. Also Chaos res is really nice.


Basically a Abyss Belt with High Energy Shield, any missing strength, and covering the rest of your resists.


Cannot be stunned, Insane ES boost, 60% Chaos resist. The Gold Standard for LL.

Ring 1:

I like this ring for the Freeze and Chill Immunity.

Ring 2:

Something like this is great for the other ring slot.

Passive Skill Tree:


Only Swap the dying sun in for the big boss fights.


Watchers Eye Priorities:
(20-30)Energy Shield Gained for each enemy hit while affected by Discipline

(20-30)% increased Energy Shield Recovery Rate while affected by Discipline
(1.5-2.5)% of Maximum Energy Shield Regenerated per Second while affected by Discipline
(30-40)% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge while affected by Discipline

Gain (12-18)% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity

Other Jewel Priority:

+Maximum Energy Shield
Minions have % chance to taunt on hit with attacks
Minions have % Increased Attack Speed (Applies to us as well)
Any flat damage modifiers to minions

Kill All

Major: Soul of Solaris for Bossing/ Lunaris for Mapping
Minor: Change as required, generally I use Tukohama for Bossing and Garukhan for mapping

Boots: 2% Regen
Gloves: of Light (Any Level), of spite (any Level), Enfeeble on Hit
Helm:+2 Agony Crawler Projectiles

My Other Builds

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Does Damage On Full Life and Blood Magic work together?

Wouldn't full life be none reserved? Or no?

jaypizzle5 wrote:
Does Damage On Full Life and Blood Magic work together?

Wouldn't full life be none reserved? Or no?


Damage on Full Life is for the agony crawler not you, it is always at full life.
How did you leveled? Any recommendation? Thx!
why u have generosity link with hatred? how this work?
I think that it is so you can give hatred to the crawler.
flowsk8 wrote:
why u have generosity link with hatred? how this work?

Gives a powered up Hatred to the Agony Crawler and stops us from breaking EE.

Andresmar19 wrote:
How did you leveled? Any recommendation? Thx!

I Leveled by heading out too the minion nodes grabbing life nodes along the way. Basically you can use quill rain with fully linked Agony Crawler as soon as you get it.
Hey, wanted to vouch for this build.

Cleared all content as advertised. I'm only 7.3k ES but I'm a couple levels under + I don't have the clarity ES jewel. That being said, it's fairly difficult to die. One thing to note: If you can't afford the clarity + ES on hit watcher's eye, don't bother putting clarity in your build. Just pitch it and use a portal or something.
hi, why is minion %chance to taunt important on jewels when the herald of agony skill says "minions cannot taunt enemies" ? I am curious if you could explain this to me.

Are you updating this for 3.6 at all? I could be wrong but, aren't there even more sources of ES leech now too?

Edit: Actually, I take that last sentence back, most of ES leech is spell only. I still see this build working really well in 3.6 though, unless I'm missing something major. I also assume you could do this as full CI too?
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