To complete your Dragon Hunter collection, we've just introduced its last missing piece, the Dragon Hunter Footprints Effect! Check out the video below, or get yours in the store.

Designed in red and orange colours, this vivid footprints effect is a nice finishing touch to many outfits. Try it out with the Desert Armour Set, Dragon Banners Back Attachment and the Dragon Hunter Weapon Effect.

Thank you for your support! We really appreciate it!
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Grinding Gear Games
They do look cool, but I've quite a few footprint MTX - not sure I need more. :/
I think its just a regular planned mtx update not related to core game. I wish while core supporter packs are in store the CORE of game will be improved too. Please do some bug fixes and performance optimization. Really want to enjoy game full potential!

P.S. Glad you have awesome holidays and we support you guys, looking forward to awesome changes and improvements of my favorite game so far! ^_^
Imagine dragons
Great addition to a cool set. Nice work GGG.

First Page
Legion commander ? XD
look cool, also with the patch note
why not focusing on the content instead of doing the Nth "fire/red-ish footprint mtx"
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