[3.7] ngpao's Dual VULCONUS AVATAR OF FIRE CoC with Maligaro's Virtuosity

Hello, everyone,
(Message from 3.7)Hello again, I am ngpao. During Legion, I tried combining new features during the last two patches and made this build even more powerful. Please enjoy :)
(Message from 3.5)I am ngpao. I have been playing POE since 2014 but this is my second time posting a build.

Vulconus is a very powerful but underestimated item. I am writing this build guide to bring people some ideas on how to effectively build around this item

Why Vulconus
*(160-200)% increased Critical Strike Chance while you have Avatar of Fire The increased critical strike chance applies globally instead of locally.
* (70-100)% increased Physical Damage with Hits and Ailments against Ignited Enemies Ignite is quite an easy aliment to apply when you are having a high critical strike chance.
So if we take the Avatar of Fire keystone, dual wielding two Vulconus and manage to get the enemy bleeding, two weapons will provide maximum value of:
* 480% increased global critical strike chance
* 200% increased global physical damage
* 200% increased global fire damage
* 100% physical to fire damage conversion.
And don't forget the weapon has an around 500 edps and 6.5% critical strike chance.
(Update in 3.7) The updated glove Maligaro's Virtuosity provides awesome synergy with Vulconus as these three items provide a good amount of global critical strike chance and 150% additional critical strike multiplier.

(No long suggested in 3.7)How to get enemy bleeding when taking Avatar of Fire keystone

(Update in 3.7) This is no longer recommanded as the payback of using minion applying bleeding is not significant.
Avatar of Fire does not apply to minions. What we need is to apply the curse Vulnerability on enemies
and let minions summoned from herald of purity and golems to cause the bleeding.

I used to have Vulnerability linked with CWDT, I switched to curse on hit + orb of storm during a recent shaper fight.

Why CoC

* You will get a super high critical strike chance when attacking with this weapon.
* The increased physical/fire/critical strike chances are all global, which applies to both attack and spell.
* There are quite a few minion damage passives near Avatar of fire keystone which applies to both attack and spell as well.
* Patch 3.5 reduced the cooldown of CoC to 150 ms which makes this build casting spell even faster than self-casting if you can attack fast enough.
* Blade Flurry has the minimum mana cost in game (4 mana cost) which makes the build mana friendly. You can even have the new crafting mode "-x mana cost" on rings to make the skill cost no mana.
* You can easily leech life with attack skills. (It is a problem for this pure fire damage build).
* (Update in 3.7) The most benefit of CoC is casting long casting speed spells much faster. Say Bladefall, Wave of conviction, purifying flame.

(No longer a problem in 3.7)We have to talk about the drawback of the build: COLD SRART

(Update in 3.7) I use bladefall instead of BV, so the damage is instant.
Unlike other builds which provide instant burst damage, the build takes some time to build up to its full dps during boss fights:
* You need to self cast the vulnerability curse.
* It takes time to get 6 stages of BF.
* It takes time to summon minions and wait for minions to apply bleeding.
* It takes time to get 10 stacks of BV.
The entire dps build-up time is about 2s. You have to get used and play around with it. (For example, you need to have separate key binding for flasks. You need to pop up diamond flask during the damage build-up period. But save Cinderswallow and the Wise Oak until you get 10 stacks of BV.)

(3.5)3M DPS in detail

Below is the damage from each skill. Please notice that Vaal RF and frenzy charges are not considered.
Blade flurry: 987,143 dps
Blade vortex: 231,800 average hit* 7.5 hit rate/s = 1,738,500 dps
Ancestral protector: 227,485 dps
Ignite from Blade vortex: 14,255 dps
Minions(sentinals + golem: 10,594*4 + 5968 = 48,344 dps
Total: 3,015,727 dps
If we take vaal RF and frency charges into consideration, the total DPS is around 4.2m

(3.7)9M DPS theoretically in detail

Damage in theory https://pastebin.com/17SXNHsX
Cyclone: 620,357
Wave of conviction: 515,357 * (1/0.15 casts per seconds) = 3,435,713
Bladefall: 250,181*3*(1/0.15 casts per seconds) = 5,003,620 (My calculation for BF may be wrong. I simply assume target can be hit with 3 volleys per cast. )
Total: 9M dps.
(There is still a lot of room to improve)

