Vidar's 2019 HC Betrayal [Monster Life 1 / No Magic&Rare drops]

Completed 25 ChallengesSakataSeiki wrote:
One last thing: are you guys interested in a global/trade channel we could all use?

yeah we should do that. Random Suggestion - Channel 9210
Could I join as well? : D
also interested in joining!
Hello. Looks like Discord link is down or something.

Can someone accept the invite please?
I would like to join also
was busy with work this week, tho i accepted everyone who was still pending.
Thanks to Ravi for accepting new players while i was busy.

Hopefully i will find some time to start a new character this weekend.
See you around.

We are currently at 30/30 - opened up crowdfunding for 10 new slots since a lot of you offered to help with that.
Last edited by SumTinWong on Jan 11, 2019, 12:15:37 PM
I would like a slot and will crowdfund if it helps.


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