[3.5] Ryu's CI Winter orb CWC Ice spear Occultist - Lv 100 - 1M+ DPS

Occultist is dead, WO nerfed, dont recommend this build as i wont even bother to update it, literally anything is better than this now.

Welcome to my CI winter orb guide exiles!

This guide is not for absolute begginers. But it was my starter and budget build. So it works even with almost no gear. Now it is Lv 100 and quite minmaxed. Mapping is very fast, and i killed uber elder deathless(In most attempts) aswell.


All these videos are taken off of twitch, If you dont want to listen to pesky voices and music, please do mute the videos.

Uber Elder : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356798506
Shaper : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/354447493
Chimera : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/356795906

I might add more videos in the future.



+ Can be played as a budget/starter.
+ No leeching (except mana).
+ Insanely fast start-up of energy shield recharge.
+ Can Facetank most things in the game even without leech.
+ Herald of Ice explosions.
+ 9k ES

- Can get expensive real fast.
- Addicting.
- Cannot do Ele reflect.
- Cannot do Atziri
- Cannot turn to MF very well.
- Cannot do SSF

Inner workings of my near immortality

So when i was designing this build, i thought about that i wanted a build, that has insanely fast startup of ES, so i dont actually need to leech. I got to around 0.84 Sec, and if i pair that with Blind, Enfeeble, Temp chains, Chill/Freeze, and Reduced action speed from Pandemonius. I become nearly immortal.
+ Added CWDT Ball lightning with Knockback For more protection.


Path of Building

There are few different Leveling trees Inlcuded.


Ive personally leveled with freeze pulse until around 40-45 level untill i got myself a Five link.
As for the skill tree, you want to take almost all the Cold damage Nodes first. Then the Hybrid Life/ES, the rest of the Ele/Cold nodes, then ES nodes, Crit nodes and Power charges, And a few mana nodes and Dex/Str Nodes If you need them.

Ascendanices & Pantheon

As for the Ascendanices, you want to take Void Beacon first. Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion next. and Lastly Forbidden Power.

Pantheon, We want Soul of Arakaali, for reduced damage taken from Damage Over time, (For ignite , cause we are immune to Bleed/Poison.
And then Soul of Abberath for 50% reduced Ignite duration of You. This makes a pretty big difference against fire Bosses. So keep that in mind.

Gem Setups & Gear

Main setup - Winter Orb / Cast While Channeling / Ice Spear / Greater Multiple Projectiles / Power Charge On Crittical / Controlled Destruction.

Helmet - Temp chains / Blasphemy / Vaal Discipline / Enlighten

Gloves - Cast when damage taken / Ball Lightning - Greater Multiple Projectiles / Knockback

Boots - Cast when damage taken / Immortal Call / Enfeeble / Lightning Golem

Shield - Flame Dash / Faster Casting / Arcane Surge

Weapon - Herald of Ice / Vaal Righteous Fire / Frost Bomb

Gear/Flasks/Jewels in Detail

BiS Body would be 900+ES chest, but Incandecent Heart is extremly good because of Elemental damage Gained as extra Chaos, And 25% Elemental damage Hits taken as chaos. What this means is that its basically removing 25% elemental damage taken, because we are CI.

Helmet, Just one or two Resists and As much ES as you can get, For budget The Vertex is extremely Good.

Gloves, again one or two Res and As much ES as you can get.

Boots, 30% Move speed, Res, and ES, Enchanting for 0.6% Leech is BiS.

Belt, Ive used Bated Breath for so long, its so good. But later on replace with a good Crystal belt.

Amulet, Pandemonius is BiS obviously, but you can use any spell damage/crit/ES/Res/Stats ammy You can get for the money.

Rings, Stats/Res/ES, Also the Craft 18-24% Faster start of ES recharge is BiS.

Shield, Apeps is a Pretty good Shield because we can forget about Bleed entirely cause Degens of any sort are a huge Counter to this build. It also adds Faster start of ES recharge, and the occasional +3% Max res.
You can possibly get 450+ES Shield, but wouldnt recommend.

Weapon, Void battery is BiS, Since we are scaling alot of damage from power charges. This is pretty good boost to damage. Untill you get your hands on this just juse 130% Spell damage wand. Its still going to work Very nicely.

For flasks, You want Dying sun, This flask is extremly good for our build.
Then the Diamond flask, Quicksilver, Basalt or Silver flask and Atziris Promise.

For Jewels, you want a watchers eye with Faster Startup of ES recharge, A rare Jewel with Stats / Crit Multi / ES , And a Energy from Within.


Playstyle & Bossing

Playstyle - is very simple, you charge your Winter orb on a few stacks and run around like a mad lad.

Bossing - For the most part you just stay in one place, watching a movie on your second monitor and holding your Winter orb button.

My Ingame Name

If you have any more questions about this build, be sure to let me know, Ill update this guide if there is some new change.
Special Thanks to Everyone who helped me design this build. And to everyone in GGG for this amazing game.

Hope you enjoy the build and have a nice day!
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so far i love it. maping is smooth and fast. wish i had currency left for amulet :D
ohh and watcher's eye
i have a question what to do with my amulet

i'm resist capped 75/114/84 and on the amulet i can craft prefix or suffix. what's the best craft for the build?
Last edited by Prokletnik on Dec 31, 2018, 7:54:18 PM
Honestly, you cant craft that much onto that amulet, you could multi mod it and craft whatever, but for now, if you want to use it, id perhaps think about a stat? Dex or Str.
Hi, is there a budget gear option for this build ? if so can you add some rare affixes that applies ?
started league as winter orb, then made a cycloner, now i think i'm ready to winter orb it up. the first time i did non-CwC and just did a straight WO build.

this variant looks interesting with ice spear added - i did notice the lack in single target with the first time around.

guide looks good too thx :)
I switched to this build from a pure Winter Orb build, and I'm having trouble even clearing delve ~100 efficiently. Only the smallest mobs get 1-2 shot, I typically have to channel for multiple seconds to clear the screen each time.

Full Winter orb build 6L is shattering everything almost instantly, and hardly proccing my CWDT. CwC Icy spear will chain proc my CWDT because enemies have no trouble making it to me. I'm using a ~150% spell damage +extra chaos and elemental damage wand instead of a void battery, but I don't see how it would cause such a sharp drop in performance compared to the items recommended here. Also single target isn't faster for me when using icy spear, and I'm not too sure why.
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When I activate Temporal Chains, Hearld of Ice, and Discipline; I dont have enough mana to cast the winter orb set up.
what ES would the chest need to have to beat Incandescent Heart? can that be approximated? You speak of 900ES but those are obviously ludicrous.
ign: PhrozenFlame
good build, i did a variant with a good crafted staff with gem supported with lvl 20 channel and replace the chest with a high es shield, had the same dps with a some little more e/s.

very fun stuff
Have fun! And go buy my stuff...

Shops: 522765 / 1094567 / 1147014
i finally have a bunch of currency saved up in this league, i'm gonna give this build a shot

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