Path of building

3.5: https://pastebin.com/TY8CUhPm
3.7: https://pastebin.com/17SXNHsX

(3.7)Gems Setup

* Body Armour: Bladefall - Cast on critical strike - Cyclone - Wave of conviction - Combustion - Concentrated effect/energy leech if you have The Devouring Diadem (3green 3blue)

(3.5)Gems Setup

* Body Armour: Blade flurry - Cast on critical strike - Blade Vertex - Added fire damage - Fire penetration - Increased area of effect/Concentrated effect. (It requires 3 green and 1 blue at least. BV is better to be level21. Vaal BV is not mandatory.)
* Helmet: Orb of storm - Curse on hit - Vulnerability - Power charge on critical strike/Combustion. (Vulnerability requires high quality as quality increases the chance to be inflicted with bleeding. Gem level is not required at all.)
* Gloves: whirling blade - faster attack - ancestral protector - reduced mana cost/blood magic.
* Boots: herald of purity - herald of fire -arctic armor - enlighten. (Lv2/3 enlightning works fine.)
* main hand: cast when damage taken - summon ice golem - molten shield
* off hand: cast when damage taken lv1 - immortal call - blood rage lv20

(3.5)Defensive attributes

* 6k life
* Permanent Fortify from Champion
* A lot of life leech by reaching "Vitality Void" passive.
* Blind from Farrul's Bite
* A lot of armor and a few evasion from gears and ascendency. granite flask also helps on armor.
* Life gain on stun from Ryslatha which saves us in large group creeps
* 6% damage reduction from ascendency
* Life regen from sulphur flask and passives
* Chaos resist from amethyst flask
* Arctic armor
* Damage Avoidance from Aspect of Cat

(Update in 3.7) Self ignite + channel + slayer

With Eye of Innocence, you can introduce a good number of self hits during CoC. It will trigger the passive of "gain endurance/frenzy charge when hit during chanelling". Slayer can set the max number of endurance charge same as frenzy, so you will get the max number of both charges almost all the time. You can also have Ngamahu's Sign to gain a lot of life on hit.

(3.7)Gears(already out of date. please check my profile in ngpaoo)



In all the videos I didn't switch on the concentrated effect.
Minotaur: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/358048726
Pheonix: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/358050834
Chimera: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/358053901
Hydra: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/358056004
Items show up: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/358061883
I am busy and could not get enough time to level all gems/farm better gears.
Shaper P3: https://youtu.be/frrmJDhdYck
Pheonix: https://youtu.be/royGnjsZa-g
Chimera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=piVhIde7hRY&t=1s

Thanks for reading the guide and hope it helps!

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hey, nice Build but i dont get it how you get your Crit chance so high.
It is 6.5% base critical strike chance from the weapon plus 1% from the helmet. And I have 848% increased critical strike chance, which results into 85.27% effective crit chance when diamond flask is used. It got to 90% when in Cat's stealth. So almost every single hit will crit basically.
oh yea, sorry i see it in PoB, i like your build, im so bored and this looks funny.
Hey, I was wondering if you had any tips on leveling gear used for this build and the order of ascendancy nodes.
Nice, will give this a go on my next build.

Was just thinking of any CoC build that isn't Cospri Malice/rare weapon then Vulconus buff pop into mind.

Glad to see hits and ailment / critical chance also apply to spell.
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lvling plz..
I was wondering if you tried using ethereal knives with the threshold jewel instead of blade vortex for map clearing? Would it be enough to clear t16 maps?
hows cyclone instead of blade flurry work?

with bladefall for aoe, instead of fire pen

seems like cyclone feels a lot better than blade flurry for moving around, only bit of a problem is the mana cost
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Nice build! It’s definitely not 3M dps though. Minotaur has 12M hp, so it should take you about 4 seconds to kill him, in the video it took you about 15 seconds. This is probably because you are not using conc effect and also the 2 second time to build BV stacks. But if your build is “3M dps after 2 seconds”, it’s not truly 3M dps, is it? :)

Still a very nice build, you can handle the content easily, well done! I am thinking to use vulconus myself, with the buffs that thing is crazy.
Last edited by zzat1 on Jan 7, 2019, 2:19:05 AM

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