[3.5] Ryu's CI Winter orb CWC Ice spear Occultist - Lv 100 - 1M+ DPS

Systemlord wrote:
Hi, nice build btw i wanted to play WO as occultist.
I was wondering, is that possible to play this as a low life version ?

Well yeah, you can do lowlife, but its a bit different build, As CI you dont have to worry about poison, bleed, and chaos in general. so CI is safer, Low life isnt really worth it much. ive tried.
Wolfgang0 wrote:
Is this build Hc viable?

I dont know how HC is generally played, but i believe so.
karmakkoma wrote:
Actually 92 with this build and some change, work really well for mapping and ok for bosses.
But maybe there's better wand or scepter than void battery?
And i take flat cold + crit on jewel, sound's better no?

Maybe a mirrored wand, dont really know. Havent tested much other wands/scepters. Void battery seems to be the BiS cause of the power charges.

You can, i chose my jewel for the stats, so i could drop a passive point for dex.
Ok, i'll try to up my dps with another way so
Have you tried The green dream ? One drop today so i use it,and that's work really well for mapping !
How do you deal with elemental reflect for this build? When I die almost instantly I think that is usually the cause.
Milamber9 wrote:
How do you deal with elemental reflect for this build?

Easy. Don't run ele reflect. :)
I only run ele reflect when I'm an elementalist and have the ascendancy to bypass it.
1. Switching Power charge into Hypothermia gives more dps
2. Having two auras is just waste of points in this build
3. Your rare jewel is just terrible
4. I know that ice spear huge numbers in PoB ( got almost 4kk with my build ), and its amazing vs single target with doesnt move and doesnt do dmg, but played over 120h with CI winter orb build switching over and over from pure WO to CWC ice spear i must say - pure WO is better in overal. Now i got like 320k dps from WO vs Shaper and its much easier to kill him than with CwC ice spear. You can 100 focus od dodging and dmg is nice.
5. Zealoth Oath gives you almost nothing cause of no Life reg in items/tree
6. Got leech from boots which is nice, but ghost reaver is must in this case.
7. You put many points into mana reg, why? Specialy how do you counter maps with "no mana/life regen" when u somehow get out of mana and dont use mana pot?
8. Things like gain onslaught on kill and Area Effect doesnt give numbers but they improve overal gameplay a lot

You can check my Occultist - Anxunamoon

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Hello,was looking for a build to start Synt League and i found this.Been awhile since i played Occultist + never played WO and i liked ur build and its also starter with a place for upgrade.Can u point some breakdowns in leveling secion,at wich lvls is good to do labs and requirements to switch to CI,5l prio untill we get to 6l? Thank you in advance,looking for starting the league and this build !:)

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