We've just introduced the Dragon Hunter Character Effect which imbues your character with a black and orange fire-like effect. Check it out by watching the video below, or click here to get yours.

This effect will perfectly fit your Dragon Hunter Armour Set, as well as other fire-themed microtransaction from the store. Try the Dragon Hunter Character Effect out with the Pyre Knight Armour Set, Fire Wings and the Fire Weapon Effect.

By the way, the holiday season specials, the Snowman Hideout Decoration, Polar Bear Cub and the Yeti Mask will leave the store very soon. They will be available again only in December, so don't miss your chance to add them to your collection!

Thank you for your support!
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holy red
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Looks great, you are awesome guys!
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looks good...when the lights are out
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Nice xD
Since there are so many dark places in POE, this will be perfect.

First Page
Good one
Not too hot for this tbh.
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